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Hello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine your source for information craft beer craft coffee and craft food I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli I’m one of the co-owners of Augustine oh brewing company a craft coffee and craft beer experience coming to West Wichita and fall of 2017 and they were to talk about Wichita coffee shops and the one were to talk about in particular is Augustine of brewing company since we now have a location and we now have our licensing put out for our craft beer production that requires federal state and local licensing fortunately we do not have to get federal state and local licensing for coffee production and so we will have both coffee and craft beer at Augustine of brewing Company so one of the great things is that you will will be able to come in the morning to Augustine of brewing Company one of one of the coffee shops here in Wichita so among Wichita coffee shops Augustine of brewing company will be a part of that group beginning in the fall of 2017 we will have all of your traditional drinks from lattes to mochas to straps will also have likely some looseleaf tea options available on that side of things and were also going to have neighborhood craft beer beer that’s made right near you if you live near Augustine of brewing Company the freshest stuff you’re going to get and so we’ve got that for those of you who are be craft beer fans one of the things that we discovered early on in our research for opening up Augustine of brewing Company is the fact that there is a real movement for you by people who are really into just craft whatever and local whatever and ill I get to be honest I thought for a while that it was can be a fad it’s it’s an institutional pushback go against larger companies larger corporations and a desire to have something that is genuinely local general genuinely neighborhood and so Augustine of brewing Company well yeah Leigh, do want to grow beyond just one location we’re gonna be committed to always going that step you beyond to be your neighborhood place and to not take on the mindset or the attitude of a larger chain we want to as we grow to be able to give the proprietors of the owners in general managers a relatively decent amount of say and what they want to have in terms of their local flavor for their location and also in the brewer houses as well as behind the counter at for our espresso drinks we want to give some creative freedom to those who are workingis because we believe that if there isn’t some creativity going on and there isn’t some innovation going on in there are new things being tried then we will never stay on top of things and will never advance our objective to bring you the best beer in the best coffee in the area so I Wichita coffee shops are all over the place across town and one of the coffee shops that are coming to Wichita in the very near future is Augustine oh brewing company Augustine of brewing Company is going to bring you craft coffee in the morning and really throughout the day you you’ll be a believe in order at a craft coffee later on in the evening and I can maybe have your nightcap and then finish off with coffee in week yourself up a little bit for the ride home so I would to welcome you to visit our website@Augustine0brew.com and the when you’re there you can go ahead and fill out a form so that you can get your first coffee or beer at a very reasonable price of just a dollar and the reason why we give you such a crazy low prices to give you a wonderful opportunity to just come on out and check us out gives try that’s really all we ask because we know that there’s going to be some of you will absolutely love us among Wichita coffee shops and others can be others of you that are probably like mad it’s okay I, like Veritas our reverie better and that’s okay because were not trying to be something for everybody but we are trying to be our friends and neighbors ran around us there choice for craft beer and craft coffee in their neighborhood I and got lots of great ways that that the were planning to do it some of which will let you know out front and some of which were to kata keep under a For a while but we have a great team of people in the beer side the coffee side as well as the of food side of our operation that are really busting their tail to bring something very special to the west side of town that has not been seen there are certainly other great tub reason other great coffee shops in the area but nothing that merges these two worlds together quite like Augustine oh brewing company will and I we will be that beer and coffee hob for our neighborhood and we hope that you come along for the ride with us and enjoy our environment which is gonna feature both a traditional public kind of side to it as well as a sitdown casual dining restaurant area so if you’re on the casual dining restaurant side die you’ll be waited on with table service and a really casual atmosphere that is welcoming whether you’re a coming in for a business meeting or you bring your family were trying to keep a little bit quieter of a an environment then some of our area competitors because it’s one of the big feedbacks we’ve gotten from people is that they would like us place to go to where they feel like they can actually hear what other and there are a lot of places that have a wonderful upbeat the atmosphere and culture but they don’t you can’t actually hear the people you’re there to socialize with so we try to answer that by stepping away from the the norm and I having some acoustical tiles in place so that it’s absorbing some of the echoey nature that the can oftentimes occur in the cool hip industrial type of the atmosphere but it makes it really loud and impractical to hear people so that sadly that’s it for this episode I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s brewing with Augustine of thanks a lot for listening

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