New beer deserves a video! We had Nathan give a rundown of our new Pinhead Oatmeal Stout! This is a specialty short run beer, so come on in and try it out before it’s all gone! Cheers!
YouTube Transcription:
Hello, everybody Nathan from Augustino Brewing Company here. We’re gonna be talking
about a new beer today. This is our new oatmeal stout called Pinhead. It’s actually a callouts you a pinhead is another name for steel-cut oats maybe you know that maybe that’s and I love this oatmeal stout obviously dark rich multi not terribly sweet though there’s a lot of nice dry dark chocolate almost like cacao nib sort of finish on this beer that really really lingers on on the palate see especially when you let this beer come up to room temperature very complex very very delicious not crazy heavy on the alcohol use so you can have a few of these really sit with them really get to know them and enjoy them definitely kind of on a try this beer out today or whenever you come into the brewery next one of my personal avorites that we put out so far really really happy with it until next time. I’m Nathan thanks for watching. Cheers!