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Hello and thank you for tooting into what’s brewing with Augustino your source for craft beer craft coffee and craft food and I also look behind the curtain at the the goings-on at Augustino brewing company a brewery and coffeehouse opening up late in 2017 so if you’re listening to this in 2018 2019 or 2029 we are probably out there and operating and you can check us [email protected] again that’s Augustino and I would love to have you checks out and learn a little bit more about Augustine Iacopelli that’s me and Augustine a brewing company one of the unique things about us is that we are going to be both a brewery and coffeehouse as opposed to other breweries Wichita and so what to what we bring to the scene is maybe a little bit different than the the other breweries that that currently exist here in town but we think that the uniqueness of what we have is can really touch a heart string in a and a special spot in the hearts of and probably the one of five of you if far of survey data is correct and that the target of be really psyched about the fact that there’s a place that you can go for both the great craft beer and create great craft coffee and the we we know that it’s something that is going to touch accord with the number of you and we’ve got something that’s really special and doesn’t exist actually have number things special in that I don’t currently exist in the certainly amongst breweries Wichita but even beyond the Wichita area what we have to offer is going to be a really unique both on the are a coffee site as well as on our beer side and were hoping that the when we do get open late this year you’ll come and check us out where to hope that we are adding something new and adding something unique that draws in those of you are already fans but even more so I draws in some of you who may be are not as into a craft beer or craft coffee but you’re just kinda curious that so that’s our goal is to trick you into coming to visit us and the we think that once you the big trick Tobias to come visit us your to experience something pretty special when you come and to Augustine a bring company how we expect the that like many other breweries Wichita you will come to us and you will have a great experience because of our well-trained staff but also because we are going to have a wide diversity of beverages available to you here at the Augustine a bring company and the we that in addition to our craft beers were to have craft coffee where you have craft food and were gonna have craft keys and were even you have a list of local the winds from my local wineries available for you to enjoy and so we’re hoping that you’ll be able to come out when we get open as we will be one of those the additional breweries Wichita so I’m it we would really look forward to having you will come out and spend some time with us one of the cool things about Augustine a bring company that I haven’t talked about too much in the earlier episodes is that were to become a dual faceted brewery you can come to us during our meal times you’ll get a full-service kind of the customer experience where you can drop by and during times that we aren’t as busy and you your can have a nice quiet atmosphere in a more traditional kind of a tap room or coffeehouse sort of experience where is walk up to the bar place your order get your drink and I go from there so we think that by having that the experience at that broadens the horizon of the what the what you can come to an end enjoy at the Augustino bring company we also think that’s how were going to be able to find your niche among the breweries Wichita and the we hope that you come along with us on that journey when we open again if you want to stay tuned to the great things that we have to offer and learn a little bit more modern vents and the who these people are who are starting this the interesting concept of a Augustine a bring company you just go to our [email protected] that so Wichita and you can find out more about us and about what we are bringing unique to the market and a check is out because so we’d love to have you on board and the having fun at our location it to is going to be we think our nice little neighborhood escape from the hustle and bustle of life we want you to come in and just enjoy enjoying us in our staff being there to serve you and give you wonderful sensory experiences and wonderful pairings of beers and coffees with via the food that we have as well so come on out and check us [email protected] when we get open we have an announced their location quite yet at least not as as of right now I’m recording this but if you do go to our website you and find out if we are open or not at that time and also where were at in terms of location eventually down the road we intend to have multiple locations we have a ambition for high growth and the we want to to get a bunch of people on board our roller coaster ride of a of a a brewery in the we think that we get something real up a special and enjoyable for a lot of people who are looking for breweries Wichita so we want you to come on out when you can and the check out our food check out our beers check out our coffees and if you’re in the T these not my kind of thing but a lot of people like him would have some great local to use and locally blended teas that that we intend to have at the Augustine a bring as well so I check that out and the again we were also could even have the a nice wine list that you’re not to be able to find at other breweries Wichita and we think that the because of that you will have a a really diverse opportunity to have a wonderful time when you’re with us we in addition to just being a brewery we want to get you involved in what were doing as well other breweries, hide their bring experience we want to embrace you into it and so I will have more opportunities to be a part of the bring experience than many of our competitors in the local market so that’s what I have say right now I’m breweries Wichita state tuned to other episodes of what’s bring with Augustino for more information on our ride that we are taking here go visit our [email protected] thanks for listening and will catch you next time

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