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hello and welcome to what’s bring with Augustino your source for all things craft coffee craft food and craft beer and I am your host Augustine Iacopelli in one of the cofounders co-owners whatever you want to call it of Augustino brewing company a craft brewery and coffeehouse slated to open in late 2017 in Wichita Kansas and then in the future hopefully coming to a neighborhood near you if you are not in the neighborhood where were opening we haven’t announced our exact location yet time at least at the time of this local is the of this local the of this recording we have not announced their location but perhaps if you’re catching this at a later time you may be able to look at our website which [email protected] and find where we are in fact located and I would certainly welcome you to do so because the we are bring something a new and interesting to the brewpubs seeing and so even if were not among the a brewpubs near me if I you’re asking yourself for about the where you to be able to find brewpubs were definitely a brewpub that is worth driving to and that’s worth looking forward to so one of the things I would recommend that if we haven’t opened yet is just simply a look around enter into your Google search engine brewpubs near me and you’ll find a lot of great brewpubs in the area that are worth going to and that’s true whether you’re in Wichita Kansas or wherever else you and wherever else you find yourself in the world I you’re going to find some of great brewpubs near you because there are a lot of great brewpubs in the both Wichita Kansas and the in your neighborhood as well some markets are little bit the more mature than others here in Wichita were still coming into the craft beer industry we’ve got a lot of good breweries that have opened a lot of good breweries the opening in the future and were one of them it Augustino brewing company were opening up late 2017 and were looking forward to bringing you and experience it really is unmatched in any of our competitors there’s a lot of good places out there but we really feel that there is an unmet need for what we had offered Augustine of bring company where we will have both craft beer and craft coffee and for those crazy people who are not into either one of them we will have a a local wine list as well as some local tea available so we can little bit of of the beverages for everybody we a pair of those beverages with additional wonderful food items on a simple but not simplistic menu and I were looking forward to coming out and checking us out when we get opened in the late 2017 we’d love to have you as our guest when we get open and when we throw open our doors in the invite you all in I to Augustine of bring company so again if you go to Google maps and you search for brewpubs near me you will find a lot of good brewpubs and if it turns out the you have defined Augustine of bring company among those brewpubs near me and we have opened by that point because we are not quite yet opened at this point in late March 2017 you will have a a great list of places that that you can go and we hope that you are that would that we are on your on your list and on your horizon of places to visit because were to bring something that really does not exist in in many parts of the country currently it’s something that is becoming more common but it’s not there yet I that is a breweries it also serve coffee and make coffee on site so the only example without that we really have locally is some couple breweries that will also serve some drip drip coffee to their customers as well so that is certainly better than nothing but it’s not to a great especially if you’re in the coffee nerd you’re not going to be all that excited about the idea of a just a drip coffee most coffee lovers are going to want something that’s a little more along the lines of a coffee beverage that is made from an espresso machine not from just a simple drip coffee maker and so it Augustine of bring company were were providing you with that opportunity as well and so that’s a great opportunity for you when you are looking for brewpubs near me to take a look and find no place like Augustino that has both coffee and beer because you know if you are coming with a friend and your friend maybe doesn’t care for craft beer that much perhaps they care for craft coffee we also collect the idea of having the a craft food in the craft beer are the craft the coffee in the craft beer because of the fact that we want to promote a healthy lifestyle and the in a safe habits on the road yet drinking and driving is a terrible thing and by having a really good coffee drink we feel that were going to not necessarily discourage drinking and driving as much as make it easier to have it not happen we know that the you know when friends come out in the friend and they come in out as a group Eveready wants to drink but if we’ve got some really great coffee options it makes it especially if the DD enjoys coffee as well it makes a less tempting thing to a drink and drive home and so were hoping that that provides an additional incentive to not drink and drive when people are are consuming alcohol and consumed assuming brought beverages in general at the our brewpubs so we hope that the you check us out when we get open late in 2017 because we think that the word has something for everybody at our a brewpub and so when you’re looking for brewpubs near me don’t just consider the closest example of brewpub because Augustino brewing will have a lot of different options on our menu both our food menu and or a coffee and beer menus and so location is important certainly when considering up brewpubs near me or dare you but it’s not the only thing to think about because you may not get the best experience from the brewpub that is the closest to you and may be driving a little bit of extra distance to find a more full-service brewpub is the a better option for you and so I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been a what’s brewing with Augustino thanks for listing and tune again in the in again soon

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