Craft Beer Trends to Watch in 2017 – Part 3

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hello and welcome again to what’s brewing with Augustine oh I am your host Augustine Iacopelli and on this podcast we talk everything about brewing coffee food and the insanity that is the craft brewing industry today were to do do the what I believe is going to be the wrap up of a series of segments that the I’ve been doing on craft beer trends to watch in 2017 now if it’s later in the year of 2017 you can tell me if I was a writer wrong but that this is being recorded in early January so 2017 is a mostly all ahead of us including the opening of Augustine oh brewing which show will happen a little bit later this year probably I’m guessing in the July to August range right now but to we are getting very close to having the location here in January that I hope to be able to announce soon and I think the people can be really pleased with the what were able to do ourselves in terms of bringing our own flair of craft beer to the a Wichita craft brewing market I think that the urine be pleasantly surprised so I in any case where to talk about some of those other trends to expect here in 2017 and the biggest thing that I think comes to us out of the 2016 in and 2015 to a certain extent is the growth of the Flavored craft beverages we saw that most pronounced on the of the front end with not your father’s root beer which of course was a and stills out there a fermented beer beverage that doesn’t taste a whole lot like beer and does taste a lot like root beer and so that was all the rage for a while and I think that’s dying off a little bit in my opinion and the numbers, point to that as well that maybe some of the the rapid growth of those alternative beer beverages is waiting to like everything is old is everything old is new again back in the late 90s the the whole mole turn it of beverages were a real big thing in those died off to almost near extinction as the a craft beer movement grew through the mid to thousands to where we are today but it does seem like there is a shift back toward having adjuncts or other flavorings or sweetening up beer beverages here in the the current term one of the things that can be seen locally is the excitement and rage around sour beers and Brett beers we see that here in the Wichita and we also see it a crossed the country that that those styles are big right now and their big because they’re different and that’s the real key of the craft beer trends in 2017 and I think beyond is that everyone wants something that they can call their own in terms of beer and so they are looking for new flavors and new experiences really with respect to a craft beer and so the common thoughts of what we see in terms of quality in terms of craft beer is really being kind of shifted a because the market is shifting many of the new were especially cruel craft beer fans are coming into the market they are wanting fuller flavors diverse flavors layered complexity in their beers and that is certainly a challenge to keep up with on the production side of the brewing industry in terms of following this trends because the challenge for Bross’s Brewers is what trends you follow and what trends you say who let’s just can hold back and let that one ride its way out and then there’s another a concern that the you always have to have is with respect to by the time we push something out is it’s going to be relevant in the market is there enough people in the marketplace to even support that type of a beer what were seeing thus far is that there’s enough growth still in the Wichita craft beer market that you can do a lot of creative things with your beer and there still to be a large enough market to consume everything that you’re making it so that’s one of the the big keys is in terms of production to watch for is making sure that you rise in youth but you bring your production down on certain beers at the right time and you also have to have a unique product that that can’t be gotten anywhere else we have some very interesting ideas at Augustine oh brewing as to how we get to that point where individuals can almost customize their beers we think that that’s gonna be something that is going to be a high demand area where people just can’t want to be able to on their own tweak their their recipes and you know you can see that happening with to pull servings where individuals go in and add the ask for a beer that’s maybe a half IPA half Amber ale and things of that nature but with IC see that that taking off in even a further direction may be along the lines of expanding the number of beer-based alternative drinks in terms of mixed drinks where your mixing beer with other other beverages that that tell you may have in your restaurant or bar and I see that is probably at a next coming thing in terms of write on the bar scene in terms of the overall production scene it’s good to be more of an issue of determining what kind of adjuncts and what kind of fruits and what kind of other editions are to be the best received by the market one of the at the things that sticks out to me currently coming out of the 2016 is the rise of the of coconut flavored beers and also the at the rise of coffee beers mainly done with darker beers but even the use of coffee is kind of expanding across many other styles as a nice way to accent an otherwise great beer and so figuring out where that marketplace moves is good to be the real challenge I know that some much of prediction but the prediction on this in terms of the type of beers that you’re going to have it’s good to be a lot more of the wilder beers both in terms of additional at adjuncts additional fruits additional whatever that’s going into beers as well as an increase in and this is been on the the rise for a while but I think it’s good to continue to be on the rise because it makes sense from a business standpoint it also makes sense in terms of exciting the the population earlier your customer base is the idea of doing a lot more one off beers where you literally do a single batch of a particular beer and sake take this specially beer get well lasts boom it’s a great business thing to do as a business owner just because if you do a one off that’s available for a very limited time people specially of the big craft beer fans that the drinking new beers, checking up a box on the list that they have it helps drive some your traffic flow and ICE especially as the market gets more more crowded both in the Wichita craft beer market as well as across the countries you’re going to see a lot of these rare beers that pop up now the question is going to be how many of those rare beers a good also be good beers and that’s one thing that will have to watch as well is how the public reacts to beers being brought on as specialty short-term beers, one day only beers that may not be of the highest quality and if that is going to start causing the public to reassess how excited they get about these are rare beers but I think for the the short-term we can expect that the future craft beer is good to be a very very creative future may be as a creative as anything that we’ve seen and it likely will continue long into the future so thank you for listening to this podcast and hopefully you will turn into additional podcast feel free to send me messages as to whether you agree disagree and the other thoughts you may have I’m Augustine and this is been what’s brewing

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