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as for turning into what’s brewing with Augustino your source for all things craft food craft coffee craft beer and no particular order we also look behind the curtain every now and then at what’s going on in terms of bringing Augustino bring company online we will be coming online in the next year hopefully late 2017 is a our projection and so there’s could be a lot more information that comes out about what were doing and where were going in the very near future is a project we been working on for while almost 2 years now and I were glad to have you long for a for the ride and so today’s topic is where to talk about brewpub serving food Wichita so that the is a what we one of the cover because not all brewpubs in the area serve food believe it or not and into one of the things that I heard that I considered profound back in the day is you note beer cells food and food cells beer and it’s really that simple but at the same time it’s not so simple because there’s a lot of people who don’t actually do that they and at their brewery in their brewpub they they only have the beer and you know it for most people who are getting into this industry the reason why they only have the beers cassettes the only place are passionate is that they’re passionate about for us we really wanted to be able to provide a full experience because with good beer and good coffee and good food together it becomes a wonderful experience for everybody involved and so were glad to have you long for the the ride and done you one of the things that’s that were taking a real care of it’s something to look for when you’re looking at brewpubs serving food Wichita or in your town I you want to check out what what kind of the food is being served is it food that just, thrown out there for the sake of being thrown out there or is it food that’s out there to pay her with the beer the thing of it is just because you’ve got food on the menu doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good or necessarily pairs with anything and so that’s one of the things that were looking at it Augustine of bring company because we want to be able to give you a great experience with both food and coffee and beer and by providing you with some wonderful pairings of food that is a be a little upscaled but also very approachable and the a menu that is straightforward and you’re not it’s going to be something that you’re not looking through 20 pages to figure out what you want and 50 menu items in a one thing that drives me nuts about a lot of restaurants is like throwing a freaking dart at the wall they just throw so many menu items on to a menu hoping that something sticks when half the things that they have on their menu are just simply not selling but when it comes to the consumer when it comes to the customer there just having the search and search and search night I had this issue just the other day at another restaurant in the area where it’s like six pages seven pages a menu and on the server comes to me looking for in order like I don’t know I’ve even look do oh menu yet so we want to provide you with a nice short concise and easy to approach menu that’s just can be fantastic and go with our beers really well beyond our beers though even if you don’t like beer, now anyway because were to have a great local wine list as well it Augustine of bring company and that’s something that you don’t oftentimes see from brewpubs is a little bit of diversity in terms of the types of wines that are served our wines will not be from a boxer to be local wineries and their be providing the wine to us and the were to be able to up provide you with a wonderful wine list for those in your party that the don’t may be like beer quite as much as a perhaps you are I do and so were hoping that the you come out and you join us because you know it there aren’t that many brewpub serving food Wichita and not a lot of them do but the ones that it that do I think are a cut above the rest there are a few of them here in town and the value should be out there and check it out because there is a lot of good food out there that pairs with good caught the good food that pairs with good beer and it’s worth exploring know one thing I will say’s are very few breweries out there that do the food pairings for you and I think part of that’s because nervous to do the pairing of food and beer and the truth is a good food beer pairing is a really wonderful thing and we look to try to do that as much as we can and as part of that were going to be a having staff become a better educated in those areas and you know we’ve looked ourselves and I have the some background in both the beer and food and so I’ll be looking to create and actually expand at this point are a pairings of beers with our foods and I were looking forward to you what checking it out and then seeing how well hello I did it and how well Ira culinary staff is done in terms of creating a environment but which are really enjoying your beer and you really enjoying your food but that the two go together in to hand them with one another because that’s not a very common thing a lot of times there are brewpubs in a great beers but they have really not very good food to pair with them and sit in some cases it’s because they don’t make the food in house either send you next-door send you out to a food truck to get your food in ill when that’s the case there isn’t that effort made to pair the food with the beer so yeah that’s one of the things that I look to is a real opportunity for us at Augustine of bring companies to really provide you with something that is consistent and expandable and just freaking good and were looking forward to you coming out we hope that that you give us try when we get open late in 2017 will be here in Wichita Kansas and the way to be among the brewpubs serving food Wichita and we want to to come on out and if you really like us can be a part of our ultimate mug club program which is something that has never existed in Wichita to my knowledge and the is going to be something is really special for those of you who enjoy craft coffee and craft food so anyway I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s brewing with Augustino thanks a lot for listening and hopefully you listen back real soon

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