Augustino Brewing Craft Beers on Tap

Augustino Brewing Craft Beers Year-Round Flagships on Tap

Kanaka Kau Blonde AleKanaka Kau Blonde Ale ● 5.5% ABV ● 20 IBU
This light Hawaiian summer ale features Noble, European, and American hops. Just add sandy beach and sunshine!

Wicked Wichita WheatWicked Wichita Wheat Ale ● 5.0% ABV ● 14 IBU
Malty and bready notes dominate this hat-tip to our Kansas farming tradition. Wheat Character is dominant in this easy drinking beer that conjures memories of summertime fun.

Hip & Hopped IPAHip & Hopped IPA 7.7% ABV 77 IBU
A hoppy blend of Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, and Citra hops pump up the American hop flavor of this beer to new heights.

Casting Shadows Brown AleCasting Shadows Brown Ale 5.4% ABV 26 IBU
Our house European-style brown ale features a malty backbone with just enough bitterness to dry the finish. A very nice option for those looking for a not too heavy malty-sweet ale.


Augustino Brewing Craft Beers Rotating Specialties On Tap

Angry Elephant Mexican Lager​Angry Elephant Mexican Lager ● 5.2% ● 25 IBU
We worked with our friends at The Angry Elephant to produce this light Mexican-style lager. A clean and easy drinking alternative to fizzy American domestic lager beers.

Lucky's Other Charm Irish Red​Live FREE or Mask Revolutionary Ale ● 5.4% ABV ● 23 IBU
Malty and toasty, this Revolutionary era inspired ale is both easy drinking and malt forward. While this clean drinking beer may not inspire a revolution, it may remind you that the best ideas are often hatched over pints at your neighborhood tavern.



The Hammer Legacy Lager“The Hammer” Legacy Lager ● 4.2% ● 25 IBU
One of our long time fans and regulars lost his father, also an Augustino Brewing drinker and supporter, suddenly to a heart attack earlier this year. We brewed this American lager special to honor his legacy. 10% of proceeds from this beer donated to The American Heart Association.

Frank's Fat Ass AmberFrank’s Fat Ass Amber ● 5.4% ABV ● 37 IBU
Brewed with plenty of caramel malts, along with Herkules, Cascade, and Centenial hops. A favorite of Frank and his fat ass.


Augustino Brewing Craft Beers Signature Series on Tap

My Love Only For You Hibiscus Saison​My Heart Only For You ● 5.6% ABV ● 21 IBU
Tart and Deep red in color. We originally brewed this great beer with long time fan and supporter Chad Smith. This time we upped the hibiscus even more to make this beer’s floral and fruity notes explode! Try as a cocktail with coconut rum & triple sec for $3 more.


Liquid Deception Vanilla Hazelnut PorterLiquid Deception Vanilla Hazelnut Porter ● 9.0% ABV ● 48 IBU
Lush waves of vanilla and hazelnut take drinkers to a very sensuous place.

Maltster's Paradise Barleywine MMXX​Maltsters Paradise MMXX ● 10.0% ● 98 IBU
Our latest edition to our un-vertical annual release of our house barleywine. Currently this one is warming, with some roasty and smoky malt character. A great sipper on a cold day or just to get warmed up.


Guest Tap

Little Mac ● 6.1% ABV ● Semi-Dry ● White Crow Cider Co.- Wichita KS
Just a dash of Macintosh apple gives this off-dry cider lots of appley goodness, very sessionable.