Considerations When Dining Out

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welcome back to Augustine brewing today we are discussing considerations when dining out at a brewpub of course in particular is near and dear to my heart hurt as Augustine brewing is opening next year in 2017 with a brewery and coffeehouse so we will have food we will have great coffee and we will have fantastic beers and so we like to come together and I talk a little bit about old love for craft beer craft coffee craft food and today were to discuss the a little bit off that topic considerations when dining out there was a study done a while back and there’s been many studies done exploring what kind of things are people looking for when they want to go out to to eat and for someone who owns a restaurant this is really important to understand really where people’s minds are at lot of its common sense but maybe it’s worth looking back at the common sense of how you make your brewery in our case brewpub and the best it can possibly be without attacking some of the areas that really aren’t going to help improve your perception so this was a a study called the key restaurant attributes and the role of gender age and dining frequency I am not to get into the role of gender age or dining frequency right now but we will talk about some the key findings in terms of what were the most important considerations when dining out at a restaurant the as is a great thing I’m I’m glad to see that this was the top item I turns out the number one item would be the that have safe food and that seems a no-brainer but at the same time many times over the last few years have we heard of restaurants having simply unsafe food conditions and having the foods that go out to the customer contaminated and in most cases because the food has been mishandled either on its way to the restaurant or are in many cases within the restaurant and so as a restaurant tour whether you’re owning a brewpub like we are or whether just having any other genre restaurant I you want to make sure that your food practices in your food handling is being done at Safeway and that the only way to accomplish that is to be training and teaching your staff over and over and over again you also want to make sure that the your space is clean now we would hope that by just having the sense to employ implore Erin the apply the practices that are important to maintaining safe food this next one comes right along with it which is cleanliness of the restaurant is speaking more specifically about the dining space rather than the kitchen space but if you’ve got a messy kitchen you’re probably not going to have a nice clean I dining space but people don’t want to walk into a place where they feel dirty walking into it there is maybe a little bit more forgiveness given to a a brewpub like we are but were not taking that for granted because there are other competitors in the area that were and that have spaces that are maybe a little more run down little more rustic than we intend to be we want to have an environment that is approachable to our customers in and we believe that were to be able accomplish that and part of that’s just making sure that you have good procedures in place that the restaurant is getting cleaned and cleaned very very frequently ask a lot of times a restaurant during the daytime only gets cleaned up when something gets spilled on the floor so be aware that food quality is very important now the interesting film thing about this point is the only thing I’d counter on that is that there’s a lot of people that don’t really know the difference between a top-notch item and just below a top notch item and so it if you’re running a business you can probably apply a little bit of value on on your end of things but just remember that the final product has to be excellent and it is a big consideration for people come into your restaurant so pay attention to the food quality people are very very busy these days and so along those lines they have to be served as quickly as possible one of the things that drives our owners knots at Augustine brewing is when we go to a place and we are waiting 2025 minutes just to get fed Justin receiver meal after getting sat down it is sometimes those ticket times are real difficult to get to keep up with during the busy times but it’s really important to establish workflows and practices that allow you to turn your product as fast as possible because if you can’t turn your product fast you won’t turn your tables fast and that’s extremely important in the restaurant industry is to try to turn those tables now fortunately is a craft brewery even for not turning the tables quite as fast we might like that just means that we can sell some more beer so it is a delicate balance but it is something that is important to keep in mind because it does impact to individuals perceptions of your craft brewery your brewpub your restaurant what what have you and so value is also a really really key thing in the minds of people now value doesn’t mean that everything is cheap will get to that in the second but value means that the that the person is ordering the you whether it’s a beer whether it’s a coffee drink or whether it is a food item they want to feel like they got the better end of the deal and so you need to constantly figure out ways and some of it can be done just in presentation to make it feel like the item that that person is purchases worth way more than what it the what they were charged for it so another thing about service service quality is so very important and this comes down to hiring the right people and also making sure that they are friendly which is the next item on the list and if they’re not get rid of them and get rid of them fast because if they’re not going to be everything that you want them to be then they need to go and work for your competitor down the road so it is really important to be on top of that price I’ve alluded to this before at the end of the day prices important to the customers the way that we want to try to do this though is what we always want to sneak it in for charging for example 9 bucks for an item if that’s really what we want to get for that particular item why not go to 999 instead because you’re leaving $.99 on the table and the perception of price does not change the that small change at the end after the dollar does not impact the decision as has been found so variety of menu is another really important thing to have but you you have to balance that as a restaurant with going too far that it’s difficult to keep up with all of your ingredients you want to keep it a very efficient kitchen that uses as few of ingredients as possible but still gets his big of a bank for further the investment as possible so that’s really important and then lastly in this is and really surprising that you the distance that a person has to travel to get your restaurant does play a role and is in and definitely a consideration for them in terms of choosing where they’re going to dine out and so getting right close to your key demographics really really important to do least important surprisingly is ratings magazine reviews and our recent reviews in newspapers or magazines now to a certain extent are many people reading newspapers or magazines anymore well that’s that may be out to the jury but it speaks to the fact that maybe some of the things that we worry about when running a business in and that being the ratings and reviews and things like that are in is important is maybe we think they are and so one of things it is very very important though is word-of-mouth and so you want somebody to be wowed so much by coming to your Augustine brewing that they are gonna go tell all their friends so thanks a lot for listening hopefully this helped if you have a restaurant or if you’re trying to figure out how to choose a restaurant that you want to go to the next time you dine out the those are some things to think about so thanks a lot for listening and have a great day

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