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Augustino Brewing Company Poured Beer

Augustino Brewing poured beer

thanks for tuning in to what’s brewing with Augustino your source for information craft beer craft coffee and craft food also look behind the curtain every now and then add to the one such brewpub of Wichita I that would be Augustino brewing company I am one of the cofounders of Augustine will bring company Augustine Iacopelli and yes it was a twist on my name that Augustino brewing company was a named after and done today were talking about the brewpubs of Wichita and some of the things to look at when you’re visiting the brewpubs of Wichita and the can of how we at Augustine a brewing company intend to fit into that whole mix in the the grouping of all of those Bob brewpubs of Wichita one of the things that that always sticks out to me when I visit a brewpub as soon as I walk in the door of a place and been to before is the atmosphere the atmosphere really has to have the and inviting nature to it I went to come in it’s gonna be something that just feel warm to me feels warm feels welcoming I should have somebody saying hi to me almost immediately and acting like the know me even if they don’t and that’s something that is it’s not an easy thing necessarily to train but when it when when it’s done right with the staff it is a beautiful think there’s been breweries that I’ve gone to in and brewpubs of Wichita and of other locations across the country that when I’ve gone to them there to feel welcome to feel like they’re part of the community even if they’re coming in from somewhere across the country across the world even they they can come in and I feel like there at their home away from home and that’s one of the things that with Augustine bring company really hoping to bring in that sort of the flavor we want to bring to the brewpubs of Wichita is to be that place that you come to and it’s not just were your you know your third place to go to that’s you know as is was defined by a Starbucks CEO but were also the place that you just feel welcome it’s not a place that you go to because you don’t want to go home or you don’t want to go to work it’s the place that you go to because you really want to feel part of the community and that’s really at the the center in the core of what were doing it Augustine a brewing company and the were working right now currently like hell to up to bring you that and to bring that atmosphere to the brewpubs Wichita I we have an announcer location yet but that the announcement should be a forthcoming soon we got have some ink dry on a sheet of paper first and I’ve been working of move forward from there and it’s an exciting and terrifying process for us as we try to open up Augustine will bring company and for those of you who live in and around the a Wichita area feel free to reach out to us on our website which is at Augustine O’ and the look us up in terms of the you don’t reach out to us tell us what you’re looking for in the brewpubs Wichita because were a in a unique place where we can build this kind of system up and we can create an environment that is really fun and really special and I’m looking forward to being able to bring that to you and the to bring you additional updates as we get online because we want to be the place that you think about when you’re thinking about bring companies here in Wichita Kansas and then beyond we have aspirations of a growing beyond the Wichita market in bringing in this idea of a brewpub coffee shop across the country because we know that with the ultimate mug club program you’re gonna come out to us and whether you are in Wichita Kansas or Albuquerque New Mexico Albuquerque’s in New Mexico right that whatever that you have a place to go to and your to feel at home wherever you are in it’s a network of places that we want to create and through this network we are going to be able to have some outstanding community and communities across the United States around beer and around coffee and so that’s the one thing that I want to you know make sure that you realize out there that you know it’s among the brewpubs Wichita there are many great options many great places to go and the Bruce to visit with high there’s a lot of wonderful people in this industry and is part of why I why I made the decision to get to come into this industry I’ve got a lot of experience as a brewer but until recent times I was like I am not sure that I would really want to be doing what I love as a career but then I got to thinking I have something special to provide the brewpubs of Wichita I know many of the other owners here in the Wichita area and you know what I want to bring something that’s unique and special and that can maybe bring a few more people into craft beer and into craft coffee that didn’t think they had their plates that didn’t think they had their Bever beverage but we want to bring them in and we want them to enjoy with you have come by regularly and I know that they’ve got a beverage waiting for them and something that they really can enjoy and that’s the goal of Augustino brewing company is to really bring that sort of culture to to our environment because if you don’t have atmosphere if you don’t have culture to your brewpubs of Wichita everything else can if starts to unwind and so from the front of house to the back of house and all points in between to our brewery to our baristas and bartenders we intend to bring that sense of community to people who come to Augustino brewing we’ve been told we have a bit of an ambitious view on things that we do but the ambition that we have is rooted in a intense desire to bring you something really special and something that you can’t get anywhere else but at Augustino brewing company and I hope that when we get open you come out and visit us and come come along for the ride find out about us learn a little bit more about what craft beer and craft coffee can be in the Wichita market again I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to what’s bring with Augustine of thanks a lot and tune in again soon

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