Catering to Kids at Brewpubs to Improve Fun


hello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine know I’m your host Augustine Stino Iacopelli and today we are to come

back around to a topic that we did talk about the for in terms of reason brewpubs but I want to come back and address it a little bit again which is the idea of catering to kids at brewpubs now this seems like in oxymoron in a lot of respects because hey kids can’t drink and so you the first thought of that is also well and I want to go out for drink I don’t want kids round but the truth is it’s tough as adults sometimes to get out especially if I were married and we got a couple kids I know for my wife and I it sometimes tough to find a chance to break away especially during the week for some time to ourselves and and and the time with the family and it can get expensive and hurry with babysitting and other things and so for us that such a premium and a lot of times we have to take our son along with us places and if we don’t have something for him to do than he’s either going to be problematic during the a time that were there and will probably pack up and leave a little earlier or or he’ll otherwise just make it impossible for us to enjoy ourselves and that’s just kind of the way kids are and so for these reasons you’ve got two options for your brewery i.e. there you just say hey you were just I can have kids I hear in the the state of Kansas and in Wichita Kansas and in particular if you don’t serve food it is considered a tavern and if it’s considered Tavern under 21 are allowed and if that’s your your thing hey go for it it is a lot easier to open up a brewery with the tap room than it is to open up a full-fledged brewpub and just know though that you’re going to be turning away customers if you go in that direction that was a real problem from for us as were starting Augustine of brewing because we have kids and we didn’t want to have a situation where were turned away from a place that that stinks there’s been many times where we’ve been traveling together and we’ve skipped over places that we could otherwise go to because they didn’t allow anybody under 21 in those establishments I’ve seen multiple cases of people turned away from the breeze here in town that don’t allow under 21 mom was there dad was there they want to have a drink and they just happen have a kid there will that’s the it least it now a lost sale of probably 1020 box right there if they were just coming in for a beer or two and those 10 $20 can add up quite rapidly if you’re not careful and so having something for the kids we believe is really important but it doesn’t need to be something that is real over the top or anything like that I in our case were looking at very simple types of ways to entertain for the most part we’d originally been thinking that we would have to set aside a huge chunk of our of our restaurant space and put in a playground and everything like that the kids at Livermore we got into studying this the more we realized hack some young kids are just happy with the freaking box and so and will play with the box and imagine that it met in have imagination with that box I and so we realize that we could probably do just as much with less money and so what were probably can have his is we will have a play area that is basically handbuilt for all intensive purposes and beyond that we there is gaming companies here in town that do video games and the like that will do it to via revenue share and so for sacrifice of a little bit of our square footage were to be able to have few geek videogames will get rotated out and that will have an area that should entertain our kids under about 10 or so and the older kids hey if your family and you’ve got to your teenager well then you’ve got the hopefully free babysitting at that point anyway and so it’s not as critical of an issue but there’s a lot of families out there that have young kids and they’re not able to break away is often for a for drink and things like that and so that’s why in our minds it’s really important to have that space set aside for kids activities now if you happen to not have that kind of space available there are other things that you can do to engage the kids you can consider tablets at the tables that’s becoming a more common thing if you go to larger chain restaurants like chilies and I’m trying to think of us mothers out there but it’s an increasing number of chains that have tablets are used in part for ordering and paying for the for the meal but also our have integrated games for the kids to play on and usually to do that it’s like a buck for the kids to cut have fun on their little tablets and things like that during the meal I which it is helps pay for the tablets themselves and is an opportunity for the kids to to engage in that part of what I don’t like personally with that as an option is when the families together the family should be distracted like that that also can have an impact in your table turns whereas if you’ve got a situation where the entertainment is way from the table mom and dad can have the kids go in and have fun in another area well dinner is being prepared in the orders be placed in mom and dad can sit there and enjoy a drink and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time to themselves and then the meal shows up the kids come back to the table and the families able to eat together that’s a lot of philosophy behind what were trying to accomplish in a Augustine of brewing another important key though is if you are to cater to the kids in your establishment you may need to also think about those adults that really just don’t want to deal with the kids and what were planning to do with Augustine as we have a physical separation between a bar side in a restaurant side in our bar bar side we’ve tried to decide whether or not we would the exclude under 21 on that bar side and I don’t think we will exclude under 21 there but it will definitely be tailored to those who are over 21 it will be a more traditional pub scene and it will be a natural separation so that the adults that don’t want kids running around all over the place can have their space and the adults that do have the kids can have their space to and where do I pull inspiration like this from I pull it directly from Walt Disney World which is in one of our benchmark companies and I’m pretty certain that there is no other brewery here in the Wichita Kansas and maybe not even in the state of Kansas that would be able to say that their benchmark is Disney but we happen have the individuals that were able to contact who have worked with the Walt Disney World resort and have provided us with excellent feedback and ideas that we can implement and create an environment that’s an ad that is just as entertaining for the adults as it is for the kids and if you can come up with an a location that can do that you’ve got a winning combination and I’m sure that it is not going to always be easy for us and it’s always can be struggle to balance that but it is a struggle worth having because if you can get more and get mom dad and the kids in and table your more efficiently using your tables and you are hopefully because he still have kids there and they’ve got to get to bed and everything like that they your turning over your tables more rapidly and that’s our goal at at Augustine of brewing is to provide a world-class experience to everyone who walks in in the door whether they’ve got kids or whether their single so I’m Augustine Iacopelli and thanks for listening to what’s brewing with Augustino

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