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a concept that is planning to open our first location in the Wichita somewhere we have not announced where yet somewhere in Wichita Kansas and the eventually want to bring the this concept your neck of the woods in a format that is very community centric even if you’re getting a location of the Augustine a brewing company but it’s and somewhere outside of Wichita we still want to make sure that the worry really come community focused brewery and so were looking forward to having you along for the ride and I looking forward to providing you something that you can’t get somewhere else and something that you’re even willing to occasionally drive out of your way for and so that’s what were bringing to you with the Augustine a brewing company there are many great brewpubs in Wichita we just think that will providing you with something that can capture you and I captivate you more than just when you’re going out for a for a drink here there in the evening hours or on the weekends I want to be a draw for you even during the week will be in your head all the time and so we get there because we got coffee as well and so one of the things that we have for those of you who are really excited about craft beer and are also really excited about craft coffee we know about 15 to 20% of you adults out there are a into both of those worlds which is pretty incredible in terms of numbers were to have something that is going to be really unique and we hope at least that they can be drawn to this concept which is our ultimate mug club program our ultimate mug club program is something that does not exist in any other brewpubs in Wichita it’s only get to be at Augustino brewing company which she unlike most mug club programs which your initial thought is going to be on the places that are exclusively exclusively beer oriented and you’ve got your mug in your guzzling out of it and everything like that our ultimate mug club program is going to encompass both coffee and beer all for one price if you want to have it all be coffee if you want to have it all the beer beer you can do that and guides could be for the same price in the same excitement we we really looking forward to bring you something that doesn’t exist otherwise outside of Augustine a brewing company and the we think that the by paying the one low membership price your to get access to coffee and beer all month long and your quick access to it at a cost that is extremely affordable combining that with us some exclusive deals and opportunities that only our ultimate mug club members are going to get access to the we think that that’s can be a great way for you to come out and a visit us regularly and enjoy our staff enjoy our service and be calm a part of our community because I think when we talk about brewpubs in Wichita I in a it’s easy to talk about the beers and talk about the beverages or in our case even going on and talk about the coffees that would that were making but you know this world of brewpubs in Wichita it’s about community and there are certain brewpubs are very very good at developing community and there are others I just don’t and there’s reasons for that certainly and do we want to be able to bring you something that draws you in and really makes you feel a part of the brewpubs in Wichita and get you in touch closer than anyone else with our brewing process with her coffees with her beers and we are good to be constantly having events that for some you maybe it’s not a drawing for others view it it will be a great draw it because it it’s important to to create a and create our brewpubs in Wichita around being in a and an entertainment venue is much as anything else and when I’m saying an entertainment venue I’m not saying a concert venue there are a lot of great concert venues out there many entertainment venues are also concert the venues the there are many brewpubs in Wichita that offer concerts that you can go and enjoy and that we will have some of those it Augustine a brewing company probably not as many as the many places but do we certainly want to bring you some of those opportunities out to us as well and so when you’re looking around for breweries in the Wichita and nine and trying to come out to brewpubs in Wichita we hope that you’ll consider Augustine a brewing company when we get open because at Augustine will bring company really seeking to have a staff that makes you feel welcome and food that is upscale certainly but also approachable that was one of the big things early on that I wanted to make sure that we settled on in terms of our concept is that yes we want things that are upscale and the really tasty foods but we want them to be approachable I’ve historically myself been a picky eater my mom has plenty of stories on this and so I did want like all these way off the reservation high-end menu items on our menu up at Augustine will bring company but I did want to have the items that we have to be is a have a gourmet field have a story to them storytelling is so important across industries and it’s so underutilized and so that that’s one of things that you can expect it Augustine a brewing company is that everything’s got a story and our staff is can be trained to tell those stories and to tell the entertaining things we were looking at our our staff is really performers onstage I’ve got a background that includes the Disney Institute which I’ve attended and the well-being concepts about the Disney Institute is storytelling Walt Disney told stories and well it seems really far-fetched and far away from my discussions about brewpubs in Wichita the story is huge and even those individuals out there who run some of the other breweries that are successful they their success is actually not as much in their beer quality as it is much as it is in their ability to create a story and create an environment for people and we hope that your to come out to Augustine a brewing company when we get open and the enjoy that experience as well because by coming through and visiting us and the making you feel welcome in a part of our community is a real important thing that that the we want to do for you and we think it’s a real contribution to our growing Wichita entrepreneurial community and so check us out and well were in the process of opening he can also visit regularly Augustine and that has the information about us you can also find us if you’re looking around on Facebook Insta Graham and twitter that’s where were the most active and so I would look at 40 checking us out I thanks for listening and catch other episodes of what’s brewing with Augustino

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