The Best Brewpub in Wichita

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Beer Barrel Augustino Brewinghello and welcome to what’s brewing with Augustino your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and craft food and a little look behind the curtain on the aircraft beer industry here in Wichita Kansas especially opening up a craft brewery which is a challenging thing is one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life for and I am Augustine Iacopelli one of the cofounders of Augustino brewing company to run into me and you call me Augustino instead of Augustine that’s okay I’ll ignore it like people are calling me that these days since the coming up with Augustine bring company and the one of the things that the we the value about our process of getting ourselves open for those of you who are listening in early 2017 we are good to be opening in late 2017 I expect us to be able to have an announcement on that location here in the very near future so if you’re catching this after role I’d say 15 April tax day you’ll be able to go to our website and you’ll know a lot more about where were to be and the kind get a look at our process in getting open which is going to be a long and arduous process but though were looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to try to plant our flag as the Best brewpub in Wichita there are many great brewpubs in Wichita with many wonderful niche experiences I’ve that you can look at and so just because a I think that we are going to be the best brewpub in Wichita you may think that somewhere else is the best brewpub in Wichita and it’s okay we can agree to disagree on that but to I will would say that the one of things that we are good to have which is going to help set as part as the best brewpub in Wichita is the fact that we will have both coffee beer wine T would have a lot of wonderful different beverages that are to be available to you at the that what we think it Lisa’s going to be the best brewpub in Wichita Augustine of brewing company were going to have a fairly short abbreviated menu we’ve got, draft menu that’s on our [email protected] but it’s very subject to change as we get closer to opening and we suspected to be changed probably simplified if anything else and I made it to a really sharp short menu of nice food items and some rotators that’ll come in and in and out to to go along and match with either a new specialty craft beer and or a specialty coffee drink one of things that we look forward to being as a Augustine of bring company is a very nimble and the moving rapidly brewpub that’s going to have our Korb beers that that are always good to be on tap but also move into the world of having a lot of specialty beers and one-off beers that that we hope that your to be attracted out to to enjoy and to be a part of and the because at the end of the day what we really want to do and what I think is expected of the best brewpub in Wichita is to be a destination a place for people to come to because of something that the hook and the hooks can be a lot of things for us and but among those items is certainly good to be being a little bit more nimble on her feet than some of our a competitors are in the market they are friends but they are competitors and and work were trying to provide something that may be you can get somewhere else and the one of those things is good to be our ultimate mug club program which is good to be something that is completely different from anything that you’ve experienced before as a person whose been out to the craft coffee or craft beer scene since we do have coffee and beer were in a unique position of being on able to offer a mug club program that that that goes across both coffee and beer and so whether you are a big craft beer fan whether you are be bring big craft coffee fan or whether you’re a bit of both like close to 20% of you out there listening to this you are going to have something that you to be able to really enjoy for one actually very modest price you’re going to have access to coffee and beer every day of the month and also some great specials as well that were looking forward to sharing with you you can find a little bit about it on our website currently would have additional information popping up as we get a little bit closer to opening but we think that the unit really enjoy what we have touched offered Augustine of bring company and that you one of the things it’s important about being a or at least trying to be become the best brewpub in Wichita is to really listen to your customers with some of the breweries that are out there don’t know that they listen to their customer bases as well as others you can certainly see the differences though in terms of the number of people who go to different breweries in town and it’s almost always connected to how much there listening to their audience and frankly how much they their passion is there for their product I think more than ever passion for the product if it’s not there for a brewpub in Wichita it’s just not going to work out real well because you can only bring in lots of people into the doors for other aspects of your brewpub so long before people just get it to get bored of it you’ve got to keep fresh you get to keep the new and the is one of things that we are planning to do at Augustine of bring company in our attempts at least a to become the best brewpub in Wichita at which is not an easy thing to do because there are so many wonderful breweries and brewpubs here already in the Wichita area and there’s more to come and we just hope that were able to get you to come in and take a peek when we open and do as we get closer were to be telling you a lot more about our experiences and process to getting open because it’s not an easy process you were an easy process and everybody would do it but fortunately we have the right kind of experience the right kind of people around us and that’s a big part of why we decided to take the step and decided to try to open up what we think is going to be especially for about 15 to 20% of you out there the best brewpub in Wichita it’s gonna be a wonderful experience that we think that you that there is a number of you that will really enjoy coming out for and so look forward to telling you more thanks a lot for listening to this podcast this being what’s bring with Augustino I’m Augustine Iacopelli and thanks for listening to this episode on the best brewpub in Wichita which we hope will soon be Augustine of bring company thinks that by

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