Where are Wichita Coffeehouses | Amazing Quality
Your I’m tired of I’m tired of hearing people ask me Where are wichita coffeehouses. I am sick and tired of hearing that. I’ll tell you where they are. Come on down to Augustino’s. You know we are the premium Brewing Company in which area we brew craft beer and crafts coffee as well as exclusive and delicious food. You can get merchandise discounts. If you become our dedicated fans. So if you want to experience the best beer. The best coffee we have to offer in Wichita Kansas Come on down and tell people when they ask you where the witched are coffeehouses. Tell them I’ve seen them because they enjoy it and they’ll love you for talking about it. So we have good food good drink and good friends here in August and that’s what we believe in. And that’s what we strive to do to help. I’ve got experience going out to have lunch your coworkers or a beer with 30 good friends. Let us know how you see them brewing. That’s what we’re about we’re passionate about.
We’re established in 2015 and we’re opening again in just 17 in the fall. We are more than excited to bring you the best deals on brew and and coffee. So if you want to experience. Augustine L.A. Check out our Web site Oziel. Brew dot com. You can check out what we’re doing how we’re doing it. You can check out our Facebook Twitter Instagram pages. Again. Look at all those see what we’re up to and see what we think is great and how you can become part of that. So if you want to experience our greatest hit we have right now which is a $1 drink or coffee. Your choice hop on line sign up for that right now. If you’re looking for a career we’re looking for a host or hostess. FRONT OF HOUSE server we’re looking for a dishwasher looking for a bus or bartender looking for a lot of different things. Is like something you’d be able to do. Let us know we’d love to talk to you about you filling those positions and have a career here. I’ll get you. And if you’re just looking for a good beer with good coffee in our forum get your $1 coffee one dollar beer or take advantage of our our you feel a deal and then when people ask you where the Wichita coffee house is you’ll be a little good in August you know that’s. Where are the. That’s where are Wichita coffeehouses down is obviously you know.
If you’re excited about us we’re excited about you. We’d love to talk to you. Go ahead and contact us on our page put your name email phone may be more than happy to reach out to you and have a conversation. About beer or coffee. Food doesn’t matter with those ARE YOU get to know you. We’re very excited about opening and the fall season 17. So if anyone ever asks you where are Wichita coffee houses. Make sure you answer. Obviously you know as we open in the fall of 2017 we’re excited we’re going to have lots of events. We have many career positions available. And we have our incredible one dollar. First big deal if you’re if you’re interested take advantage of that. Let us know we love to talk to you. I would love to have a conversation about if you want to be an employee where you could fit in our company want to talk. About anything. So please contact us. And we would love to have a conversation with you about where you could fit into our company. Obviously the what’s establish 2015. Okay. I want to check it out on Facebook Twitter Instagram see when we’re opening. See. What’s happening. See how close you are. OK the. One you can experience the biggest no difference. We are truly take food beer and coffee extremely seriously. You see come by our address. Our address is 7 5 6. North Tower Road which does Kansas 6 7 2 1 2. We are very excited to bring Augustine to you are our loyal consumer.
And so the question about all the where are wichita coffeehouses.