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Augustino Brewing Craft Coffeehello I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’re listening to what’s bring with Augustino your source for craft beer craft coffee and craft food and a look behind the curtain of the craft beer industry in the Wichita Kansas area today were talking about brewpubs serving coffee and this is kind of a a topic that is near and dear to my heart because Elise here in Wichita there aren’t much of any choices in terms of brewpubs serving coffee in fact I’m not sure that any of the brewpubs in Wichita serve coffee except for just simple drip coffee I think you get that from my one of our competitors here in town that have a couple of locations but in terms of really full-service coffee there’s only one place to turn to in terms of finding Bruce brewpubs serving coffee as well and that’s a Augustine of bring company simply put you can get coffee with other nonlocal craft beers in the area but you can’t get the opposite we’ve got a brewpub that actually is manufacturing beer on site in addition to us serving coffee date something that is very new and very unique that were looking forward to bringing people and the we hope that you come along for the ride with us and I a really excited about the different types of the things that we can do with our craft beer and are craft coffee together we’ve got does some very exciting ideas for our for our cold brew coffee and what were to do with that in the direction we take us in a cold brew in along with how we want to look at and think about and the integrate coffee into our beers which have become a much much more diverse usage from what even a few years ago it was really coffee is being integrated into a lot of different types of beers that they were never used in before and that’s due to the way in which a different ingredient to be in the applied that allow a and otherwise light beer to pick up a very dark and roast the character there’s a the concept of the white stout beer that’s that still like a yellow looking maybe a slight darkness but is but comes across without a wonderful roasted character there’s a technique that you can use to make that happen and you we will certainly have our version of that at Augustine of bring company but you really does and there there’s a lot of really interesting things you can do also with the various coffee syrups and the we also intend to make unique coffee syrups based upon the a beers that we have so there’s a lot of interesting opportunities that though were looking forward to in terms of being able to provide to you and Augustine of bring company that you simply can’t get at the brewpubs that aren’t serving coffee so and that would be every other brewpub in town so when you’re looking for a place that may be one person or more than one person in your group does not want coffee or does not want to error beer you cannot come to Augustine of bring company and that everybody’s going to be happy together and that’s what the what our goal is system provide something so that everybody in your party is get to be happy and can have something that they can enjoy whether that be coffee whether that be beer with her that be wind whether that BT would have a little bit of all of that in-house and as I make it tough on a set Augustine of bring company oh yes it does but my attitude and attitude of our other owners is that you as a customer worth it your worth our looking into how we can create an environment that is good be a lot of fun number one a relaxing environment number two and also an environment where everybody’s got something that they can enjoy about it and the we a plan to really bring that the full-circle to you later this year and we are planning to open our doors in the late 2017 so if you’re listening to this and it’s 2018 go check out our website you’ll be able to find out a little bit more about our location oh which is in recording this is still not announced as well as the different the items that we have in our menu the kind of coffees you can expect kind of beers you can expect you to get a little bit of you’ll also be able access this and many other episodes of what’s bring with Augustine there as well because really our website we want to be more than just a a website to get to come to our doors we want to be an informational website about coffee and about beer and about the interplay of these ingredients together and so go check that out but in any case here in Wichita Kansas there are a lot of brewpubs in fact there’s none at the time of this recording serving coffee but there are other brewpubs in other parts of the country that are serving coffee now some of those places are place like guy in Austin Texas there’s a lot of places out in the port land and the surrounding areas there that also are both coffee houses and breweries and so we know that this is not a unique thing that were doing but it is a unique thing here for Wichita Kansas and that’s partly why were really looking forward to bringing you this wonderful experience Augustine of bring company and we think that by being a brewpub that serves classic and the non-classic nontraditional espresso drinks that we think that the you come back for more especially with our ultimate mug club program that we have now in our ultimate mug club program allows us to bring you a full month every month of coffee and beer at one low price and we do this because our scientific wizards have figured out a way to provide you with an excellent price for your coffee and beer without breaking our bank as well so we will help you your able to help us and we think that that’s can be a real draw for those of you who like both craft beer craft coffee which we know was about 15 to 20% of the Americans in our target market so because of that we think that the those of you who are in that group are gonna come to us little bit more than than our competitors and that’s why we got our ultimate mug club program for you anyway that’s all the time I have I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s bring with Augustino

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