Where are Wichita Brewpubs with Craft Beer and Coffee?


Hello and welcome to What’s Brewing with Augustino, your choice for craft beer, craft coffee, and craft food. I am your host Augustine Iacopelli and we are bringing you a another fine episode. For those of you out there who just happened to stumble upon this podcast, I wanted to let you know about why we’re here and what we’re doing. Why we’re here is we are planning to open a brewery and coffeehouse here in Wichita, Kansas. It will be the first of its kind and we hope a fantastic experience for our neighbors and friends around our location, which will be at 756 North Tyler Rd. and that is in a West Wichita, just north of the intersection of Central and Tyler. So feel free to drop by beginning late this year. I will be talking all about it as we get closer to that event. In fact, I was in there pulling up tile late last night and, early this morning, I was taking some tile out. We are currently in the demolition process, but that’s neither here nor there.

I want to talk about the answering the question of where our Wichita brewpubs with craft beer and coffee, although admittedly, I just about answered that question right off the bat, which is the fact that, in terms of the brewery and coffeehouse experiences, there are no other options other than Augustino Brewing Company.

Now there are some places here in town even on the West side of town that do offer some craft beer on tap, it is not craft beer that is brewed in-house. It is a craft beer that is brewed elsewhere and brought in, but they do offer some fantastic coffee beverages as well and also nice atmosphere. So, there are great coffee houses across town and a great breweries across town, but at Augustino Brewing we are going to be your only source among the Wichita brewpubs with craft beer and coffee and that’s what is going to make us quite unique.

There are some other attributes though that will make us unique and hopefully attractive to you guys out there who are interested in both craft beer and craft coffee and we know you’re out there because we ran the numbers. We I did little bit of research and we found that 20% of you out there are avid drinkers of both craft beer craft coffee right now and that’s among adults age 21 and older. That’s all age groups and if we were to just go with those who are in our core demographic the number gets even a little bit higher.

So, we know you’re out there and we know we are bringing you something that is real special in terms of Wichita brewpubs with craft beer and coffee. We think we probably won’t be the only one that in this game maybe five years from now even, but right now we are going to be the only Wichita brewpub with craft beer and coffee, so we look forward to hearing from you and hope you reach out to us.

I can be reached at Augustine@Augustinonbrew.com. You can also find out more about us by going to our website at Augustinobrew.com where you’ll learn a lot more about what we are bringing you, what we have to offer you, and the fun things we are planning for Wichita and for Kansas craft brew here in the area.

Another question that one might ask is, what would make us think about doing both craft beer craft coffee. That’s easy to answer on the surface and harder to answer below the surface. The easy answer is actually there are a couple easy answers. One of the easy answers is the fact that by having craft coffee in the morning we can stretch our hours a little bit. We already have people who will becoming a little early doing some prep work for us in the morning hours and having one more person on site to manage a some coffee orders is not a big deal for us or costly above just waiting and opening total of a.m. like a lot of people.

Unlike our competitors, we are looking forward to bringing you in and having the opportunity to serve you in the morning with espresso drinks and do a lot of fun things there a mingling actually some of our beer beverages or coffee beverages together.

One of the things that we do and I have not seen anybody else out there doing is we genuinely create a beverage that is a hybrid beverage between beer and coffee. Now you’re thinking is this at a coffee Stout, but no it’s not a coffee Stout. Technically a coffee Stout would be a fermented beverage that happens have coffee added to it. This is something completely different. It’s something we put on beer gas and it is something that comes very close to mimicking a coffee Stout without having any alcohol in it. We expect that there are going to be a number of you out there who will really go for this beverage because this beverage of coffee cold brew coffee that happens at a slightly craft brewed craft beer. You’ll really like it because it has a unique sweetness to it that you don’t get from just cold brew that’s been hopped and that’s out there. People say, well that’s kind of like having a coffee Stout, about other hopped cold brew. No what we’re doing is not it’s like having a cold that has hops.

What we’re doing it Augustino Brewing can be very different very unique and were looking forward to you coming out and trying it out. We are opening this fall and we’re targeting October for our open date and whether you’re really into craft beer, whether you’re really into craft coffee, or whether you just like food you’ll like us because we have a full menu at Augustino Brewing as well. We’re looking forward to having you come out.

We’re going to have a two sides to our operation. one is going to be in the community seating bar area, but unlike some of our competitors in the area, the community seating and bar areas are separated physically from our general dining area. What that can means is that when we’re aiming for a little bit more of an adult crowd on the community seating area and probably discourage kids over the on that side of things based upon some of the feedback we have. Families can and enjoy the same kind of experience on the restaurant side that’s more full-service and catering to the kids and their parents.

I’m Augustine and this has been What’s Brewing with Augustino. Thanks a lot for listening to this episode on where are Wichita brewpubs with craft beer and coffee. Thanks.

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