Wichita Breweries with Craft Beer and Coffee


Hello! You have stumbled upon What’s Brewing with Augustino, your source for information on craft beer, craft coffee, and craft food and a look behind the curtain of the craft brewing movement in Wichita, Kansas and beyond. I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are talking about Wichita breweries with craft beer and coffee. Now there are really only a single place that I know of that is a Wichita brewery with significant craft beer brewed in-house and craft coffee available an that’s going to be Augustino Brewing Company.

Augustino Brewing company will be opening up in late fall 2017. We will be opening up in West Wichita in Northwest side of Wichita and that location is 7056 North Tyler Rd. That is a location that is just north of Central and Tyler. As you go north on Tyler, it is on the east side of the road north of that intersection. We’re looking forward to seeing you there and have you visit with us later this year.

Another great thing about Augustino Brewing Company is that you will have the opportunity to visit us during the morning hours for a craft made coffee beverage as well as in the evening hours when you are looking for that nightcap

Looking to come out for some great food and some great beer and we’re looking forward to be in your cool hip place on the northwest side of town. When you come out and really be a part of what we are I trying to create which is something really new to the Wichita area it’s a model that exists in other parts of the country, but it is very new to us in Wichita, Kansas. I was looking at when we were doing a research at people drink craft coffee and people who drink craft beer and it turns out there pretty much the same people. In a lot of a lot of cases, if you are really into locally made craft beer in the evening hours, oftentimes you can be that same kind of a person who’s going to want to come back to Wichita breweries with craft beer and coffee in the morning hours to enjoy a fine cup of well-made locally made fresh espresso beverages.

I want to invite you to go to our website which is augustinobrew.com and check us out. You can sign up for your first beverage and that’s coffee or beer for just one dollar and if you don’t like it send it back and we will give you your dollar back. So we challenge you to come on in and enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the environment that we are going to be providing you at Augustino Brewing Company. At the other Wichita breweries with craft beer they don’t actually have craft coffee in many cases there are a couple of the craft breweries and that too old little bit of coffee, but they don’t do a lot of it and the fact is most everyone else opens at 11 o’clock or later daily.

Unless you’re crazy like me and you really like drinking coffee all day because I do you not think about drinking coffee at three in afternoon. You’re off thinking about beer at that time, but we really wanted to be able to provide you an experience on both ends of the day so that you can grab that fine cup of coffee on your way to the office or when you are out for a for lunch, you can come on in for some fine exquisite foods that you will certainly enjoy. You can then get a cup coffee at that time or of course by that point you could get a beer if you wanted and that would be fine with us as well, especially if you’re a member of the Augustino Brewing Ultimate Mug Club Program, where you can get one beer per day of every day of the month included in your membership at a very affordable monthly rate. There are other cool aspects of becoming a member of Augustino Brewing that I won’t get into at the moment but I do recommend you go and check out our website at AugustinoBrew.com and learn a little bit more about the beers that we’ve got, the coffees that we’ve got, and a little bit about our background and how we came to create a new and unique experience for craft beer and craft coffee in the Wichita area. So come on out and, if you happen to see a little bit of activity going on in the building were during buildout and if the doors aren’t locked, feel free to the to come on in and I say hi and introduce yourself.

I will probably be there quite a lot of the time that things are going on in the space and if I’m not, tell somebody else who knows what’s what will probably be able to be there and say Hi as well. If I’m not there or if one of our other owners aren’t there, leave a message with somebody and we would be happy to reach out to you as well.

So when were talking about so Wichita breweries with craft beer and coffee you now know that there’s really only one option currently for that and that is Augustino Brewing Company where we bring you great craft beer, great craft coffee, and exquisite food options. I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of the food options that we have coming down the pike. There is a draft menu that is on our website right now at our Wichita breweries with craft beer and coffee, but I can tell you that our food menu is going to be changing. We have a great person helping us out behind the scenes and that individual is going to help bring the food element that is so important to have with beer. It’s cool to sample and try new foods, but it’s even better when you have something that’s consistent that actually pairs with the beers. That is not a common thing and in the Wichita area. There are a lot of great breweries that are opening especially in the Delano District and the central business district and they’ve got all these wonderful food trucks at, and serve them, but the problem is when you’re drinking their beers and you’re having food that doesn’t necessarily go well with the beer, guess what, it’s not as good of an experience as it could be. So that’s why we are really passionate about the food and passionate about giving you an experience that blends the food and the beer together and the coffee together.

We look forward to you coming out and of visiting us, which is as I’d mentioned earlier, Wichita breweries with craft beer and coffee is a list that’s very short and only consists of Augustino Brewing Company so thin slept for listening I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is What’s Brewing with Augustino.

First Time Customer Offer: $1 Drink