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Hello and welcome to What’s Brewing with Augustino, your source for information on craft beer, craft food, and craft coffee. I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and I’m one of the cofounders of Augustino Brewing Company, a brewery and coffeehouse experience coming to West Wichita later in 2017. So, if it’s somewhere around like 2022 or you’re picking this up on another planet, you will probably already have us open. We are working diligently to get our doors open as soon as possible because we are among the coffee shops in Wichita coming soon.

We do have both coffee and beer made locally in-house. We like to talk to and tell ourselves as a neighborhood-brewed. So you can expect as much is possible as much were able to do it were going to be sourcing local ingredients and the doing as much as we can in-house. We look forward to you coming out and visiting with us. I was so working on our route with our coffee shops in Wichita and this past weekend actually I was a layer of carpet on the floor and I went ahead and single-handedly pulled that carpeting all the way up because nothing ruins a carpet quicker than coffee poured on it and I do this as much as people are certainly going to be careful when they are at Augustino Brewing

We know that we are not any different than other coffee shops in Wichita and more likely than not somebody is going to be the clumsy person probably me and I still coffee on our carpeting and on our flooring so we thought it best to to pull it out and the wind up going to a sand off the concrete we had thought about possibly grinding it down we still might do that but more likely we are just cannot seal it off and I call that good so you know.

One of the things that I’ve noticed when going to coffee shops in Wichita are that the only have a unique feel unique experience summer loud summer quiet and some are cut in between and our goal at Augustino Brewing is to the target and in between and part of its because simply put we are going to be doing beer and we are going to be doing coffee and on the beer tends to be a little bit of a louder environment for a lot of breweries and the perception of that experience is that you will have kind of a more raucous social atmosphere to it. I think we will have some of that especially on our bar side, but at the same time we realize that there are a lot of people who really want a quieter atmosphere there are many great other breweries and coffee shops in the area that are louder, but one of the things that we heard back from a lot of are a lot of her potential customers is that the thing that they really dislike the most or one of the things he dislike the most about going to a brewery is trying to socialize and not being able to hear the person that you’re talking to very well because it’s just so obnoxiously loud you can’t hear much of anything.

So that’s cool, especially if there’s a concert or something like that going on and you’re not to necessarily socialize a whole lot, but if you’re in a gathering of friends we realize that among coffee shops in Wichita that’s the area that we can there a lot of place to get noisy and difficult here.

I got a little bit ahead of myself in terms of this discussion coffee shops in Wichita coming soon and talk about Augustino Brewing in particular. One of the things that I forgot to mention was our location. I talked about how we were working on opening later this year this year being 2017, but until you where we are at 756 North Tyler Rd. and that is on the west side of Wichita why West couple reasons number one my family and our partners family live on the west side of town and every bit of advice I’ve ever gotten was, well not every bit of advice, but a lot of good advice that I’d received is, really especially for the first six months you’re open you do not want to be very close are very far away from the place you opened and so as a result we really were targeting hard for a place on the northwest side of town. We almost ended up out east as it turns out but that deal fell through and so we find ourselves on the I northwest side of town in a nice little south half of the strip center there. We got a big space for a large sign and letter board which we’ve already put up there “Augustino Brewing coming this fall” We expect that it can be a good place to come on in grab yourself a drink pick up a growler if you want.

We have discussed the possibility of having  a Crowler machine available at Augustino that has worked out really nicely for our friends at Central standard brewing and we think that our local fans in the neighborhood will really like to have that as well because they can come in and if they are a member they can enjoy their beer of the day in-house as part of their membership program and then they can grab a great Crowler of beer to drink at home or or take to a an event.

So that said that something that were looking at other things to to look forward to it Augustino Brewing, which is the among the coffee shops in Wichita coming soon is that we are actually going to have two separate spaces. At Augustino, we’re going to have a more bar oriented space and that’s where our bar will be. That’s where you’ll be able to look in and see our brewing equipment and depending on when you’re there, you’ll probably see brewing going on in that space. We will have a separate site that is dedicated to a sit-down restaurant that allows us to come to bring a little bit of the vibe that is going on in the downtown area out West along with not ignoring the fact that a lot of people who are just going out to eat if going out to you in West Wichita they’re not looking for the same level of experience that you’re looking for downtown, so we give you that option at Augustino Brewing.

We look forward to seeing you at our place, which is good to be among the coffee shops in Wichita coming soon. I am Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to What’s Brewing with Augustino thanks a lot for tuning in.

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