Where are Wichita Coffee Houses?


Hello and welcome back to What’s Brewing with Augustino your source for information craft beer craft coffee and craft food they were talking about craft coffee in particular in Wichita and I in specific specifically were to be talking about where are Wichita coffee houses and so hopefully you’ve been to several of these were not going to well dwell on them in this episode to deeply if you want to find out a little bit more information about some of the ones in particular on the west side of town you can listen to some of the other episodes that we have in this a series of episodes that we do here on what’s brewing with Augustine oh and we hope that one of the things that you will love to take away from this is a better understanding of where are Wichita coffee houses that’s what were getting it in this episode little bit of background on the I am one of the co-owners of Augustino Brewing Company and were to be a brewery and coffeehouse experience located on the west side of town where be just off of a central road at Tyler and we are in can be bringing you both craft beer and craft coffee in the same building the same place and we get we look to really bring you something special over the coming weeks months and hopefully years will be opening in fall of 2017 where are Wichita coffee houses and the will of will keep you posted and as we go through our buildout process and everything like that the best way to stay tuned to what’s going on is to go visit us on Facebook at AugustinoBrew or you can also go to our website at Augustinobrew.com if you go there you go to China down the page and you’ll have an opportunity to get your first drink at Augustino for $1 dollar so check it out and will lead to be happy and honored to have you along for the ride so but when I can a target us right now that’s a little bit about us we are talking about where Wichita coffee houses across town the other Wichita coffee houses and there are many that that are out there or just you can go through the location so that you know where they are and so if you’re looking for for coffee you know where to find it so in this case where to go from East toward West there are way too many to be able to know them all that we are to go through Italy some of them out one of the places that the young coffee goes with I don’t it’s just like beer goes with pizza or with other American foods so this first one of the dimension is Lamarr’s donuts and coffee in find them I just West are just east rather of maize and 21st St. they are hopping early in the morning I drive near there almost every day and do they the have some run-of-the-mill coffee it but the the especially for going in for the donuts they that’s it’s good to have some sort of coffee I would call it the best coffee in town but the donuts are great night I actually really like Lamarr’s donuts next on the list the kind going a little bit south and east you get the been seen the been seen as located in a shopping center on the north east corner of central are essential of I Tyler 13th and so their little bit hard to find because her setback pretty far from the from the road but that if you go in and just to drive there either can Anna on a corner of that the development there so that’s the been seen if you go a little bit further north you to find Veritas coffee bar and a row Street they in the do their own I roasting in house now and they also have great coffee I highly recommend these guys they really care about what they’re doing and they do good job in and the next to another donut place called the Paradise donuts and coffeehouse that one is located on Maple right by Maple and not maize and I don’t know a whole lot about this one it’s it’s another one of those place in my mind if you’re going for donuts you might as will grab coffee so that’s that one Looking for where are Wichita coffee houses going a little bit further east to Ridge and Maple you have ecclesia coffee and community is nice little coffee shop us set in the Maple Ridge shopping center it’s it faces to the south about halfway down that that face of the a shopping center so a place worth checking out another place on the west side of town would be scooters coffee which actually has a I believe if I’m remembering correctly on the west side of town is only two locations I could be mistaken but there’s one at Central and Ridge and then there’s a second one up near 37th and Ridge and then you we’ve got three that I can think of offhand I at Starbucks in West Wichita as well but you can check out as we move a little bit closer to the SNR part of town we have R coffeehouse they got bites and bruise in a neighborhood hangout is out how they can position themselves to place Canadian the Midtown in the year of Riverside area so it’s a placed of the worth checking out the next place is a fresh roast coffee company that’s just off of off of Kellogg right between Broadway in Washington so if you check them out and please do so the donut hole probably more known for the donuts and the coffee but they certainly do coffee beverages there they have a espresso machine not gotten their stuff before to its it’s that it’s acceptable again I would I would put them in the same category as Veritas but it is that it’s good you’ve got common grounds coffee shop and coffeehouse that is between Grove and Hillside so that’s out there as well she shut coffee shop is up Grove at 20 writer on 21st St. it’s kinda close to the the WSU campus up there so that’s the coffee shop and go to churn and burn eyes the last one of the dimension some running out of time that is on sties solve all of her just a little bit south of Kellogg definitely worth checking that one out Dunford a lot of good things about it so this has been what’s brewing with Augustine oh and I am Augustine Iacopelli thank you for listening to our discussion about where are Wichita coffee houses have good one.

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