We love our craft beers, but we don’t discriminate against our spirits and coffee beverages either. In this video, our head bartender Nathan T. breaks down our new cocktail “Viva La Vida,” a smoky mezcal take on a classic Last Word. Come try it today and let us know what you think.

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YouTube Auto-Transcription
I was going everybody Nathan from Augustino Brewing Company here making one of our new signature cocktails. This one is called the “Viva La Vida.” So this is based on a on the last works one of my favorite cocktails. It’s an old-school equal parts drink with this addition of half an ounce of a house-made agave syrup. So, we’re doing here is we’ve got yellow chartreuse I started on maraschino liqueur some del maguey Vita mezcal mezcal is a imagin tequila and Scotch had a baby. It’s really nice and smoky. This one in particular is pretty mellow on the smoke let’s say we really like it for cocktails because of that and last bit of ingredient here is lime juice now a traditional last word the same proportions of everything you still haven’t syrup in it and instead of the mezcal and the yellow structures you’re gonna have gin and green structures ends up being almost like an herbal gimlets be dissin the maraschino which helps mellow out the chartreuse not then it doesn’t in this as always with the shake and drink we’re gonna double strain to keep all those ice chips out of there don’t want to over dilute the drink something about this is it almost looks like I’m here it doesn’t taste like one minute Just Lunch finish it off hey yeah that is viva la vida if you like the last word if you like that kind of a drink it’s not quite the same but oh man that’s good you got this really nice smoke on the back end you get the nice herbal qualities of the chartreuse it is a pretty sweet drink because of that
agave syrup but it’s very nicely balanced a little bit of tartness in there it really opens up as it warms up with smoke and the herbal qualities of that yellow chartreuse combined give it a shot next time you’re in thanks for watching see you next time.