Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and welcome back to what’s bring with Augustine on your host Augustine Iacopelli and you have turned in tuned into the source for craft beer craft food and craft coffee information and a peek behind the curtain and Augustine of bring company a brewery and coffeehouse slated to open late 2017 in fact we plan to be making a not announcement as to where were going very very soon and we hope that you are catch that announcement when we make it and if you’re catching this size significantly later maybe that announcements already out there so check out our webpage for more information at to and you can find out a lot more information about Augustine of bring in what we are in the where were active and were going so I today were to talk about the closest Wichita craft beer well short answer to that is closest Wichita craft beer is very close to you wherever you live in town there’s gonna be a craft brewery that’s a right around the corner and that you can find it pretty easily now question is is good to be the a kind of beer that you want to drink well maybe maybe not but I do highly recommend you check them out and see what does he what they have to offer because we have beer styles literally brewed from around the world here in Wichita Kansas beers that are kind of native beers to a need of traditional beers to to the the US as well as beers from France from Belgium from many other of the beer capitals Germany of course of and the many of the other bring meccas across the country and across the world and so we look forward to value checking out Augustine of bring company when we get open later this year because we will have many of those local and international beer styles available to our thirsty drinkers at Augustine will bring company and I we also hope that the you will come out and you’ll enjoy not just the closest Wichita craft beer in Augustine will bring company but that you will also join enjoy our craft coffee in her craft food now and Augustine of bring company we’ve got some really unique things that were going to be bringing you and the amongst those things is going to be our Augustino ultimate mug club and the Augustine of bring ultimate Goldmine club is going to entail coffee and beer something that you don’t see in most places and it’s good to be a a wonderful program that allows you for one low price per month access to coffee and beer every day at the no charge as amazing as that sounds kind of like your prepaying for you beer and the it just allows us to do preprogram those times for ourselves you know that’s one of things that often times we forget about when where the hustle and bustle of life we don’t think about taking time for ourselves but my being a part of the ultimate mug club program you’ve already self assigned time for you to get out and enjoy a beer or enjoy a coffee and take a few minutes to yourself and that’s what we really want to accomplish with the Augustino ultimate mug club program we hope you’re able to come out in your able to enjoy our our coffee and our beer and and I come to us regularly and we think that if you’ve done that will love will both benefit because of at the Augustine of bring company will have you as a regular guest and will also have a situation where you are am able to to drink great beer gray coffee at affordable cost which we think is important and the you know if you’ve got your drink costs a little bit down you be able to enjoy our food maybe add a excellent dessert at the a tail and that you might not otherwise be able to afford or I have a have reptile larger appetizer the front of your meal is kind of things that were were looking for and looking forward to an Augustine of bring company so you know for some of you we will be the closest Wichita craft beer initially for others of you we will be the closest Wichita craft beer down the road but in any case even if were not the closest Wichita craft beer you might want to come on buying checks out anyway because we will be the closest Wichita craft beer that has a unique experience for our guests and you one of the things that were looking at is a being a cut above in terms of service our relatives some of our competitors we want you to come out and we want you to have a wonderful time when you’re with us and the service is really key for us and the the reason why is Wichita craft beer drinkers ourselves our owners are and since were Wichita craft beer drinkers we’ve can’t to our own opinions on how to best serve those craft beers and make sure that that the the people who are enjoying craft beer enjoying craft beer and enjoying the experiences around craft beer if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing and you’re not enjoying the time then the rest doesn’t really matter that much you really have to have a wonderful experience that combines with wonderful beer is a lot of the other breweries they do a good job at making good beer good beers not that hard to make creating an outstanding atmosphere for that beer to be enjoyed in that’s much more difficult thing to do and at Augustine will bring company were looking forward to providing you with that and were looking forward to creating an environment that the you can enjoy coming to work beer your neighborhood pub that you can come out to and were looking for to you being able walk to us so those of you do and or ride your bike to us those are things that that were really looking forward to it Augustine of bring company and were hoping that you will be able to join us for that experience so when you’re looking for the closest Wichita craft beer we hope you’ll come to us anyway but if you don’t you’ll be able to find a lot of other places by just simply hitting the Google maps and the searching on Google maps and and seeing where to go but I would caution you to also not just take the first thing that you’re looking at but the look at the a reviews look at what people are saying about those a closer craft breweries may be maybe it’s worth the drive if I if it’s a little bit more of a drive to get to Augustine of bring company we certainly know that there’s a lot of great places that you can go to but we we enjoy having you as our guest to enjoy the finest craft beer and craft coffee that you can get in your neighborhood and beyond and if you don’t happen to have it Augustino bring near you let us know and let us know that you’re interested we do plan to expand to other locations but in any case that’s all the time I have right now I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to what’s bring with Augustino

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