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hello and thank you for turning in for what’s brewing with Augustine on your source for information on craft beer craft coffee craft food and look behind the scenes of running a craft brewery in the city of Wichita Kansas I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are talking about finding the best coffee shop in Wichita and ill eight it’s like choosing the favorite child sometimes it’s really easy for some people and sometimes it’s really hard and then at the same time you really don’t want to tell the kids who’s your favorite so I think a lot of what I’m in to talk about in this show is the extremely subjective and I would recommend for those of you who are trying to find the best coffee shop in Wichita really what you need to do is you need to go around and visit as many different coffee shops as you can enjoy a some relaxation and enjoy getting your day started on the right footing and I think the best way to start your day on the right footing is a wonderful espresso drink from your neighborhood coffee shop in one neighborhood coffee shop that is coming down the pike in the near future is Augustine oh brewing Company Augustine of brewing companies can be a craft beer and craft coffee experience coming to Wichita Kansas fall of 2017 I was just there yesterday evening for our meeting of our owners and got to do a fun first peek through the building via live Facebook video really enjoyed that and so I am hoping that those of the you who are living near 756 North Tyler Rd. will come and pay us a visit when we get open and make us your neighborhood coffee shop is really the neighborhood coffee shop that you’re at is often times your personal best coffee shop because it only you want to get away but the oftentimes run the fly and in a hurry and so we don’t have time necessarily to drive across town for great coffee a great beer we have to go with what we’ve got right nearby and in the case of those viewed West was Wichita you got a new option and that is Augustine of brewing company and the we will be hopefully opening in October of this year and we will have all of your regular espresso drinks + a lot of really interesting I do drink you get from anywhere else because in addition to being a craft coffee house were also to be a craft brewery and be making many different beer styles on our on our are a brew system that we have in house and so I hope that you’ll be able to join us in the October now beyond Augustine of brewing Company there are many other coffee shops and so finding the best coffee shop especially in the meantime before we open is a great opportunity for you you’ve got a lot of great places already both on the west side as well as the side as well is even Midtown Wichita on the west side of town there is another coffee shop called Veritas coffee roasters and they have some really great drinks that they have their and I really recommend them they have a nice small intimate environment there and I you can discover go right up to the bar in an order from the bar and the you get a wonderful drink I will say one thing that I see happening there from time to time is there line gets a little bit the link the when they get a little bit busy but then again when is that not the case for a coffeehouse right you can only Craig drinks out so fast it’s just the reality of it and so that’s a very forgivable shortcoming for a place that is a really nice spot for coffee on on the west side of town I placed in the Midtown they been to a couple of times and I kind of enjoy it in I think that there are differing opinions on it but needs corner is coffeehouse and that I’ve gone to what I tended joy when I’m in that that neck of the woods a lot of people talk about the espresso to go go as well when you talk about downtown sort of locations to get great coffee drinks so that’s that’s another good place to check out if you have the chance and then as you move further down Douglas toward the side of town your to find a reverie coffee roasters their great the coffeehouse and the roast roast three available on the Douglas they are actually in the process of moving to a new location so stay tuned to that it’s could be much larger location than the currently in and there are also going to bring a lot more food into the mix and the have a really nice set up when they get open and so I recommend that I think I just like the attitude of beer sales food from cells beer think the same can be said for coffee perhaps to a lesser degree though I think God allow people will just go and have a coffee but I think if I can have a few breakfast items and along with my coffee that is really the ticket for me so hopefully this set provides at least with a few spots to go visit when you’re in the Wichita area these are the ones that I think are the most well-known and probably the ones that are in the mix for when you’re trying to be finding the best coffee shop in Wichita I i.e. with the also recommend the looking around them beyond these locations because there are a lot of little places that are in the area that have a lot of wonderful a character wonderful people and make great coffee it’s a good time to be into A coffee and into beer at the same time because Wichita is getting it’s very first craft brewpub and coffeehouse and that’s can be us Augustine of brewing company and were looking forward to serving you hopefully beginning in the fall of 2017 were just about ready to begin our buildout phase and we just put in our licensing the documentation for our license to brew beer on site so I stay tuned and stay tuned all things craft beer craft coffee and craft food I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s brewing with Augustine oh thanks for listening

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