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hello and welcome again to what’s brewing with Augustine of your source for information on craft coffee craft beer and craft food in that order or in another order whichever you care to and which ever your fancy is today were to talk about how to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita well the great thing about Wichita is that all of the coffee shops are spread very nicely across town so if you live here in Wichita or even if you’re visiting Wichita for a weekend and if you are were happy to see you I you can find a coffee shop near you that probably makes very good coffee without going very far from where you’re at so when and I you’re going to go to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita I would if you are like most everybody including me having a cell phone you just pull that thing out and I would recommend if you don’t have the Google maps app on your phone you get it there because then you just going to the Google maps and you just search in the search bar coffee shops near me or just coffee shops and it’s going to pop up a number of options nearer to your proximity so go ahead and the check that out and that’s a great way and perhaps the easiest way to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita to you so when you are I trying to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita and once you’ve got that you have probably two or three or four may be even more options that you can go to everything from a large chain coffee shops to a really teeny tiny mom-and-pop type top coffee shop so I it’s not just a matter of trying to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita you also want to know what kind of coffee shop in Wichita that you are interested in going to do you want to go to a a large one you want to go to small what are some coffee shops that tend to be a little bit noisier than others there are also some coffee shops that especially for sitting down to have a good drink and maybe work on some work from the office or a school project there are certain coffee shops to have better Wi-Fi connections than others I’ve been to an egg in the name right now to know one of make people feel bad or guilty or anything like that however there are certainly some coffee shops in Wichita that you’re to go into you’ll connect to their Wi-Fi and it works but it goes very very slowly and those are the, coffee shops you probably want to avoid if you can especially for you to try to work on the business or schoolwork so when you’re out there trying to find the best coffee shop in Wichita and you know really what you want is to find what of those best in near coffee shops to you have the amenities that you’re looking for in one of the places that you can go beyond the Google maps to find out some information is simply go to the websites of those individual coffee shops and that’s another reason for utilizing Google maps when you can is to go in in the air and and when you done that search to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita you can dig a little deeper and go to the websites of those coffee shops some have great website some have to hear couple websites to be perfectly blunt to us some have websites to look really great and have no content and others have very detailed websites that will give you a very good look into what kind of coffee drinks they have what kind of environment they have do they have Wi-Fi do they not have Wi-Fi and I do have drive-through no drive-through committee coffee to go really easily these are all things that if you search a little bit on the Internet you’re going to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita that has the amenities that you’re looking for in a coffee shop for some people you want a wide diversity of coffee drinks and beverages and for others you just want a really great shot of espresso and both of those extremes are probably at different coffee shop locations at so you need to take a look deeper into that even beyond that we really want to dirt out on a coffee here in Wichita different coffee shops here in Wichita pull their shots differently some are going to pull up a stronger shot weaker shot there some that favor a at different types of extractions off of their espresso shots and with each of them pulls a different character to the drinks at they create and I that’s not necessarily a good thing or bad thing it’s just different and it it gives character to those coffee shops in one of things that we want to do at the Augustine of brewing Company the a brewery and coffee shop that were opening here in Wichita Kansas is to to hit a middle-of-the-road shot ourselves and focus on having a nice quiet intimate assertive of environment where you can come and have a great cup of coffee and I you have an excellent Internet connection if you need a little bit of distraction you can probably look up from your from your studies in and see a TV on those either turned off or down pretty quiet that that you’d be able to get a look at and just get up I distraction something that you don’t see a lot of coffee shops because most coffee shops are just focusing on the coffee and were doing both coffee and beer so that’s good extend sort of the diversity in terms of what were able to have it are our coffee shop and another thing the look at especially if you are in for modest out of town and you want to get a piece of the culture in the Wichita when you were looking to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita one thing that would be additional to try to look into is to see what events are at that coffee shop and see what can a culturally interesting things they might held at the coffee shop a lot of coffee shops a lot of breweries in the Wichita area have the wonderful events they have a set up as really a almost a gallery and art gallery of of their own we have wonderful displays all across to the Wichita area at breweries and at coffee shops and if you’re a interested in looking into wonderful artwork and the attending great local concerts you really need look no further than your eye nearest coffee shop or brewery in Wichita for that matter so if that’s something of interest to you when you’re trying to find the nearest coffee shop in Wichita make sure that may be in go for a little bit more of a drive to get the things that you want thanks a lot for listening I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s bring with Augustino

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