What Beers Shouldn’t Have Craft Coffee in Them

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your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and craft food now I will admit we have a bias toward talking a lot about craft beer on the show your host to me Augustine Iacopelli is a huge fan of craft beer and well I do love craft coffee don’t get me wrong my heart and soul belongs to craft beer and so we do talk about that a lot and when we don’t talk about that a lot we oftentimes talk about things like God utilizing coffee in beer or utilizing beer and coffee we have some interesting things that are gonna come down the pike when we open up in our brewery at the Augustine of brewing here in Wichita Kansas and the be playing around and experimenting in ways that I don’t believe nearly 7 seen anything I don’t believe been experimented in before and as it relates to craft beer and craft coffee being used together and there is a lot going on in these two worlds are coming together and just the other day I had been told by one of our partners at another person is talking about this exact same idea so it it is I think on next movement and for those of you who are just tuning for the first time and don’t know what Augustine of brewing is or what we intend to be Augustine of brewing is going to be a brewery and coffeehouse located in Wichita Kansas Elise that will be our first location and we are going going to our focus on in-house craft beers manufactured on site for our communities our neighborhoods and also working to be that that place that you can come to for a nice coffee in the morning had off to work and then you can come I’m back at the end the year day and have a great craft beer that you know was just freshly made and served to you by a very friendly face and the we really want to try to be that that place where everyone knows your name that the the real cheers bar that doesn’t in my opinion exist at this point in Wichita Kansas so what were to talk about today is what beers shouldn’t have craft coffee in them are there any beers that shouldn’t be a experimented with coffee now this is a little bit of a trick question especially as it’s presented to me because I’m not sure that there is any styles that you can’t at least try to put craft coffee and now the real key on that is you have to figure out what coffee makes the most sense for the beer and the way that you do this is similar to utilizing hops in beer when a brewery is trying to select the best kind hops to using the beer it’s really kind of like pairing beer and food and everything else you want to look at the aspects and the grains and them hops that are being utilized already in the beer and then you lot and then look at the the elements of the coffee that you’re intending to put into that beer and make a decision based upon that whether it should be added and how much should be added in one thing about coffee is during the roasting process the flavors of coffee change with time and so you also want to be concerned not just with the type of coffee bean that your utilizing but the manner by which the coffee bean is being a roasted and that’s why it’s really important that if you’re really going to go whole hog into coffee beers that you do one of two things you either roasted yourself which on a small scale works great and I know a lot of people who are homeowners will also Roeser and coffee and that works out really well for them because they can control that process on a larger scale it’s not as easy to do especially if you have a very expensive the brewhouse as we will have it it’s tough to have an tough to sell to a bank to have a really expensive brewhouse and a really expensive the roaster because it scale that you need to roast that you’re going to need AA fairly substantial and expensive roaster to make that happen so what you need to do instead if you can have the roaster and you can make your great coffee beers as we are you need to establish excellent relationships with an area or area roasters at so that they can help you dial in exactly the elements that you want on your beers your out of your coffees for your beers and so my recommendation is to work with a local roaster was really excited about the idea of their coffee going into beer because not all of them are and so develop that relationship with I would do it with multiple roasters because you don’t know who is going to ultimately be the best when work within the long-term develop those relationships and bring the that bring a thorough sampling of the type of beers that you’re looking at and considering adding dosing of coffee to and then what you want to do is really breakdown the elements of those beers and break them down for the roaster because roaster may be more into coffee then you are in the coffee and maybe less and beer that you aren’t beer and so the two of you really need to work together on this and this is where having either in being either a a Beer Judge certification program judge or a certified Cicerone is really helpful in terms of being able to do this because everybody can taste beer not everybody can taste beer and pull out the nuances of that beer and so it’s really important to either yourself or somebody in your team to be able to do that and once you talk to to that roaster and looked at the flavor profiles of their coffee first the flavor profiles of your beer you want to come up with something that’s a a good parent you want to if the the beer style that you’re going for is a more mellow one you want to know make it operate in that way

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