Coffee Shops in Wichita 2017 – Part 1


welcome to what’s brewing with Augustine oh your stopper for craft beer craft coffee and craft food I am your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are talking about coffee shops in Wichita we talk about the coffee and beer and food on the show and today we are first few episodes here going to shift to coffee and talk little bit about that but first I wanted to touch base with you on Augustine oh brewing company that is a brewery and coffeehouse experience opening on the west side of Wichita the beginning in fall of 2017 also work as I am recording this were not quite open yet so that person who left a nasty gram about why are why should we be listing ourselves if were not even open yet well guess what it’s important for all of you to know that were coming in get excited about that and that’s a basic advertising and marketing so hopefully you will look us up and be a little bit smarter than the person who left a little message saying that the we were to open yet which was something that we do so anyway moving right along with you to talk about coffee shops in Wichita and as I mentioned Augustine of brewing Company is going to be a coffee shop in West Wichita located at 756 North Tyler Rd. if you know the west side of town, well it’s going to be just north of the Burger King there I in about half of a a smallish strip center you can actually go and visit that strip center and get your hair done over again 10 or have your nails done and come right over and have some great beer great coffee but what I really wanted to get to today is first of a couple parts on coffee shops in the Wichita I have a West biasing ones which it often times it’s that easy for us in an even I’ve done the done this myself and sometimes I feel bad that I’ve done that and other times I don’t feel bad at all especially when unicorn wraps start coming out from certain chains so let’s touch base on those ones first we have scooters coffee and that’s can there did get a few different locations on the a West side of town the one that comes to my mind is the one on N. Maize Rd. and the one of the nice things about that chain is my goodness they just make it so darn easy to get a couple of cup of coffee and the United had their their drinks there a the their decent iMac owing to a spent time knocking the a the chains they just are that they you scooters is great at getting you what you need when you need it when you’re on the fly and they do a really really well and so you all I can say is, kudos to them for that there’s not a whole lot else I would talk about the scooters coffee but I do think it’s kinda interesting how they have little stickers and notices before that though toss on the lids of the coffee coffee cups that you you yet which I think is an interesting touch that maybe his and talked about a lot but it’s something I noticed so I scooters is is one of the major chains that I have locations on the West side of time here in Wichita in and also continue on in our discussion of coffee shops in Wichita it’s hard to even talk about coffee without having to talk about Starbucks Starbucks of course has several locations brought Wichita may have multiple locations on the west side of Wichita to the one thing I would say about the Starbucks is it frankly is a great place to hang out I even with Augustine of brewing company which is opening in fall of 2017 we are looking at you know what is it that we can adopt from that mindset to create a place that you feel comfortable coming to and on a few want to use Internet it’s a nice reliable connection that you can get to every time and that it’s a great meeting place for meeting with people and we see that our bar side of Augustine of brewing Company is really I think be that it’s good to be a little bit of a quieter environment from most of the bars in town you’re actually going to be able to hear the person across the table from you so it’ll be a little bit better of a place to meet than the other competing breweries and coffee shops and so Starbucks creates that kind of environment and frankly the they just they do what they do really really well and you know if you watch them their systems are amazing that’s probably where the praise ends but they do do what they do very well and there’s a lot that other local coffee shops can actually take especially systematically from a place like Starbucks in terms of making coffee now the one thing that you can argue about Starbucks is that it’s all so automated that the briefs does not as important to the process and that you know that that bothers some people I don’t know that bothers me because I want to be able to have a certain sense of consistency across the the product but it is what is moving along on our journey across the coffee shops in Wichita mainly focusing on the west side of town we’ve got the been seen to be seen as a very unique place relative to many of the other coffee shops that I’ve been to on the west side of town and I hate him he could sound like this but it comes across to me as almost a of a head shop that happens to have coffee at it it just it has that sort of feel to it it’s a great it if you’re a smoker it’s a good place to go because they don’t allow under 18 and so it is a smoking environment they get of the coffee that the I’ve had their other couple times a been there is a it’s a good coffee I I would complain about it it just to me feels like a dirty almost college like environment which if I were dirty and in college I would probably still be really into but at with all of my graying hair it’s not quite the environment for me but it may be for you so will continue on our a discovery of coffee shops in Wichita I in our next episode thanks for listening


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