The Best Local Brewpubs in Wichita

Podcast Transcript

Augustino Brewing Craft Beerswelcome to what’s bring with Augustino your source for all things craft beer craft coffee and craft food welcome back again in the today’s the topic is the best local brewpubs in Wichita now I am Augustine Iacopelli and I am one of the cofounders of Augustino brewing company a craft beer and craft coffee experience opening up later this year this year being 2017 in the Wichita market and the we have we get something special we want to bring Tia and us early we have our biases is what we think the best local brewpubs in Wichita would be and the want to discuss some of the things that I think make the makeup of the abrupt best local brewpubs in Wichita one of them’s nice service frankly if you got bad service at your local brewpub the rest becomes a moot point because you want to make sure that the guest that you have at your a local brewpub are seconded on and they make the staff in that the the people there feel feel good feel special and also we want to have it to be a situation where those individuals are a really treating the customers outstandingly well in not just looking at what they say they need but looking beyond what the say they need and the discount of being of service to the people walk in the door and I think the bat is at the core of the best local brewpubs in Wichita when I hear people talk about the best local brewpubs in Wichita i.e. the first thing I do here from them is the product the beer whether they make good beers or whether they make bit bad beers and there is no brewpub in town and I haven’t heard people say both things about there are brewpubs that I think make great beers and brewpubs that I think make terrible beers but I don’t agree he with some of the people I talked to on which is which and you know what that’s okay you’re not to get everybody to appreciate your product the the most well-known breweries in town have people who cannot stand the beers they make and the the best brewers in town may have people just can’t stand there beers either but at the core of it is making sure that you’ve got good staff that’s good to be attentive to everybody and just make people feel warm and welcome at the there are a craft brewery and the brewpub so you know when you get past the discussion about the food and the discussion of the service what else is really important in the a best local brewpubs in Wichita in my opinion is having good food to pair with the beer you know and I this is one thing that I think some of the tap rooms in Wichita are lacking and it’s in the done the best they can to fill some of those gaps but one of the things that’s highly missing in the some of the other a brewpubs in Wichita are really being able to have good paired food with their beer the focus is so much on the beer and so little on the food that we may have a great beer but if the food doesn’t pair well in does it create an overall positive sensory experience the rest winds of being lost and it’s a real missed opportunity now those individuals may still otherwise have a wonderful time at those brewpubs but if there’s not something that specifically excuse me if there’s something that’s not specifically compared to that beer food wise it just it totally changes the in the beer and the food experience together because it’s not one or the other they operate together now if you’re just showing up for a beer well then that’s not a big deal I just show up for that however if you want the full experience you need to have a really good food item to go along with it so come on out to Augustino brewing company when we open a year to find that balance between both the beer and the food as well as options for coffee and for tea and for wine would have a decent wine list that we intend to have specifically focusing on locally made winds and also with the tease locally Métis and I think that that’s good you really be at the core specially over the short-term of what we are and what we can be as a accompany it Augustine of brewing company and I think it’s good also help carve out space for us that doesn’t currently exist by having both beer and coffee were also able to have our ultimate mug club program which show is a great opportunity for people nearby or people who want to drive a little bit to a come out and enjoy a wonderful beer and wonderful coffee and a very affordable price and the a casino in life is expensive and because life is expensive we want you to be able to enjoy great beer and great coffee every day and not break the bank on it it’s a really important thing to for us and that’s why we created the ultimate mug club program which gives you access every day to coffee or beer at a great price and the so we’re hoping that you’ll love come out checks out when we get open it Augustino brewing company and the you know we think that there are lot a great local brewpubs in Wichita but we really believe that when we get our doors open you’ll come out and you’ll experience us and many of you at all of you but many of you will think that we are the best brewpub that we are among at least the best local brewpubs in Wichita and if we can even get to that level what were happy but were to keep striving to become better after we open for those of you are tuning in and this is the first time you’ve heard of Augustine to bring company I’d highly recommend you check us out on our website which is and also check us out at Ed at the Facebook Insta Graham and twitter were on all of those sites as Augustino brew at each of those locations so you can find us there and then you know I would just simply ask you all to I just give a shot a shout out to the test so would you care to and the let us know where where we can improve especially once we get opened up because it’s not just about being among the best local brewpubs in Wichita initially but also to be the best brewpubs in Wichita a year from now two years now five years now we have a long-term view of what we want to be and where we want to go and I will. To come along with us for the ride so stay tuned to future episodes of the what’s brewing with Augustino for more information and I check us out on our [email protected] will hope that your back for another episode in the near future

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