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thanks for tuning into what’s bring with Augustine on your host Augustine Iacopelli and you have found the source of great beer gray coffee and great food and a look behind

the scenes the craft beer industry and Wichita Kansas and beyond today were to be talking about Best Beer prices and do you look for the best beer prices and why do you look for the best beer prices or is it just about the quality now my first inclination is that quality is essential when were talking about beer and he is tantamount to us it Augustine of bring company to only be making the finest beer and if were not make the best beer that we can make than we need to be either out of business or dumping that batch down the drain and the so along those lines though is it a trend that I’ve noticed happening a little bit which is seeing certain breweries I try to push up the price point on their beer pints and by doing that they make themselves a considerably less accessible and I think that the what we’re seeing probably is not sustainable especially as additional breweries open but the we and Augustine of bring company which is a brewery and coffeehouse in Wichita Kansas slated to open later this year want to provide a very new experiences can help bring down the best beer prices and we think that for many of you you will find that the the if you are members of our ultimate mug club program you will be getting not only really good beer but your to be getting that really good beer it really good prices would have a situation where for one price you have access to your first one or two depending on how it how you sign up drinks every day of the month at one low price and we think that that combined with some of the other opportunities and promotions that you have at Augustine of bring that the it’s gonna be something that you really enjoy at the Augustine of bring company it also is gonna make open the door for access to special tastings and events that you won’t get anywhere else and so were looking forward to having you as our guest at Augustine of bring company where we have the best experience of course but were also going to have some of the best beer prices around of especially for dining out dining out is really expensive these days and yell part of its because food costs are really high in the and that affects us it Augustine of bring company company because we have food as well and and so it it does make it tough to keep the prices low but if were not constantly striving to bring you the best value that we can bring you it’s not going to be as easy for you to get out and about and that’s why we have our ultimate mug club program because we think that that’s going to be able to provide you with the opportunity for the best beer prices on really good beer that were producing at Augustine of bring company you’ll be able to visit us beginning late 2017 when we get our beer production online we’ve discussed possibly opening up a little bit before we have all of our a beer production licensing that the licensing can take a very long time to get fully ironed out but the we are looking forward to the opening our doors as soon as we can and the bringing you some fantastic beer and some wonderful food opportunities that pair really well with those peers and that we just value being able to provide you with a great list of food items at the best beer price and in the best beer prices around because you know when we can provide you with good beer at an affordable price we know that you’re a lot more likely to come back and visit us and that’s what we ultimately want we want to not just make a transaction with you coming in once in making a bunch of money off he on one transaction will to create an environment by which you feel like you want to come back again and again and again and then that you also feel like you can afford to come back again and again and again and if we do that then we feel like we’ve been successful because we provided you with an opportunity to be a part of a larger community that being your local neighborhood the brewery and coffeehouse and you can do that in and have that inexpensive luxury often and not just the once in a while occasional thing but that you can come over and trust us with the your free time which these days that’s no small trust because the the time that the you have that’s free time and that you don’t have to be doing something all the time is really rare and it’s not something that everybody gets very often and because of that we know that it’s important to us to provide you with those opportunities that you can have and to be able to provide those entertaining times as often as we can and as often as is your income up of can afford and if there’s anything that we can do to provide that the opportunity for you we want to do that which is why we’re really trying hard to provide you with the best beer prices out at brewpubs here in Wichita and I can’t say that that would always be successful there’s other places that discount their beers quite a bit but we feel that but by giving you a mug club program that’s good to give a a really great opportunity for those of you out there who are our members to really be a part of a greater community and really have a say in a somewhat makes Augustino bring company a great brewing company to to come to for Weatherby food Wetherbee coffee Weatherby beer and we want to really master that dance between those different items but moreover we want to be able to be an inviting place for you to go and die by being that inviting place even if we aren’t offering the best beer prices in your to feel great about being there because you’re going to have a great time with us and and that’s where the value really almost starts to trump the a price of the beer that you’re drinking and that you’re having because when you’re out in your have a great time with family and with friends and with coworkers that is leading to enjoying your free time a lot better and that’s what whereafter it Augustino bring company we hope you’ll check us out when we open later in 2017 I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is not what’s bring with Augustino

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