The Best Local Brew Pubs in Wichita

Podcast Transcript

hello I’m Augustine and today we are talking all things craft beer craft food and a craft coffee and so we wanted to look at the best local brew pubs in Wichita now we are a bit biased I must admit because I am part of a group coming together to open Augustine oh brewing company which may have been how you found us and found this broadcast and so we really believe that the best local brew pub in Wichita is Augustine oh brewing company coming to you late 2017 and that’s a tough thing to think is there are a lot of great brew pubs in Wichita but we believe the big distinguishing factor for us is going to be the fact that we bring you craft beer craft coffee and craft beer are craft food all under one roof and we are passionate about all these things and were looking to bring you something very unique much more for family-friendly than other brew pubs in the area you can feel free to bring your kids and we got a little area for them it’s not a Chuck E cheese is by any means because we want this to be an experience about you and about your adult friends that you bring with you but you know what sometimes you just don’t have the cash or don’t have the ability to get a sitter or may use it or quit Sunday night and you’re trying to figure out a place to go anyway so that you can have some time for yourselves that those are some of the things that we are thinking about in terms of what were doing for Augustine oh brewing company and we think that there are a lot of you out there who are looking for exactly that something that you can get away enjoy some time with a significant other or just with some friends and he can’t drop the kids off so you can send the kids off to a play a little bit and kids area so when you are looking for the best local brewpubs in Wichita we hope that you’re going to consider not just the quality of the beer that is made but the quality of the experience at his hat there are a number of brewpubs in Wichita that say that they are the best and think that they are the best and they are very good and I know a lot of these people in their good people in their passionate about their beer by there are areas where they’re lacking that that we are hoping to fill at Augustine oh brewing company we talked to a lot of you and we know what you’re looking for and were looking to bring it to you which is the inclusion of great coffee and great beer as well as excellent pub food that is approachable but still elegant in nature and so when you’re looking for the best local brewpubs in Wichita I hope that your to look for Augustine oh brewing company because we’ve got great friendly staff that is going to appeal to all ages especially those who have young kids with them they will love our restaurant side when we I get that open which will have small activities and draws for the kids that mom and dad can have a little bit of time to themselves with the kids are having a good time as well it’s really some the passion that we we see in and some of the niche that we think is unfilled currently at Augustine oh brewing company where we believe we have we are certainly among the best brewpubs in Wichita and we believe that we are going to be the best we are coming to Wichita Kansas in late 2017 and we have ambitions to expand beyond Wichita and and hopefully to a couple other locations in Wichita as well because we want to bring you the best brewpub experience in Wichita and that we want to help you with finding the best brewpubs in Wichita which shot we think is at Augustine oh brewing company and we hope that you’ll come along with us for the ride because the experience when you go to a brewpub is extremely important it’s more than just about the beer it’s about the time that you’re able to have about the story that you can tell about your experience at Augustine oh brewing company and so we hope that you will join us not once but many many times over at the events that we have both for the adults and for the kids believe it or not we haven’t forgotten about either end of that spectrum because as it turns out we we did some research and we found out that adults who tend to drink beer especially when they are of different genders tend to result in kids believe it or not but does your love for craft beer and craft coffee go away with the kids are born of course it doesn’t and so were thinking about you were thinking about that in terms of building and experience that is unprecedented in the Wichita area it has some similar models and in some other parts of the country but here in Wichita it’s brand-new and we want to bring this brand-new experience to you because we think that this will put us among the top brewpubs in Wichita and that by being one of the top brewpubs in Wichita we hope that you will come to visit our friendly and helpful staff because they want to provide you with an experience that no one else has and we believe that by private providing you with an excellent experience you to come back more often and you’re gonna enjoy yourself when you’re here have some drinks enjoy some time with with your friends with your coworkers with your significant other and even if you have the kids with you it’s okay you want to avoid the kids well if you fall into that category we have separate bar area as from our restaurant areas are bar areas can be free of as many of the accoutrements that you would expect for kids it will be a lot more geared toward the adults you can have a nice view of our brewhouse and do if you’re lucky to be able to come out and watch the beer being made well you’re enjoying the the beer at the other end of the process and so come on out to Augustine oh brewing company which we believe when you come out you will find one of the best brewpubs in Wichita so I want to with that kind of conclude with our plans and our plans reopen in late 2017 we are currently trying to finalize a location finally we been looking for quite a while but so we believe that we are getting real close to having our location and I were negotiating on a potential location right now and we hope that you will join us in our ability to help you find the best local brewpubs in Wichita I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s bring with Augustine oh thanks for listing and good luck as you look for great beer great coffee and great food

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