Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and welcome back to what’s bring with Augustino your source for all things craft coffee craft beer craft food and a little insight on the craft beer movement and the struggles of opening up a craft brewery today were to talk about coffee shops Wichita Kansas and I here in Wichita Kansas we have lots of different, coffee shop options and we certainly hope that you get out in an tend and enjoy all of the wonderful coffee shops that Wichita Kansas has to offer and I we certainly would like you to give us a look at Augustino brewing company which is a brewery and coffee shop that is coming to Wichita Kansas later this year this year being 2017 if you’re listening to it during this year and if you’re listening to this in 2018 or beyond well were probably Artie open but we’d love to have you come visit us anyway anyway I one of the things I wanted to talk about in this episode is some of things that you can the duel and enjoy at coffee shops Wichita Kansas and things that that we bring special to the the market here at the coffee shops in Wichita Kansas one of things that are local crowd our local which attends are really into is the the arts and I really enjoy the fact that Wichita coffee shops are a real beacon for the arts community and we intend to bring that and bring our own flair on that to Augustine of brewing company and the we want to make sure that we have those amenities available to attract out people to check out the art scene although I suspect our take on the art scene is going to perhaps be a little bit different than others have have been on the in a different to coffee shops Wichita Kansas in our case we are probably were not sure but were probably not locating in the immediate downtown area where we have that arts District and there’s a lot of attraction to that area in terms of the art scene but in our case we may not be in that part of town and so were to have our own angle on what kind of art were bringing in relative than relative to what is available in our other parts of the city we may be looking at some of the arts that are done by younger which attends those who are our future of the art and the entertainment community in Wichita Kansas rather than some of the more established individuals and we think that that’s gonna be a real opportunity for those the kids and young adults to have an opportunity to be displayed be shown and have their art on the display even before they’re really out there on the scene so to speak and I that’s just one of that the main many things that the our coffee shops Wichita Kansas I have to offer people who come visit writing one of the most overlooked and yet most important things that a excuse me that a coffee shop should have is you got have Wi-Fi is gonna be there to be fairly easy to access and it’s gotta be a real strong connection if you’ve got a real strong solid connection you can attract a lot of people to your rock coffee shops Wichita Kansas and I would the recommend that if you are planning to open one that you really think about that the very thoroughly it certainly one of things on the top of our mind because frankly people just want that distraction even if there dining with the a friend or family member they still want that distraction from the Internet just in their life because we just got use to rightly or wrongly having so much stimuli going on that same time and so were have a good Wi-Fi so if you want to come in and do some work do some homework just fool around and the Internet we’ve got that for you and the many other coffee shops Wichita Kansas do as well but we will certainly be in that community of places that are focusing on being a place that you can come to sit down enjoy good food good drink and have a good experience while you’re here and other things to think about when you’re going to coffee shops Wichita Kansas is the fact that you need to got consider the kind of beverages that are being served and how those beverages are being served just because there is an espresso machine in that shop and they’re making you various espresso drinks from my just straight the shots to lattes mochas you name it you have the ways in which those are made that are very different from shop to shop so it’s worth looking around and seeing how different coffee shops make the same beverages but in different manners so I highly recommend you go and look at that especially when you’re wanting to find a really good coffee shop in Wichita Kansas and so other things that I would recommend to look at is a you know you’ve got to think about the proximity to your you from your house or from your place of business or your your work to a nice quiet space to get away one of the things that I’ve noticed a lot of coffee shops and a lot of breweries are that they tend to get noisy and part of that is due to just can about the cool funky industrial sort of look that a lot of coffee shops have which is a you take out the drop ceiling you can see the nice and the a nice duct work and do everything like that and that’s something that we probably will not do it Lisa our initial location for Augustino brewing company it will make a certainly a little bit different of a look on our interior but one of our big complaints in the complaint that I’ve heard from many other people put been into coffee and beer is that they seem to get really really noisy and we want to try to keep that noise level down a little bit but not too much because you really have to have some level of ambient music and sound to to cover up other people’s conversations near you so some noise is important but we realize that we don’t want to create yet another coffeehouse echo chamber or another brewery echo chamber there are many of those places that you can go to in town many of them do quite well for themselves we just decided we didn’t want to be another one of those type of places and so when you come into our coffee shop here in and Wichita you can have a little bit quieter of an atmosphere but not too quiet and that Susser been our point with that so thanks for listening and I stay tuned for additional episodes of what’s bring with Augustino

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