Augustino’s Wall of Awesomeness

These incredible individuals of incredible prowess, superb physique, and likely sexual ability and stamina (statistic unverified as far as we know), have taken it upon themselves to contribute monetary value to the future success of Augustino Brewing.

This could be because they were three sheets to the wind at the time, but we can only assess off the financial data and capital they have provided for our use and review. We graciously acknowledge their Awesomeness for the ages here and, as you hold a fine Augustino Beer in your hand, we hope you do too.

And, yes… You too can join this austere group until August 31st, 2016. We really aren’t sure you’d be sorry for not joining in the fun, but there are cute babies that might start crying if you don’t join the Founder’s Club, so just sayin’.

Brian Ayres

Allan Bacon

Barath Baktha

Sandy Beck

Mark “Kiltman” Borst

Christina Bousman

Paul Blissett

Ellen & Jonathan Boeke

Beth Bowdoin

Shanda Burch

Krysti Carlson-Goering

Caitlin Castina

Mark Chamberlin

Shane Coelho

Larry Cook

Katie Coriell

Rex Custer & Sharon West

Kevin Diemer

Chris Dietel

LaDeana Dockery

Doug & Amanda Eakins

Sandra Ebarb

Jared Estes

Jennifer & Aaron Esau

Kirk Filbey

Geoff Finn

Keith & Hilary Fitzgeralds

Donna Flanigan

Matt & Lisa Fouts

Karen & Eric Fresh

Abra Frisch

Andrew Gough

Pat & Ann Gearty

Sarah Glenn

Betsey Goering

Jolene Graham

Kevin & Sarah Gruetter

Ed Gumieny

Erika Head

Nathaniel Hinkel

Tim Hicks

Steffanie Hodges

Delvin Holdeman

Mark Hommertzheim

Stino & Diane Iacopelli

Dave & Brandy Iacopelli

Mark Iacopelli

Matt & Lynn Iacopelli

Nathan Iacopelli

Steven Idleman

Donna Jensen

Pedro Juarez

Helaine Karnes

John & Deb Keedy

James Klamphaus

Armando & Jen Koehn-Koehn

Todd & Stephanie Kotecki

Rod & Dana Kreie

Justin Lewis

Randy Littlejohn

Justin Lewis

Tammy Lister

Troy & Steph Lister

Sean Lockwood

Charlie Mahoney

Brian Maida

Kay Mathias

Lacey Matlock

Andrew L. McHenry

Brent Melroy

Derek & Katie Miles

Jon Miller

Sam Molesworth

Jason & Taryn Morris

John Mosley

Justin Murphy

Dean Nestor

Abigail Newhall

Chris & Ashlee Nicks

Shane Noland

Shawn O’Grady

Clark Owens

Matt Paulson

Jim & Barb Perry

Julie Piper

Jeremy & Caroline Phillips

Geoff Possley

Brian & Brigitte Pseja

Colby & Katie Reynolds

Michael Rinkenbaugh

Rick Riggs

Jeff Sayler

Desiree Schmidt

Timothy Seiwert

Pam Slezak

Chad & Laura Smith

Jen Smith

Scott Spradlin

Shawn Stewart

DeAnn Sullivan

Jarrod Taylor

Cindi Thiry

Joey Timmer

Brent Townsend

Julio Vergel & Adriana Albornoz

Philip Warren

Tom Weaver

Angi Webster

Ben White

Brian White

Darrin & April Wortman

Dana Wright

David Wright

James Yokom

Alex & Joni Young

Nancy Zoller & Chesney

About Augustino Brewing Company’s Wall of Awesomeness

A seemingly long, long time ago on the Interwebs far, far away, Augustino Brewing conducted a Founders recruitment program. Our many friends and family members who were asking us what they could do to help open our doors. After some consideration, we realized one of the best ways we can get people involved in our project would be to offer a “Kickstarter-like” crowdfunding project to help fund some of the equipment needed in our operations.

They came through like crazy! And we knew at that point that we had something worth pursuing. Several months later Augustino Brewing Company has an address and the first item to move in was our physical “Wall of Awesomeness.” As promised, the names of all contributors of more than $100 are plastered on to our perpetual plaque for all visiting our first location to see.

We had a lot of other good friends who had lots of enthusiasm for us, but didn’t have the funds to support us with $100 or more. We still wanted to make sure that they were recognized as well so we have this permanent virtual location to display their names as well.

Once we open our doors, each of our Founders will receive discounted access to our Ultimate Mug Club Membership Program. Our Ultimate Mug Club gives members access to up to two beers or coffees (or a combination of) each day of the month for one fixed price. It’s a great way to make a planned date with yourself and your friends every day of the month, so that you have your daily moments of joy, which we are proud to bring all of our neighbors and friends every day of the month and throughout the year. At Augustino Brewing Company, we don’t just want to be your neighborhood coffeehouse and brewery. We want to be your place of joy and relaxation from the stress of your day. We want to be the place that you go for fun and camaraderie. We want to be the place you come for great food, great drinks, and great times.

The people listed above are those that deserve your thanks for bringing you a wonderful experience every day.

While our Founders program was a one time only deal, you can still feel part of the action when we open by becoming a member of our Ultimate Mug Club Program. Sign up is free and each month your account will be supercharged with included coffees and beers along with access to deals and events exclusive to members. Benefits start as soon as you sign up and you can cancel your membership at any time, but we certainly doubt you will want to.

Some of the daily deals available just to our members include one dollar beers, half-price growlers, and exclusive VIP tastings.

Just want to dip your toe in the water first? You can do just that with our Beer 30 Membership, which gives you access to all the daily member deals, plus includes your first four beers or coffees each month.

Finally, it’s important to remember that we only have a limited supply of memberships available and when they are gone, you will need to wait until someone else cancels their membership before you can sign up. This is because we place a high value on our service and only have the capacity to serve so many members each month.

Don’t delay. Sign up today!