A Way Too Early Look at Wichita’s First Craft Brew Pub and Coffee House


You guys and just wanted to come to you alive for the first time from the future hello Augustine of brewing company a craft brew pub and coffee house you were a Augustine or is your the home owners the are excited that you know in our application the working acronyms that the a tax and trade Bureau what used to be called ETF what ETF got a and they are the organization that does all the licensing breweries amongst other things here in the US unfortunately the you don’t get real excited when I don’t think tomorrow and means the processing time on the federal application right now is running right around the hundred and 23 days but when I wanted to do first is just you a on the inside is not much to see if we haven’t even done buildout for the site yet or even demolition of the site but that should be starting the next and then been a you’ll get a lot more exciting lumber active around here at the 756 North Tyler Rd. here in the West so lovely… Around is you over the course of the time that were working on buildout and get excited about the West Wichita is the newest so let’s take a peek on the inside and never will learn to be changing here and will and so this we walked into and there’s my son way over there and this is Arcana entryway the greeter location hostess stands to be here and we got plenty of space for people to sit and lounge one of the things that we really want to do is be able to if we are in a way I have a couple locations where people can do some sampling whether waiting for their a table and what have you either here or around the corner we want to have a place where a people can take a himself fees and things like that and I can push a little bit of social media there and here’s where although I don’t think that’s where it can wind up it’s our wall of awesomeness for all the people who contributed to us side during our original crowd founding project if you gave your time or or you money later on in your is your name up there yet is going to be up there there are few of you that should be on that board that aren’t that was the room reserved for hundred dollars or more given or there were some cases where people really provides the help at the right time for me and no we allowed other people to be posted on their get all accept this is going to be our main dining space again and made a lot of changes in the space but fundamentally the layout is good to be similar I you can see in the back space that will be a private dining space that can seat up to really probably comfortably 15 we can go as high according to plans is about 18 we have some restrooms toward the back here that at least currently the plan is expand those a little bit we might keep them as it were not sure yet this a lot of this stuff is coming out the kitchen is just a kitchen like any other kitchen and it doesn’t have anything really in it quite yet so will take a look at that one is a little more interesting and in this side is going to be on the bar now course is already of our year right that bars probably tearing out I don’t think there’s much of anything were to be able salvage from that and will probably do something new in a little bit nicer looking than Matt and then we can see on the side road for about 42 this week open seating counter bar service you can see a we are some starting very humbly with the camp chairs in here at the moment I will have a additional furnishings but when I can bring them in until we until Leah and I get done with demolition at the very least we might bring a little bit and that law will go away for the most part we’re not the were not to learn exactly what the wall in that opening is to look quite like but you are can have a really great shot of the thank you pico for your jumping into the picture on where to have this opened up for the most part so that if you’re sitting on the bar side I just relaxing and enjoying some drinks Euboea look right in there and I see the brewery see where your beers being made and depending on when you’re showing up you may be able to see the Brewer or our cellarmaster on Solomon in there I doing some of the work on making your next favorite beer so that’s a little bit of what’s going on right here are the rest of our team can be showing up here a little bit so that we can get a little business meeting when he flipped there a little business meeting going we tend to meet couple times a week here at this point if you are available next Thursday from about 430 to 6:30 PM I would love to have you be my guest at the WSU experiential engineering building the brand-new building that is on WSU’s innovation campus INA other companies will be there presenting about our company and will have will have booths set up I with the information everything like that and it’s a love to have you as as the my guess is on the look forward to seeing you soon in another video so great evening and I stay tuned share this video in and share others as they come up that that really helps us out helps us get the word out and the if you haven’t clean your one dollar per string please do so you just need to go to our website which is Augustine of brewing and go toward the bottom of the page and click got fill out the mean email phone number and then will I would get to take care of with that I will be sending those out after only a point-of-sale I set up and stop and installed but later this summer will get taken care of I think a lot and I want to ask

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