Find the Best Coffee in Wichita

Podcast Transcript

Augustino Brewing Craft CoffeeHello, I’m Augustine Iacopelli, and you are listening to What’s Brewing with Augustino, your source for information on craft beer, craft coffee, and craft food. Today we’re going to talk about how to find the best coffee in Wichita. Even if you’re not in Wichita, these ideas and tools to finding the best coffee in your town make sense as well.

First off, simply put, you’re going to want to hit the internet. If your town is as bustling as ours is here in Wichita, Kansas, you will have a long, long list of options to go to find the best coffee. How do you work through those options? Well, there’s a number of ways.

First off, you want to look at what place has the highest ratings. Who has the highest reviews on Google, and kind of take that as one way in which to select where to find the best coffee in Wichita. You also want to look at the pages themselves, the web pages.

In the case of us, we are opening up Augustino Brewing Company, which is going to be a craft brewery and coffee house in Wichita. We’re combining the best of both worlds, so you can find us online at Wichita, that was almost a freudian slip there. You can find us at You’ll find out more about us. Also take a look at our other competitors in the coffee shop industry here in Wichita, Kansas. There’s a lot of great coffee that is made. The good news is, it’s very difficult to take too wrong of a turn when you’re looking for trying to find the bet coffee in Wichita. Go ahead and take a look at us. We’d love to have you drop by when we get open later this year. Also look at the websites of some of the other coffee shops in Wichita, and you’ll find out a lot about them as well.

Another thing that I personally like to do when I can is look for the events that are at those locations. Generally speaking, places that are having more events going on, be it entertainment, art shows, things like that, that tends to point toward a place that has a lot of legitimacy when you’re looking to find the best coffee in Wichita. Often times the best coffee in Wichita parallels with the best coffee events, or events at coffee shops in Wichita. Definitely take a look at their events calendar if you have that.

You also want to go to searching other coffee ranking sites that are out there. You can search the internet and you’re going to find those pretty quick. Looking at those, you’ll get a lot of different opinions on what is, where you can go, in fact, to find the best coffee, in Wichita or in your city, wherever you happen to be listening to this from. That’s a good way to go.

Simply put, I often times will just hit Google maps, either on my cell phone, or if I’m in front of a computer, I’ll type it into a computer. It’s going to look right around your general area and show you the different options for coffee shops in Wichita. If you go there, then you’re going to see a combination of locations, which the location of those coffee shops is really important, because some are located in better areas than others. If safety’s a concern, that’s something you certainly want to think about. Beyond that, you’ll also see what the, at least the Google ratings are of those locations. Some places have wonderful Google ratings. Some places have a terrible Google rating. Some places have a lot of ratings, which lends credibility to that coffee shop, and some just have five or six ratings. Maybe that doesn’t lend quite as much credibility if it’s a five star rating with only five ratings.

When you’re going out and you’re looking for, trying to find the best coffee in Wichita, those are some things that you can do. You also want to think about maybe what kind of drinks those particular coffee shops are serving. What’s specialty drinks they might have. This is another bit of information that you can get off of coffee house websites. Some of the coffee house websites that I’ve seen out there are better than others. The one for Augustino Brewing Company, I’d like to say is on its way to becoming a great site for coffee and beer. We’re hoping to really make it an informational website so that you’re coming to us and you’re not just getting information on what we have, but also information on coffee and beer and good food. We often times talk about the beer. We often times talk about the coffee. We sometimes don’t talk about the food, but that’s an area that we’re aiming to have a handful of really good items, and not just snow you with five pages, six pages of menu items. We just want to hit a few really great menu items that you’re going to find pair amazing with coffee and also amazing with beer.

When you’re out there trying to find the best coffee in Wichita, and you’ve looked at Google maps and you’ve looked at the ratings out there and you’ve looked at the different websites, the best way to find the best coffee in Wichita is to just get out there and try all the coffee in Wichita. We think that once you’ve done that, you will hopefully find a number of great places that make fantastic coffee, but we hope that we at Augustino Brewing Company will get a share of your business.

We do have some really interesting opportunities and promotions. Particularly for those of you who are big fans of craft coffee and craft beer, we are creating something special just for those are you who are into both of those worlds. Actually even if you’re not into both of those worlds, it’s going to be a great deal. Which is going to be our Ultimate Mug Club. Augustino Brewing’s Ultimate Mug Club. It’s going to be a club that combines the best of craft beer and the best of craft coffee together. For one really very low price per month, you’re going to be able to come in every day of the month, as many days as you want, or as few days as you can, and you can come in and get your first beer or coffee or even one of each if you want for a very low rate.

Check us out when we get open. That is at is where you can find us, and you’ll learn a lot more about us there, and learn a lot more about what we think is going to be some of the best coffee in Wichita. Thanks.

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