The Top Coffee Shop in Wichita Coming Soon


Hello! You’re listening to What’s Brewing with Augustino, your source for information on craft beer, craft coffee, and craft food, and a look behind the curtain of the craft brewing industry here in Wichita, Kansas in particular. Augustino Brewing Company is craft beer and craft coffee experience coming to you in the fall of 2017. In fact, we just got through our first day of demolition for our buildout of our space at 756 North Tyler Rd. in West Wichita just north of the intersection of Central and Tyler. There is a Burger King and then just north of that Burger King is where we’re going to be at. Right now, the marquee or the letter board there that says “Augustino Brewing Coming This Fall” and that is the case. We are coming this fall and we’re looking forward to being the top coffee shop in Wichita coming soon.

The reason why we are thinking that we can be the top coffee shop in Wichita coming soon is the fact that we are coming soon! All joking aside, the thing that makes a great coffee shop is having excellent and friendly staff to greet you when you come in and creating an environment you want to come back to on a regular basis.

If you’re not coming back in a regular basis then you fall out of the habit of getting your morning beverage and if you follow that habit that makes is all sad because we need our daily drinks and, if you’re listening to this, you need your morning shot of life and that comes in a nice mug or take away cup of coffee. Whether that coffee is good, I usually go with just a black Americano. I love, I love, I love the flavor of the beans and especially in a really nicely made Americano drink. Sometimes, if it’s been kind of up a rough night and I’m trying to get myself really up, I might take a couple shots of espresso in the morning, but even if you like your drinks flavored and I done up, like a great to latte drink or mocha, we’ll have them for you.

One of things that we think is going to make us the top coffee shop in Wichita coming soon is the fact that we do have the beer side of things. One of the interesting things that we realized early on in our research for Augustino Brewing Company is the fact that we realized that we wern’t the only ones who really liked craft coffee and craft beer. There are a lot of great craft breweries already here in Wichita. There are a lot of great craft coffee houses here in Wichita and I can just rattle off a lot of them, but I’m not because I have a short amount of time, but I they are here. However, there’s no place for those of us who love a great cup of craft coffee in the morning and love a great craft beer in the evening and so we’re bringing you that all under one roof.

You can come to a place where everybody really does start to know your name because you’ve been there a couple of times and we are looking forward to having you join us. One of things, we think can help you be in that routine of making sure he come out for you daily coffee or your daily beer and actually doing it in such a way that you are going to save money over going to Starbucks or going to one of the other craft coffee houses here in town is through our Ultimate Mug Club Program.

We call it or Ultimate Mug Club program for a couple reasons. Number one, it’s Ultimate and it is what makes us the top coffee shop in Wichita coming soon, but moreover, for one monthly price, and it’s a very affordable price at that, but for one monthly price you have the opportunity to get your first beverage, whether that be a coffee or whether that be a beer, each day of the month included in your membership cost. I’d tell you what the membership cost but, it’s a recorded show, so I hate to say one price and then have you show up and be like, what gives, the prices different from what you told me on your podcast. Prices change so if you’re interested go to our website at to find out what that cost is plus, if the promotion is still running, which may or may not be by the time you’re listening to this, you can sign up for your first drink as a first-time customer for just one dollar and that’s a great deal for anybody who is into great coffee and great beer because, hey after all, a beer that’s a craft beer tends to cost anywhere between about $4.50, at least here in Wichita, between about $4.50 and you six dollars or more for a pint craft coffee is a much better it usually runs between about 450 and 6 bucks or a craft coffee, as well.

So, by having a membership by which you can come in every day of the month, if you wanted to, we’re going to be open Monday through Sunday weekly is our plan and every day that month you can get your first drink for it for nothing beyond your membership cost and that membership cost.

I’m going to tell you is going to be far, far below what it will cost you for getting of a beer or coffee every day of the month anywhere else in town, so I think it’s something that those of you who are like me who are a coffee junkie is and who are beer nerds or beer aficionados who drink coffees or drink beers on a near daily basis this is gonna be a real great opportunity for you to come to the top coffee shop in Wichita coming soon.

At Augustino Brewing Company, we’re bringing you great coffee and great beer, but were also going to bring you great food. We’ve got a menu cooking up right now. We don’t have it quite finalized. There is an early draft of it as I’m recording this on our website, if you’re listening which is a lot closer when we open in October of this year you’ll see something that’s a lot closer to what we will actually launch with.

For right now, you can get at least a flavor of things by looking at our website at

I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to What’s Brewing with Augustino. Thanks for listening and we hope to see you soon.

First Time Customer Offer: $1 Drink