Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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thanks for tuning and I’m Augustine and this is what’s brewing with Augustine of your source for all things craft beer craft coffee and craft food and look inside the Wichita craft brewing and craft coffee markets and today were to talk about Wichita coffee shops and the we are at Augustine will bring company a very unique take on the Wichita coffee shops idea in that we are both a Wichita coffee house coffee shop as well as a brewery we are fully functioning brewery brewpub you can come in at certain times and you’ll see our guys I for myself one of our partners who has the longest bring experience of any team to open up here in the city of Wichita and the you be able to see us bring bring her beer well here drinking your coffee which seems a little a on but tough for nearly one in five you out there it’s a pretty cool concept so were happy to bring that to you later this year and that’s my shameless plug commercial at the moment but coming back around to the idea of Wichita coffee shops there are a lot of them here in the Wichita area that you can choose from and we hope that when Augustine of brewing it’s open Ula come check us out if you’re looking to find a little bit more you can hit our website which that’s Augustine and the you could find a lot more about what we are trying to conjure up at our location but the in any case if you want to learn a little bit more about Wichita coffee shops great place to go is just go online search for him we’d love to have you I check us out and check out all the others here in town because I choosing a regular brewery in choosing a regular coffee shop is a a pretty personal choice to be making excuses because what’s a great environment for one brewer for one person is not necessarily a great environment for the next person it’s all a very personal choice when you’re choosing what you want to go to in terms of the various Wichita coffee shops here in the area and so for example if you’re looking for a hell just a full-service kind of you know what you’re going to get every time a place to go is is one of the chain coffee shops whereas if you want to quiet intimate environment that maybe feels a little less polished your gonna come to one of the local coffee shops here and in the area and the we are really happy to to have you at Augustino brewing company and the you know we know that many other coffee shops are also wonderful here in area so check them out and learn out and learn a little bit more about us and about where we are in our progress of opening there’s could be a lot more news about us coming out in the coming weeks and months as we are very very close to locking in our location and I’ve been working to be on here like crazy telling you all of the progress that were making along the way of what brewed what beers were making what coffees were planning to bring online and cover the unique piece that were going to bring to the Wichita cop coffee shops market and the what were you have is can be there’s can be a lot that is overlapping with some of the other area coffee shops but were also going to be offering some really unique ideas and experiences that trend that that that go across both coffee and beer which you know there’s many interesting flavors that the you can create on the beer site and add to the coffee side which it the way most of you may be thinking about it sounds horrible but in reality there’s a lot of really unique flavor profiles that we can create on the beer side of things when mixed in and added on the coffee side unlocks a whole new area of cool flavors and aromas and were really excited to bring some of that to you in the in the near future at Augustine of brewing company and we hope that your gonna be there to come along with us for the ride and I were looking forward to our having you as our guest at our Wichita coffee shop but in any case when you’re looking around in the meantime for Wichita coffee shop there’s a lot of a different great places that you can go to and the things that you should consider when you’re going there one the expertise of the Brisa is important you also want to look at just the staff in general are they friendly are they not friendly are you met with a smile every time our people glad that you’re there that’s really important obviously the quality of the a drinks is essential if if you’re got a wonderful place but the drinks are terrible you don’t there that’s that’s true if you’re talking about a brewery or or if you’re talking about a coffee shop it’s gotta be spot on every time fortunately on the beer side at least here in Wichita a lot of the competitors are ironically also helpful to one another and we’ve been very blessed to have people who ultimately are to be competitors to us on some level being actually really really helpful to us in and that’s why you won’t hear me on the show bash other breweries even really fierce competitors of ours because at the end of the day were all into providing you the the consumer with some amazing experiences for coffee and for beer in the a Wichita area and we just want to carve out our niche of that we’d rather make and bring more and more of you out there who are on the fence about craft coffee and craft beer will bring you over to becoming a to setting aside your, macro coffee macro beer and I enjoying at least some local craft beers and craft coffee so you know experience get out there enjoy Wichita coffee shops throughout the area or if you’re listening from another part of the country get out into your community there are a blossoming number of coffee shops that are no doubt out there in your community as well and so whether you’re in Wichita or whether you’re in your town get out and enjoy the growing local craft beer craft coffee markets that are in there in your towns as well so I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been what’s brewing with Augustino thanks for listening

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