Stoneware 20oz Mug Available from Augustino Brewing Company

con·nois·seur (känəˈsər,ˌkänəˈso͝or) n  - an expert judge in matters of taste.

You can’t get enough of that favorite beer of yours at Augustino can you? Here’s what our top-tier members have access to every month:

  • 1 pub growler fill each month included with membership ($20-30 value/month; small upcharge for Signature Series Beers)
  • 1 beer each day (Up to a $186 value/month; small upcharge for Signature Series Beers)
  • FREE growler at signup ($5 value; first-time connoisseur members only)
  • 15% off any Augustino Brewing Company Merchandise (priceless)
  • Special VIP events and craft beer/cocktail tastings and events exclusively for Connoisseur members (priceless, beginning March 2018)

If you’re a Connoisseur tier member, watch your email for a save the date for the next event (near the end of the month) and if you’re not, what the heck are you waiting for. Not a member yet? Get the Augustino Brewing Co. App on either iOS or Android and sign up for the most incredible beer club out there. We put the ULTIMATE in Ultimate Mug Club and look forward to you joining us soon!