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thanks for checking out what’s brewing with Augustino I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is your source for information craft beer craft coffee and craft food especially the Wichita area this episode were to talk about craft coffee houses in Wichita and specifically the kind of things that the we look for in craft coffeehouse in Wichita I for me I the one thing that I really like it another is craft coffee houses is a diversity of drinks and beverages this is kind of a strange thing for me personally because often times when I’m going around I am looking for what the that I’m I’m interested in just a a simple espresso shot or an Americano from not feeling like a euro straight shot of the express espresso and the yet I still love to go to places that have a wide variety of both coffee beverages available and also a diverse number of brewing methods available and does so that’s a really important thing to me and something that were to bring to Augustine of bring company which is opening in late 2017 so if it is before 27 before the end of 2017 we probably haven’t opened quite yet but if it is late 2017 we will hopefully be either open or very near open and the when we do open we hope that you will Akamai by and I check us out we haven’t announced our location officially yet in Wichita and there is a location that is at this time showing up that’s not really where were at will have a beneficial location that will be able announce I hope in the near future and that were to get this the whole thing on the the road and and I look forward to providing that the that experience for you and to really bring bring something new to the a craft coffee houses in Wichita because well we have a lot of wonderful options already the importance is to have even more options in terms of craft coffee houses in Wichita because there are certain environments at work real well for some people and I make them feel comfortable and and there’s totally different I ought it atmospheres and experiences that make other people feel at home and welcome in their a craft coffeehouse and so what time is another thing that were looking at along those lines were looking have a really high talented staff that understands craft coffee and understands craft beer and individuals even if it turns out they actually don’t have a they’re not 21 where you make sure that they’re able to at least talk about beer and understand beer and coffee as well because even if they can drinking themselves they need to know how to talk about it so that you as the customer can come in and understand what the talking about and so with the a craft coffee houses in Wichita I think there are a number of places that you can go to that you will get that enthusiastic gob restock and who’s really friendly and and talkative but the one thing that I’ve noticed that the is that they aren’t as excited and talking about their actual product that they’re making they differently in the the got the good customer service and the good enthusiasm there but they don’t have the enthusiasm for the of the product which I’ve noticed a number of different coffee houses and I’m not sure if it’s just that they’re busy at the time and they’re just not motivated to to do a whole lot of our talk a whole lot about about the product and tell the story of Ed you know where it came from but that’s one of the things that we really want to impress upon our staff at Augustino brewing company is that the stories important the story about where the beans came from how they were roaster why they were roasted that way all of these little elements are really important and it’s one of those things that were going to make sure that our staff knows and can understand and can explain to the patrons and that some easy thing for us to do it’s not an easy task at all but that’s why were looking for the top talent to be a part of Augustino brewing company because that is really that good talent is the core of what we are and who we are and who we can be as a a brewery so check us out online if you get a and you can learn a little bit about us there both are craft coffee side of the business as well as our craft beer in and you can even see in a draft menu of ours said that we’ve got going on right now it’s a work in progress and is can evolve over the summer months as we get closer opening and and when we open this can be some great food items for you I in Wichita at your nearby craft coffeehouse Augustino brewing company so when you’re looking for a craft coffee houses Wichita it can be as simple as just going to the Google maps and searching for coffee houses in Wichita and you’ll you’ll find a lot of great options but really from there you’ve got a guy check them out and work your way around see what you like and see what you don’t like and your to find a coffeehouse that meets exactly what you’re looking for in a craft coffee houses in Wichita and we hope that when you’ve done that your get going to find that the the craft coffee houses in Wichita have what you’re looking for an and we certainly hope that you’ll at least check out Augustino brewing company before you make that selection of the a craft coffeehouse that you will go to war most often the thing about the craft coffee houses in Wichita is that location is important to them and do with it because of this when we announce are low location were gonna certainly make sure there are friends and neighbors around the location know all about us and and are able to find us and the drop on in for some coffee some beer and the us in conversation with our staff and with our owners our owners are to be there are quite often maybe not all the time but very close to all the time initially and then the once we get things settled in at our first location want to us scale it up that’s always been our intent and the other part of the scaling up is I really working with other of breweries other coffee houses to bring the Augustine a brand to them and the that could be a via franchising that could be bought via licensing products and the we we think that that we get something really special and want to bring it to your neighborhood as well so I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to what’s bring with Augustino thanks a lot

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