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hello and welcome to what’s bring it with Augustino I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and a we are today talking about brew pubs in Wichita Wichita Kansas is where I hail from and that’s where I live and that’s where I along with a few other founders our founding Augustino brewing company and the if you’d like to learn a little bit more about Augustine a bring company checks out [email protected] again that’s Augustine of and you can check us out and find out where we are in terms of the getting our doors open were currently a brewery in planning is what they call it at the a Brewers Association but we will be coming to you later this year and the work were really looking forward to, telling you about either ourselves and what we are doing in bringing to the local market as we I get closer to opening and look for future episodes really come to dive in the to wear rat were going we really like to have a open book with our fans and the sometimes we can be a little bit more of an open book and sometimes we have to be a little quieter but the guy in terms of the other brew pubs in Wichita were to be one that the brings you and brings you as fans of craft beer, behind the scenes with us and we’ve done the a lot of really interesting things we’ve got a lot of very unique things in planning that we think that many of you will be very attracted to amongst the many brew pubs in Wichita to come to Augustino brewing because we think that the we’ve got something that that you can enjoy whether your fan of craft beer craft coffee or just like really good food were to have a little of everything we want to come to bring you some of the things that you don’t get the other brew pubs in Wichita and namely the fact that this is something that I’ve noticed at other brew pubs in Wichita is there’s nothing worse than being that person who is really into craft beer and than in a you you bring your friend out to come out with you for a drink and they don’t like craft beer and then there’s nothing else really on the menu for them to drink and that’s true of a lot of brew pubs in Wichita is if you like brewed beer that’s great year taking care of but if you don’t like beer you’re not going to like the time there and that’s no fun we want to create an experience that even if you’re that if if you the craft beer person you to be great being there but if you’re not the craft beer person you’re not to be uncomfortable being there and that so what do big things that we think is good to be unique about Augustino brewing company is that were going to have options and meaningful options not just the oh yeah let’s just throw box of wine on the menu were to have a very nice wine list of wines that are gonna be available to our our guests so that you don’t just have to be into beer to have a good time I see this all the time when I go around to different breweries that there are a number of people who sit there and the other either just drinking a Bud Light or another kind of the commercial brand of beer that sub mass-produced or they just drink water when they’re there instead of enjoying themselves and enjoying of a wonderful beverage and were trying to change that by broadening the base of what we can offer what we can provide and by doing this we believe that the to be attracted to it if you’re craft beer craft coffee person but even if you’re not and somebody’s try to get you to come on out to visit us they at least have though the line of well even if you don’t like craft beer craft coffee that got wind and get tea for you to and I we think that that’s gonna be a real special up the option for a lot of people that is to be attractive and get you out and do especially considering that were going to have some amazing although a simple simple menu not simple menu items on our menu we have a draft menu that’s already out there it’s a menu that’s good to become more seceding and also more upscaled from what it currently is online and we think that that that you can’t ignore the food at brew pubs in Wichita as well and I think food has become more and more of an oversight at a lot of the brew pubs in Wichita especially the ones that have opened more recently their heavy beer focused in that that’s a great thing I love beer but the one of the things that I’ve heard from a number of people who know a lot more about beer and food than I do have said you know what you got to have the food because of food cells beer and beer sells food and that’s one of the things that we intend to have as a constant in a consistent thing at Augustine a brewing company that when I to be relying on the food trucks food trucks are great I’ve had a lot of amazing food from food trucks but when you have food trucks going around you having consistency and you don’t know what to necessarily expect now if you’re somebody who just want to surprise that’s great but that surprise may not pair well with your beer it may not pair well with your coffee and so that that level of consistency that we want to provide it Augustine a brewing Company is something that we think is good to be attractive and granted that means that there may be times where we are excited to it to participate in an event with the food trucks are remotely I down the road maybe we will do that but we think that the it’s it’s important for you to be able to experience a fine craft and beverage along with fine craft and food that goes well with that beverage at the brew pubs in Wichita and I see a lot of cases where brew pubs are teaming up with with food trucks for the sake of keeping up with food trucks instead of really thinking about does this food pair well with my beer and you can have a great beer and you can have great food and that that’s a good experience but when they pair together when you really have that that obvious pairing it’s like having a symphony across your palate and that’s the reason why were really taking care to have controllable the food site in the beverage side of the business business even though that’s a lot harder to do it’s a very hard thing and it’s part of why it’s taken us a long time to get Augustine a brewing company off the ground is because we care a lot about providing something that’s special and that’s a cut above what currently exists amongst the a brew pubs in Wichita and it’s not a knock on any of the ones that are open currently I go to a lot of them I enjoy my time but we want to bring something that’s really a cut above that maybe isn’t for everybody but it’s certainly good to be for some of you out there and were looking forward to providing that to you so thanks a lot for listening I stay tuned for additional episodes of what’s bring with Augustino and we will be in touch soon

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