Coffee Shops of Wichita 2017 – Part 2


hello and welcome back to What’s Brewing with Augustino your exploration of all things craft coffee craft beer and craft food I am your host Augustine Iacopelli I am one of the co-owners of Augustino Brewing Company a craft beer and coffee experience coming to you fall of 2017 speaking of fall of 2017 we are gonna talk about coffee shops of Wichita this extends the a series that started in our last episode which is kind of the discussion some of the other coffee shops that are here in Wichita with a little bit of bias for the west side of town because I am a West sider so there you get the my side of town my perspective on that I but before I get into that I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the coffee shops of Wichita coming soon which is Augustino Brewing Company which will be coming hopefully October 2017 that’s what were targeting right now things happen things get in the way but right now I can start really lock it in when we are going to open and that that’s looking pretty good right now as long as everything can up progresses forward as the as planned or at least close to it so look to see ice open in the fall of 2017 and we will join the ranks of coffee shops of Wichita and so we left off as a recap of last time we had talked to a little bit about what about scooters coffee houses scooters being cappuccino coffee houses including multiple locations here in Wichita and then we also touched base on another coffee shop chain that the like him or hate him they probably should always be in the a conversation that would be a Starbucks I have nothing else Starbucks really started what is now the yeah the movement and coffee in terms of craft coffee which is really a similar movement to that of craft beer and so the two worlds actually are very close together which is why Augustino Brewing Company is bringing those two worlds together both craft coffee craft beer and do we are a bring it under one roof because we know sometimes you feel like a coffee and sometimes you feel like a beer and so we went on from discussing Starbucks to discussing the been seen which is a perfectly good coffee shop as I mentioned it’s not really my thing but I’m sure that there are many people who love that can atmosphere love that that they can smoke there it is really a lot more Lisa comes off to me in a lot more about college twentysomething hangout place maybe not even that but but there there are those locations moving on to discuss and the next two locations and will probably:: today on this podcast the next one I want to talk about is Veritas coffee roasters they are a coffeehouse as well as a roast tree on the west side of town you can find them on W. Central St. there to be coming down and around the corner from us which could be a are really good for us in the short term because we know that given the volume of coffee that we may need for both brewing operations as well as just general coffee service we will not be able to both brewing house and roasted house at least not initially down the road I wouldn’t rule it out but over the short term it set it will only be able to to brewing house on the on the coffee side so a good nearby roast rias is really a great thing for us and I’m I’m looking forward to working with the local roasters perhaps including Veritas as well and one of the a the cool things about Euratom is that they have both their coffee and then they also got a liquor license now and so they can serve summa craft beer I and so even in the evening hours you cannot pick up a beer and the have have craft beer as well so it kind of extends their hours of the available operations and went in there had some great beer last time I was there I’ve had really good coffee and so they they really are among the coffee shops of Wichita that I would recommend checking out and going to either the get a good operation there they got a bar for their coffeehouse it’s really, more like a pub bar and so give them give little bit of time little bit of your money to nice quiet and and really intimate, atmosphere it’s not a huge place it’s it tends to be even smaller than that I think some of the yes Starbucks are getting these days and the the love the get Jan out in a hurry and others mean drinks that are made there so I get on over two of her talk coffee when you have a chance especially before we open Augustino Brewing Company and we will be opening that at 756 North Tyler Rd. that is just if you’re in Wichita that’s can be just north of a Burger King that’s cut toward the corner and than good egg your whatever egg sort of places right on the corner there so it’s not right on the corner but just off of which you we think actually may be to our advantage because when you’re in a hurry the and stuck in traffic and things like that and getting some of those places that are right on the corner can sometimes be a little difficult but anyway I the next place that I want to talk about is a newer place the one that you may not of heard of five among the our coffee shops of Wichita it’s ecclesia and I hope that I’m pronouncing that right and it has opened in the I want to see it was the crossroads center but it’s not that it is the strip center that is can a shape like an L right at home I think it’s Maple Ridge is the a name of the strip center and ecclesia’s in their my wife and I have been there couple of times and they’ve got really nice coffee drinks it’s a fairly simple atmosphere there there’s nothing that to is out of the ordinary and in the the decorous cup to a fairly simple but you really at the end of the day it’s about the coffee and about the getting the a great cup of Joe and they make some excellent coffee drinks there both espresso drinks as well as the as well as just the coffee drinks the you my wife last time I believe had a latte I either latte or cappuccino I cannot remember which but she was a big fan of it so that is some of the coffee shops of Wichita with a heavy focus on the west side of town I’m Augustine Iacopelli and thanks for listening to What’s Brewing with Augustino

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