Find the Best Coffee in Wichita

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Hello and welcome to what’s bring with Augustine oh your best source for all things craft beer craft coffee in craft food and I am Augustine oh and today were to talk about finding the best coffee in Wichita that’s right we do find the best coffee in Wichita and there are many great coffee shops that we just talk about the one that we are a little bit biased toward but the that’s okay because we are coming to Wichita in the if of everything works out today in 2017 the fall and we are to bring the best coffee in Wichita to you in an interesting environment that blends the worlds of beverage and great food together under one roof now there are many different beverages that we will make that will help with your ability to find the best coffee in Wichita and among those coffee is that you can expect to be made handcrafted with beans that are specially sourced and roasted right here in town and one of those drinks is the classic Americano everybody looks around for a great Americano and the for those of you who don’t know what American Americano beverage is it is I shudder to oftentimes I think it’s you I would be going with two shots his that’s just how I roll of espresso with hot water added it’s probably the most simple drink to make often an espresso machine and we were we will certainly have our take on the Americano as well beyond that espresso and water there are many other interesting takes that we intend to do to one up the traditional Americano it Augustine oh brewing so stay tuned to find the best coffee in Wichita at Augustine oh brewing company because with the diversity of what were doing we have some opportunities that other coffee shops don’t have to create some very interesting and unique drinks that you cannot get anywhere else by blending the elements of coffee and elements of beer the elements of tea and the elements even of wine into one cup now that may sound weird but the we have specialty brewers and Reese does and bartenders who are coming up with some really amazing things that are going to blow your mind in terms of the best coffee in Wichita another common coffee drink that the is difficult to ignore is the a cappuccino cappuccino is a kind of you put in your espresso I just like with your Americano but instead of adding water I your adding steamed milk and foam and milk phone and when you in a combined those three together it’s a of very silky kind of beverage of Americanos just in him it’s a it’s a bold, black drink where’s the cappuccino is a much smoother for those who are more interested in a coffee that doesn’t taste like the coffee beans quite as straight up the cappuccinos the way to go I myself will have to say that I am traditional with going with an Americano or with a straight espresso shot as I enjoyed the coffee beans and I when you work with the coffee best coffee that is a great way to wind up not having to look very far to find the best coffee in Wichita at Augustine oh brewing company I the next drink is a less common it’s kind of a its own take on the cappuccino it’s it’s not quite the same thing there is little settle different differences but what you have is you you’ve got your’s espresso that used you have a chocolate syrup that is put in as well and then you have your your steamed milk that you have in the cappuccino and then instead of milk phone it said topped typically with a whipped cream topping the mochas really fun because you can do a lot with a chocolate drink to add different fruit character mint goes really really know nicely in a mocha as does a strong raspberry flavor this is kinda one of those beverages that working with some of the syrups that you have on hand goes really well and coffee shops that have really nice mixers in terms of the error of flavored syrups do really well and it’s a real key differentiator wind and you are looking for and trying to find the best coffee in Wichita the next one is a little less common but an excellent drink when done well is that also is that café au lait café au lait is a half coffee half steamed milk drink it the is not your your espresso strength and the coffee it’s a coffee not an espresso-based rank but by doing that coffee and and milk mix you wind up with something that is certainly less roast the and intense as an espresso shot and maybe a little bit more drinkable for palettes that can handle the the roast character quite as much next on the the list in front of me here is it is to guide the traditional espresso espresso is really the base for a lot of the coffee drinks because that’s the that the main tool of the trade when were making high and coffee is a is espresso and espresso is just literally that espresso it’s a coffee that’s brewed by forcing a a small amount of the nearly boiling water really about 200° ± a little bit and it is pressed through the coffee under pressure pressure through beans underground much finer than say how you would grind your beans for just rip coffee and an espresso well-made is is very challenging and espresso made and made okay is not too challenging but having to constantly fine-tune based upon temperature based upon humidity in the air all of these little factors that that make a big difference and do make the difference between a good espresso and an excellent espresso and so that is about all that I’m going to talk about right now in terms of different coffee beverages were to get into another five different great coffee beverages in our next episode but the just as a reminder if you are out there trying to find the best coffee in Wichita keep us in mind at Augustine oh brewing company coming fall 2017 thanks for listening

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