Find the Nearest Coffee Shop in Wichita West

Podcast Transcript

Augustino Brewing Coffee BeveragesHere’s an insider what’s happening at the headquarters of Augustine of brewing with top brewer Augustine Iacopelli welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine your source for all things craft food craft beer craft coffee and I look behind the scenes at the craft beer market here in the Wichita Kansas area Augustine of brewing Company if you haven’t heard of it before it is a brewery and coffeehouse coming to West Wichita in late 2017 we help the your you’ll join us on this of adventure will be talking about the the ups and downs in the trials and tribulations of our process and try to keep is open of a book as we can with where were and where were going so we hope you’ll join us on this journey and see it through to the end and then when we get open, on out have a great time have awesome coffee have awesome beer and have great food as well and then really should support your local community and I you support your local community by eating local drinking local and doing a local ad so we think that you like come out and find Augustine of brewing company which is you know if you try to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside look us up because we may well be at there are handful of wonderful coffee shops in Wichita and also on the Wichita West side but we think that you’re going to come to us release a number of you will come to us and be like wow this is great I can get an excellent coffee in the morning I can get little bit of food to go to the office and that I can come back late in the afternoon in and in the evening if I really want to coffee that late I can still get a coffee that late in the evening but I can also come back and to have a craft beer if I care to and because we have both the craft coffee and craft beer it allows us to have a little bit later of hours and it really gives us more to work with and more reasons for you to come into Augustine of brewing company and were hoping that you will join us for this ride and the in all we hope that you will love go and I try to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside and we hope that when you do that searching to find us and I when you find us we hope you be intrigued specially when you go to our website which is Augustine and set Augustine again and I when you go there your to find a lot of information about our company and in the business that were bringing to the Wichita Westside we hope that your join us on a journey I feel free if you’re a looking for some additional information to just go to and look for Augustine of brewing company because if you look for Augustine of brewing Company or to find information on us and I would be happy that you did that we need your support we need your friends support and I we all want you all the come on out when you’re trying to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside there are good coffee shops in Wichita Westside but we think that the our staff is going to be a really second to none were taking a lot of care in our hiring process and try to bring in the best the servers and the best kitchen staff that we can manage to find we also want to make sure that when you are trying to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside that you be able to find us and so when you’re trying to look for where Augustine of brewing companies we are immediately north of the intersection of 30 of the central and Tyler so you go just a little bit North Central Tyler you’ll see a Burger King there a car dealership across the street and then you’ll have a sign with our name on it it’s actually as I’m recording this not there quite yet but I it will be coming soon because I we want you to know all about us and we want you to be excited that were coming in and coming to you at Augustine of brewing Company where you can come in and you can get great coffee and great beer and great food and at something that sets us apart and unique from most all the other our coffee shops in the oh Wichita Westside I not all of them and I do in fact recommend that you go and take a peek at all of them look at what they they have going for them’s themselves versus us and I’d love to hear your opinions about the what makes us great what makes them great because we we really want to blend the best of what everybody else is doing into Augustine of brewing company working really hard and staying up long hours and just be in as diligent as possible to bring you this incredible experience Augustine of brewing Company so we hope that the you’ll go out there and you’ll try to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside to you and we hope that that is Augustine of brewing Company and Augustine of brewing company were to have a lot of different drinks and that’s going to include your you know your lattes your cappuccinos your in all espresso shots if you’re a purist like me and in many other of wonderful coffee drinks in the morning and even in the afternoon and evening hours that will have for you at Augustine of brewing company where you can look to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside when you are looking around for that the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside you can be assured that Augustine of brewing Company is very near to do some wonderful communities and so you can feel safe going to Augustine of brewing company and you can be assured that you have a great customer experience as well as great food and great to beverages I want to also throw in here when we look at Augustine of brewing Company it is unlike some of our other breweries in town I you can bring under 21-year-old kids in the Augustine of brewing Company because even though we serve beer and hopefully a fair amount of that we also served nonalcoholic beverages and we also have a food menu so there is a plenty for even the kids to enjoy at Augustine of brewing Company you know and the pay if they want to coffee will give a coffee to and will send them on on their way home with you guys so that’s really just a joke but in any case when you try to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita Westside you really shouldn’t look any further than Augustine of brewing Company I because it Augustine of brewing Company were really focused on the best beer in the best coffee as well as the best overall experience for you and your loved ones in your friends and your coworkers so bring them all out to Augustine of brewing company and it reach out to me if you feel like it to you get my contact information on Augustine and when you will find that email just sent me a line I’d be happy to hear from you I do respond to all emails that they are sent through except for emails that come from Saudi princes I tend to ignore those ones but if you send me contact the be happy to talk to you again I’m Augustine and you’ve been listening to what’s brewing with Augustine of was going on at Augustine of brewing

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