Best Local Coffee Shops in Wichita

Podcast Transcript

Coffee Shops in Wichitathanks for tuning into what’s brewing with Augustino your source for information on craft a beer craft coffee in craft food and the trials and tribulations of being a craft brewery in Wichita Kansas today were to talk about the best local coffee shops in Wichita or more specifically the kinds of things that you want to look for in the best local coffee shops in Wichita one of those things first and foremost is what they serve you want to really look for the type of shots of their pulling off their espresso machine which can very dramatically from shop to shop there may be one shot a shop that you love the shots of their polling if they’re just hitting your palate really nicely and then you can go to another one that is doing something similar but not exactly the same and you can get something completely different longer-term it’s important to note what the consistency there is across different coffee shops for some and some are highly dependent upon the barista and what the priest is doing where’s others will be considerably less that way and the with the priest is doing is not as important as the setup of the system itself so that’s an important thing to look at is just really the quality of the coffee that’s being used and being poured the next thing is the variety of drinks and a variety of serving methods that you can have one of the things that you are moving beyond just the espresso machine it’s really cool sometimes to go to a coffee shop that has a multitude of different brewing methods like for example some coffee shops have their V 60 poor overs there are others that will do a are a shot quite as I shot of espresso on a little device that is escaping me at the moment but am sure after I get done with recording this I’ll remember exactly well I remember now on Aero press if you never had a narrow press coffee it’s kind of a cool device to see and it almost want to say it’s sort of a blend in my mind of a French press and just pulling up espresso shot and he really creates a unique experience in terms of the coffee that you can make from it and there are a multitude of others I can take up an entire episode talking about the different the styles that you may coffee and the IE personally I enjoy going to places that have a lot of those options available to me yours want to think about to those who are there with you if you’re not going to the best local coffee shops in Wichita on your own and you have people with you diversity of different drinks is sometimes nice to have as well you want to be able to cater to as many different the taste and pallets and interest as possible if you’ve got a a group of people coming out because you want to have that one person is feeling left out from the rest of the group this is one of the things that we really like about our model it Augustino brewing company because we are offering not just craft beer which is a arguably the the thing that were to be known most for his the the beer that were making but also we have our full line of craft coffee that will be available and the we will also have a line of wines that were trying to aim for local winemakers as much as possible on our wine flight but we want to have a wine flight and we also want to have the keys available and there’s a wonderful local team maker that the word to be working with and the trying to incorporate those tees as being available as well we think diversity is a spice of life whether were talking beer whether were talking coffee or whether were talking other beverages were really interested in just the wonderful diversity of drinks that you can have at the best local coffee shops in Wichita and we hope that when we get open later this year you’ll give us a try and that we will be able to become one of those the coffee shops on that list because we believe that we can do a wonderful coffee and really more than anything I think that the defining character of the best local coffee shops in Wichita are those that have an atmosphere and experience that you can enjoy so we hope that that were to be providing that experience to you with it certainly going to be a very diverse and very exciting atmosphere that that were trying to provide for you and I we hope that that were to be at a really great place for you to come out to it Augustino brewing company and I were just one of many wonderful up breweries here in Wichita Kansas and we are excited to be coming to you later in 2017 so if you’re looking to try to rank the best local coffee shops in Wichita that’s a very subjective thing to do and so one of things that I would recommend and this is part of the reason why I’m not here ranking those for you because it’s up to you what the best local coffee shops in Wichita really are no matter how wonderful of an experience that we provide at Augustino brewing company we may not be the place for you depending on what you’re looking for in the best local coffee shops in Wichita but were going to have something that somebody else is going to really enjoy and so that’s can where were were at in terms of our experiences that were trying to provide and the you know one of things that again I would really tell anybody and recommend anybody to do when you’re trying to find the best local coffee shops in Wichita is go to as many different coffee shops as possible because there’s got to be one out there that your to be like wow this is the place we hope it’s Augustino brewing company we realize that for everybody that’s probably not to be the case but find that place that you have that sense of place because that’s what gets me excited about Augustino brewing company is to be able to provide that sense of place to people in our community and the I know that a lot of the other coffee shops that are out there is a scene thing for them it’s a idea of really providing place in a wonderful product to our customers and I hope that that that you’ll love to come out when we open and experience what we have to offer at Augustino brewing company and does see some of the really unique things that I’ve talked about in some other episodes as well like our ultimate mug club program which is good to be a wonderful program that is can set us apart it Augustine brewing company company especially for that segment of the market and we know you’re out there and there’s about 15 to 20% of you out there who love craft coffee and love craft beer and for you guys you will love the program that we have coming for you are ultimate mug club program so thanks for listening and tune in for additional episodes of what’s brewing with Augustino

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