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thank you for tuning into what’s brewing with Augustine your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and Kraft Foods I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and the today were to talk about some of the beers that we are looking to possibly brew at our brewery opening up later in 2017 and give you just sort of I hint of what were doing in the a the near future is a lot of the little details that were still keeping under our hat about where to be and some of our setup of our brewhouse but we wanted to let you in on some of the beers that we may be producing to get you excited about that you and lead into a series of podcast with a do over the coming days and weeks on the different styles of beer as well so where to go just basically from the latest beer to dark his beer these are all possible beers that are to be on our flight and then there’s probably can be one or two that may change between now and when we open there are some other styles we have under our hat that we may pull out as well but will start with some of the beers that you can also find if you look for us on untapped and untapped is a a great app that features beers and breweries across the United States and then also across the world and if you are a beer nerd I recommend that you get on untapped if you not already there take a look around though because untapped is actually spelled not like it sounds it’s UN TA APP D so look for it and it when you do when you find Augustine homebrewing on their unifying these beers as some of our beers that we have produced first up is trim blind summer afternoon delight this was a beer that I made and it was a shocking surprised to even me I thought it was can be good it came out spectacularly good and here’s a little bit of the description for this beer it is this is the perfect easy drinking unassuming beer to invite that special someone you’d like to entertain to enjoy along with you a bit multi-fruity and floral this beer drinks really easy and even at a restrained ABV will sneak up after a while of drinking the rest is up to you so that’s a are a trim blind it’s our lowest gravity beer that we produce and it is a fantastic beer to just sit around and I enjoy the summer afternoon so I highly recommend that particularly during the summer months after we open the next one on it little bit darker it’s a hatchet handed Amber that is, throwback to carry nation a famous or infamous resident briefly of of Wichita Shia when on an ax wielding campaign the in the prohibition era and I more than a century after her death hatchet wielding carry nation spirit lives on in the salute to American craft Beer caramel malts lend to a pleasant roasted character and balance nicely with modest top additions dries out into a clean finish next up is our IPA because what would a beer list to be in the United States without a IPA on it so were no exception although we believe that our IPAs a little bit of a different take and we think a better take on the category relative to some of the other beers that are here in the a Wichita area so it’s a hat tip to modern aviation is hoppy IPA provides your palate with layers of malt complexity melded with assertive Centennial and warrior hops to assault the senses and extra kettle blast of dry hop Centennial will fill your nostrils with citrus and floral hops if that doesn’t have you starting the water in your mouth of your Nike a guy like I am I’m not sure what will glass to RR darker beers these are the two that the I personally most proud of I think they’re excellent beers I think especially during the winter months there to be fan favorites the first one is liquid deception vanilla hazelnut Porter and the description on this one is this is an American Porter for the adventurous lush waves of vanilla and hazelnut take drinkers to a very sensuous placed but don’t be fooled this beer still drinks like it with pleasant balancing chocolate and roasted malts I really like this because it hits all of the makings of a robust Porter big bold roast he and yet it does it take you over the edge with with roast characteristics and that the vanilla combined with that little bit of hazelnut in their really mellows the finish off I also sneak a little bit of chocolate in there as well even though chocolates not in the name you get a lot stronger of cocoa notes underneath which makes it a really complex beer and I would argue it will be hands-down the best Porter in the Wichita area when we get being produced so and then lastly on our list is our cold case Imperial coffee Stout this is the first beer that we really got a brand on and it fits of course well with our idea of bringing in both coffee and beer together now this is one of the more obvious ways of just throwing coffee into a coffee Stout but we still managed to take it above and beyond and over the top of pretty much anything else in the local market and this is going to be probably are version of a yet the type of beer and we will probably be taking this in some really interesting directions with the several different iterations of it this will be a beer that we likely lay down will bourbon age will do also to really interesting things with it and the the description on this one is a dark and menacing this beer hides in the shadows a complex blend of coffee roasted malts and a touch of lactose for added sweetness drinks seductively easy for its strength with a hint of warmth that settles in the finished hits of which are licorice and molasses complete this case file so those are some of the beers on our core menu at the moment that you have to look forward to it Augustine of brewing we certainly look forward to you keeping up with us if you’re not connected to us on Facebook or Twitter look for us they are just search for Augustine of brew on twitter and then Augustine Ober Augustine of brewing on Facebook you find is there we also have instant grandma count but we don’t do as much currently on it’s a gram as we a plan to do in the future so hopefully you stick with us and I find out more there’s a lot of interesting seasonal beers that we also plan to do that though we hope you see 22 as well I would have a lot of people clamoring for more Sauers and Brett beers here in the Wichita market and that’s may be good to be something that we touch upon a little bit after we’ve opened we really want to focus though on getting some these core styles right and the knocked out every time there is a little bit of additional complexity when you’re working with Sauers and you’re working with Brett beers because of the different types of yeasts being used and also some of the controls the need to have on those beers well keeping them isolated those those aspects isolated from your other beers and so we want to get the core right first before worrying about anything else I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s brewing with Augustine of thanks for listing and have a fantastic day

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