Augustino Brewing Members Only Mug Club

You love drinking beer and coffee, but you’ve got a problem…

… You want to drink and enjoy with your friends, but it’s a drain on your wallet!

Did you know?

The average beer drinker spends more than $100 each month for beer?1

That’s over $1200 per YEAR!

It doesn’t get much better for coffee drinkers, who spend over $90 each month on their morning fix.2

There’s got to be a better way!

Yes, there is.

Become and Augustino Brewing Mug Club Member and receive a $1 beer and $1 coffee EVERY Day! You cannot even buy cheap beer at that price! It’s like having Happy Hour on your schedule, as opposed to what the other guys do by scheduling happy hour at times that most productive adults have no chance of ever being able to enjoy.

By joining the Augustino Brewing Mug Club, you will get full 20 oz servings of beer and coffee in our signature stoneware Augustino Mug that is issued exclusively for your use. We will always have your mug at the bar and ready for you to come in for your daily fix and will have exclusive release parties that only our Mug Club Members have access to.

Don’t Miss out! Become an Augustino Brewing Mug Club Member today!

1 Source: Survey Analytics, 2014; Survey Measures How Much Consumers Spend on Beer Annually
2 Accounting Principles, 2013;

How Augustino’s Ultimate Mug Club Works

Your server or bartender will ask you if you are an Ultimate Mug Club member. If you are not, you will have the opportunity to join today for free at the membership level of your choice. You will receive and Augustino Pint Glass to take home with you on the day you sign up. You will immediately have access to members only discounts on food, coffee, beer and merchandise. If you decide to cancel before the end of the month, feel free to keep your Augustino Brewing Pint Glass as a reminder to come on in for a great coffee or beer in the near future. At the start of each month, your account will be activated with the membership level of your choice.

For example, if you choose the premier of membership level, you will be able to come in and enjoy two coffee or beers or a combination of beverages each day of the month under your membership. In addition, this membership level allows you four included growler fills each month.

There is no obligation and you can cancel your membership at any time.

However, should you choose to continue your membership, you will have access to monthly events and free giveaways exclusive to our members. This includes premier beer tastings and dinners and behind-the-scenes parties with our brewing team.

The great thing about our Ultimate Mug Club Program is that you get access to great price to beer on the schedule you want it. No more will you have to plan your schedule around someone else’s “Happy Hour.” As a member of Augustino’s Ultimate Mug Club Program, every hour is a happy hour because we know it’s hard to break away for moments of enjoyment in our busy lives. So were honored to be able to provide you with those opportunities on the schedule that works best for you, whether it’s at noon, 6 PM, or 8 AM, you can enjoy your Augustino Ultimate Mug Club benefits.

Even more exciting, by being a member, you also become an Official Augustino Beverage Evaluator. Occasionally, we will have new beers as well as beers that we aren’t 100% sure our fans will be enthusiastic for. This is where our Official Augustino Beverage Evaluators come in. If we contact you, we will invite you to come to Augustino to taste a beer before it’s available to the public. You have the opportunity to help us decide whether we should serve it or make some changes to it before it hits our tap lines. When you choose to come in to help us, will give you an appetizer of your choice to enjoy at no cost. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a member and helping us ensure that only the finest beers are available to our customers.

The longer you are a member the better your benefits become. At six months membership, you earn an Augustino Brewing stoneware mug to take home to your man or woman cave. Additional members-only freebies include bottle openers, growlers, T-shirts, and other cool Augustino merchandise.

Another fantastic benefit of being a deluxe or premium Augustino Ultimate Mug Club member is access to restaurant priority call ahead seating. This helps you get on to our waitlist before you even leave your house. By calling ahead, we will have your table ready as soon as possible once you arrive. This is only something that is available to our mug club members and is a great way to avoid long waits on Friday and Saturday evenings when our dining area is the busiest.

Finally, we regularly reach out to our Ultimate Mug Club Members asking them what they’d like to see on our beer and coffee menus in the future. We draw most of our new ideas from the ideas submitted to us from our members. This is a great way to get what you want from your neighborhood brewery and coffee shop.

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