Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and welcome to what’s bring with Augustine your source for information on craft beer craft coffee craft food and the craft beer industry in the we talk about the trials and tribulations of opening up a brewery in Wichita Kansas and all sorts of other crazy things so today working talk about local coffee shops in Wichita Augustino brewing company which sounds like a brewery and is a brewery but were also a coffee shop as well here in Wichita Kansas and the what the we are is one of many local coffee shops in Wichita if you’re looking around your house and the you looking for a local coffee shop in Wichita you not to have to look very far because it is a lot of great ones out there and later this year were to be another great one to check out that we are Augustino brewing company and when the unique things about us is that we will be a coffeehouse yes but we are also a brewery will be making our own local Wichita beer on site and to serving it up to you so you can come out in the morning and you can come out in the evening and you’ll have something to drink both times a day for those who don’t drink coffee and don’t drink beer you’re okay as well because we will also have tea and we will also have winds available and the you will be able to find a much broader selection in terms of what to drink it Augustine of brewing company then you will find at other local coffee shops or a breweries in town and I were looking forward to having you we will be planning to open up late 2017 to long time to open your doors when you are a brewery we haven’t decided to open the coffee side earlier than we open up the brewery side I kind of suspect we may and I can to build a little bit of traffic that way and then not have the upper reopen as soon as all of that paperwork is through since the prohibition happened it takes a long long time to open up a brewery whether it be here in Kansas or whether it be in California it that simply takes long time because you have to go through the a federal government to make it happen so fortunately we don’t have to do that on the coffee side and so will be ready to serve as another one of the local coffee shops in Wichita fairly soon after we get our lease agreement signed which we expect it to happen here in either late March 2017 or early April 2017 we are getting very close in on a location and just to getting all the a dollars and sense pulled in the place and the get ready to go so that we can start our rock ‘n roll and with our buildout and I really start getting things are rolling on our facility were looking forward to joining the ranks of the a local coffee shops in Wichita and the little bit about us is that we will have an espresso machine of course in house I we haven’t sorted out exactly which brand were to go with we get a couple that were tossed around but the rest assured whatever a direction we go with that it’s going to be a wonderful experience in terms of our espresso machine we also want to have a couple of other great options to to choose from in terms of the pour over drinks you can also expect that we will have a cold brew coffee for those of you who are looking for cold brew and the cobra that were to be able to put on tap is going to be a very unique experience something that you can’t get anywhere else unless I work out of a deal that it might be available other places but were going to have fun very unique cold experience that entails both the sides of coffee in the sides of beer that that is can make things real special so were excited bring that peace to you as well and we think that is good to be people who show up at Augustine brewing specifically for this beverage which is why I’m not saying too much more than that at this time but working working on Matt and were also working on I’m having a couple of wonderful pour over opportunities for those be learning to coffee and want he we’ve got were to have that as well I in-house and really bring you a wonderful beverages experience across the board’s is what we are looking to do for you and to really give you a chance to have a place to go in and dine in drink and that the gives you a nice break from the hustle and bustle and realities of the the real world and in our busy lives because that’s the something that my wife and I certainly want for ourselves and we know many of our friends and family members suffer from the same thing that busy busy busy all the time and the one thing that the test really want is a little bit of a break from reality a chance to to step back and you have some good food have some good drinks have some you know whether those drinks be coffee or beer or wine or tea to have that variety in to be able to just experience a up a small community and that’s what were trying to bring to you at Augustine brewing company one of many local coffee shops in Wichita we are currently working on opening up one location and when that starts do well we will go to some additional locations we have brewers that have incredible the amounts of experience to bring you some really unique beers and some really unique coffees and other beverages to you and so were hoping you’ll you’ll be able to check us out when you out when you can we have a website that is starting to come online that’s can bring you a little bit of additional perspective on what what were planning to be it will continue to be updated over the coming weeks and months as we get closer to opening and I were looking forward to you a check it out then you can find again that’s Augustine of and the feel free to sign up for our email list and the find a little bit more about us there because we think that especially for those of you out there who are really in the craft beer and really in the craft coffee you will love love our ultimate mug club program specially for close to the location that we open at which I can’t see what is right now but you will love him really like it because were to bring you something very special that does not exist anywhere else in Wichita at any of the other local coffee shops in Wichita so check us out online and check out in the meantime the other local coffee shops in Wichita because there’s a lot of great ones to choose from and and enjoy the experiences and enjoy the break from the craziness of your like at a local coffee shop here in Wichita thanks for listening I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s bring with Augustino

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