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Welcome back again to What’s Brewing with Augustino your source for all things craft beer craft coffee and craft food. I’m your host Augustine (Stino) Iacopelli and today we are talking about find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas.  Yes, we had to talk about this recently as well but we’re back talking about again because I need some additional words on SEO for myself so that’s the true part, but stick around because we are going to talk about some of the different coffee shops in Wichita and Morgan cuckold little bit about what to bring to find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas ourselves at Augustino Brewing Company opening this fall in a location that I can say now is going to be on the West side of Wichita near Central and Ridge. That information’s out there now after 110 previous episodes I can finally say what’s going on in that department.

So, there are a lot of coffee shops right there in the West Wichita and so you don’t need to go very far when you’re trying to find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas, particularly on the west side of town. There is everything from your big macro, chain coffee shops like Starbucks to a really small coffee shop which will be a competitor certainly of ours so when we open but a friendly one Veritas Coffee Roasters. They are in can become a down around the corner from us and they have some a really nice coffee drinks and a nice small comfortable pub-like atmosphere and so you if you are on the west side of town you should give them a try as well.

We’re all about having our friends throughout the community try out various places because you know when you’re going out to find coffee shops in Wichita not every coffee shop will meet your particular interest or your particular needs. So, it’s important to go around and check out various coffee shops because there’s a lot of really great ones out there and I am going to turn off the audio on that computer sitting right next to me. That is much better. Anyway and then there’s also an additional coffee shop on the Westside town there’s one that I am not even try to pronounce the name even though I should be able to down near to hear Ridge and Maple. So, if you’re in Wichita Kansas on the west side of town I suggest you check them out there in a little shopping center there at the corner. It’s a busy corner and it’s, unfortunately, an easy shop to probably miss.

There are other really good there as well another really interesting place when you’re trying to find coffee shops Wichita would be TJ’s on 13th St. a little bit past West Street in West Wichita and little bit closer to the Riverside area and if you go there to find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas you will have a real a hard rock rock sort of atmosphere there they’ve really done a nice job at defining some of their particular look and feel. It’s in an old McDonald’s and so you definitely see that floorplan when you go in there. It doesn’t have quite the same feel as say a Veritas or even a Starbucks but it has something very unique going for it and so kudos to them. I’ve been there couple times I have some nice drinks there as well.

Then you come to us Augustino Brewing Company opening this fall. We will be another a wonderful coffee shop on the west side of town again. We are going to be near Central and Tyler, so little bit down the road from our friends at Wichita Brewing Company and they are a wonderful place if you’ve not been there before check them out to see what they have there and I then come on down and spend some time with us and we think that the for some of you you’ll you really enjoy the comparison and will enjoy the beers that we also have for those of you who care for the craft beer side of things more than the craft coffee side of things.

So going on in terms of when you’re trying to find coffee shops in Wichita just hit Google maps and you can find all of these because I do not know the addresses off the top my head. I do, however, know the address of Augustino Brewing Company. Augustino Brewing Company will be located at 756 North Tyler Rd. We are not open yet but we will be opening this fall, that would be the fall of 2017 and pay attention to your social media outlets and you find out a lot more about how to find us and how to get your hands on our craft coffee as well as our craft beer.

So where to make it easy for you to find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas, including Augustino Brewing Company, and we hope that you bring your family and your friends to our location for a really interesting atmosphere and a really unique fit thing that is coming here to West Wichita. Wouldn’t have a little more to be trying to bring a little bit of the downtown area to the west side of town, but not too much because we know West siders are not into that hipster atmosphere, but a little bit of culture closer to your neighborhood is what we are looking for in terms of entertainment. But, one of the a neat things that we are able to give our friends and family and neighbors is what we call our Ultimate Mug Club Program. In our Ultimate Mug Club Program is an opportunity to pay one membership fee each month and have access to coffee and beer every day of the month if you’d like. So, make sure you check that out when you have the opportunity and all you need to do is come on in and our servers and bartenders would be happy to get you set up with that once we get open. Another thing about what to do when you’re trying to find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas is to just explore the city. We’ve got a wonderful city and a lot of nice little coffee shops all over town if you’re more in the center part of town there’s some goods shops to check out such as Reverie Coffee Roasters which is on Douglas and then you have a couple of Espresso to Go-Go locations worth evaluating and checking out and then there’s Meads corner. I’ve been there a couple of times and they have a unique atmosphere and they’re a nonprofit coffeehouse so that’s kind of an interesting and unique thing for them. Anyway that’s a little bit about what to do with a to find coffee shops in Wichita Kansas I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s brewing.

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