Craft Beer Trends to Watch in 2017 – Part 1

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hello and welcome once again to the what’s brewing with Augustine a podcast I am your host the insane guy who is opening and running a brewpub in Wichita Kansas now and taking over the world later Augustine Steed Iacopelli and I am here today to talk to you all about the craft Beer trends to watch in 2019 this is gonna post to iTunes fairly quickly it may hit some of the other streams little bit later into the year so they if I’m wrong as I’m saying this well that is life but these are some of my thoughts in terms of our local market here the Wichita craft beer market specifically is what were looking at but I think some of these trends are going to be very likely to be the case even beyond our local market here in Wichita I went of things that does not seem to be at all getting ready to stop is the growth of the number of physical breweries that are out there some that growth weight rate is slowing a little bit it is becoming a little bit harder to break into the market but for the most part much of the country specially this part of the country where were at in Wichita Kansas is still a very wide open market for breweries to to enter the market and at least grow locally to regionally beyond that it is a jungle out there and it’s tough to to make a traditional growth model work which is what some of the the other breweries in this market are trying to do is that the that kind of a traditional model of three-tier growth which I just personally am not sure that that is good to be as effective longer-term but do I could be proven to be wrong so it in terms of our local market for those of you who are in the Wichita area listening to this podcast Augustine of brewing is slated to open here in 2017 we are in the process of I believe getting close to signing a lease for some place in town to open at some time during this year that’s how I’ve been answering people’s questions at this time some people think that they know where were going and they may be surprised by where were going so I just am not going to be a sink a whole lot about where were coming into the market but there are actually 2 to 4 other total breweries that are slated open most likely this year or maybe early 2018 cell the market here for craft beer in the Wichita area is going to continue to become more diverse more interesting I I would see a growth in collaborations happening just a growth in the beer industry in general here in the Wichita market which is at an exciting thing for anyone who is a fan of craft beer much like those of us who are in the market are as well but it’s an exciting time to be interested in craft beer in and do I hope that you are half as excited as I am because if you are you’re going to have a amazing time here in our area so getting back to suck the unit is somehow we continue to grow as a craft beer market in the Wichita area is that there are number of new and a number of old type of models of how a brewery crops up survives and moves forward the strategies are having to become considerably more complex and it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep and maintain a very simple model and message as we go forward in in the brewing industry whether it’s here in Wichita Kansas or Seattle wash at Washington or Denver Colorado or wherever else you might be and it’s really causing us to have to those of us who are in the market or getting into the market to really spend some extra time figuring out how we create a unique selling proposition for those of you who are fans of our beer out there and it’s requiring a lot of out-of-the-box thinking that hasn’t necessarily been nonexistent in the a beer industry it certainly always been there but it is becoming more of an issue where I finding that that special niche for what you are planning to do is becoming a little more difficult than it used to be so the domain models though that still exist as I at least see them is the brewpub model that’s a model that we we are initially targeting for Augustine of brewing a brewpubs can serve hopefully excellent food excellent beer beer that’s manufactured on site this we feel as it is the model and the way to go in terms of our initial growth we have other strategies beyond that that the and keep that under our hat pretty good because we’ve got some very novel ideas in the future that the I think is good to give Augustine of brewing and amazing competitive advantage in the a regional marketplace and beyond but Allah leave you in suspense on that one the other models that that were seeing in and continue to see are the kind of collaborative microbrewery taproom model and that that’s been the most popular one that’s come up it’s also kind of the not to say that there’s anything simple about making beer because it’s not it’s a very complex very scientific and also very artistic endeavor it to I really uses both sides of the brain and so that’s not necessarily a true thing to to say that it’s simple because it’s not simple but it’s the easiest and most simplified model to enter unfortunately that means that a lot of people are entering at that market where they’re trying to do the production facility and survey tap room and well that may seem a great idea in the surface and it does show short-term successes that are great for all the ones that of opened locally and also in other parts the country that the problem is longer-term is that the most competitive model in the broader marketplace and I’m not sure that it is I think that many of these places that have gone in the direction of the a microbrewery and taproom model are already thinking well gee is this sustainable it can I can always count on food trucks to serve my clients and customers or is there going to be at the at some point a need for me to get more deeper into the food side of the business and I think Mormor there are breweries that are saying hate and it’s not enough just to make the beer I’ve got to have something beyond that in order to be able to keep my customers in a longer-term situation so I see more and more of those microbrewery taproom’s adding food in the future it’s not fun at it it adds a lot of complexity to the business and most people go into business in any sort of beer fat beer related fashion whether it’s a restaurant brewery with his brewpub the passion often times at the outset at least is the beer and making great beer creative beer everything like that but in a bigger picture people who want to come to your brewery oftentimes they’re hungry as well as thirsty or they just want have something to eat so that they are not hammered after one beer I think that that is something that the area microbreweries here in the Wichita area and the Wichita craft beer market need to probably consider the bigger picture there’s a new work on a model it’s starting to develop which is really kind of a blended model will get it to that in a future episode as it relates to Augustine oh and other possibilities of breweries that are opening in the future but added another thing that were to talk about in a future episode is the trends as as they relate to the types of beers that are going to be made in 2017 and beyond so is good to be a two or three parter episode but dad is that apart oneself keep drinking great craft beer and we’ll see you back soon.

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