Attributes of the Best Brewpub in Wichita


Hello and thanks for tuning in to What’s Brewing with Augustino, your source for information on craft beer, craft coffee, and craft food. I’m your host, Augustine Iacopelli, and I want to thank you for tuning in in this episode. We’re going to talk about what I think my favored attributes of the Best brewpub in Wichita. These are the things that I look for a when I’m going out for my beer in my that he does socializing in a brewpub and so were going to get in terms of attributes.

Number one is service. This is one thing that’s really interesting about a lot of brewpubs in the Wichita area is that not that many really go to provide a really good service experience. Maybe that’s just me and I’m just the one who’s weird in terms of the attributes of the Best brewpub in Wichita, but first and foremost, I would say having excellent service environment is going to be at the top. Now, in reality, that’s a hard thing to provide for a brewpub, especially one that’s just trying to be a tap room for a number of reasons because you try to keep your staffing as low as possible, even for Augustino Brewing we’re trying to keep our staffing as low as possible as well. If you go too low in terms of staffing, you wind up having an environment that’s not very service friendly. When I run out of my beer I really hope,  unless I’ve told somebody I don’t want another beer, I really like it when the next the next beer shows up that’s one of my of favored attributes of the Best brewpub in Wichita.

Another thing is really the quality of the beer itself. There are really good beers made already in the Wichita area and I tend to gravitate to those locations that serve the best quality beers. In our case, at Augustino Brewing company, which is opening later this year, we are right now targeting fall of 2017, more specifically October 2017 to finish up our work and our work on the space and get it open for you.

We have a number of the beers we expect to have an initial flight of about five beers with one or two additional beers that will rotate out as specialty beers or one-off beers and seasonal beers. We’re going to call up and the one of the things that we are really trying to aim for is to have a little of something for everyone at Augustino Brewing Company. By doing that, we know that the we will likely attract their neighbors and friends and create a fun atmosphere which leads me into the third of the a list of attributes of the Best brewpub in Wichita and that’s atmosphere.

Friendly nature is one of those things that we are looking at closely at Augustino Brewing Company and were doing that through number of things. The number one thing we want to create that we think will help us get many regular customers and create a lot of them. I would rather be pulling in and becoming a big fish in a very, very small pond, and that very small pond being about a mile from our location at 756 North Tyler Rd.

I’d rather be a big fish that small pond than attract from a really wide area, but not attract that many people right in the neighborhoods around Augustino Brewing company. By doing that you create an environment where your servers know your customers pretty well and your customers know one another pretty well. That leads into the next thing that we are doing it Augustino Brewing company.

We’re creating what’s called the Ultimate Mug Club Program. What the Ultimate Mug Club Program is is that for one reoccurring monthly rate, and you can cancel at any time if you want, but for one monthly rate, you get the opportunity to have one included beer or coffee beverage each day of the month. Your first one is included in your membership, so it’s kind of like to prepaying for your beers and your coffees all month.

The thinking behind that is, if you have physically planned to get out and have a good time and come to Augustino Brewing Company anyway, why not have that first beer every day be prepaid at a very low price over the course of a month and come on in every day and have your first beer included. There is also a lot of great food and other things that you can enjoy.

It saves time and by having you come in having you be as a regular for us to get to know you little bit better would be of luck as a result provide you with a really fun atmosphere that you’re going to enjoy and would enjoy having you there every day. So by doing the Ultimate Mug Club Program, we allow people to integrate affordable luxury into their lives, which is really important to me and it’s part of the passion behind Augustino Brewing Company because, for my wife and I in particular, we both have full-time jobs. We work all the time. I also teach classes at Wichita State and so we’re extremely busy. We’ve got one kid and one on the way and we’re working on opening up a brewery, so we don’t really have any time. It’s hard to integrate those moments of just relax, and yet that is so important to our well-being, into your well-being.

So the Mug Club helps you create those moments of relaxation those moments of luxury in your lives. We expect that the Mug Club Program that we have which we have all sorts of plans behind the scenes that go way above and beyond your wildest expectations for a mug club program and really making people feel like they are family with Augustino Brewing Company.

That’s one thing that’s really important to me and I think that might be the number one among the attributes of the Best brewpub in Wichita it’s creating that sense of family that I’m not just the customer, but I’m a friend and I’m there with friends or family members that I enjoy and that I want you to enjoy as well.

You know the thing about the working at a brewpub it’s, like working at a restaurant it’s a lot like working at the restaurant and that’s not always fun, but by creating that fun atmosphere and that atmosphere friends we think that we’re to be able to bring you the attributes of the Best brewpub in Wichita when we open late this year.

So, I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to What’s Brewing with Augustino thanks a lot for listening.

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