Craft Brewing with Style – Part 2

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welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine oh your journey through craft beer craft coffee and craft food I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are going to explore or continue rather our exploration of the Beer Judge certification style guidelines and talk about some of these different styles and will dive a little deeper into the ones that to Augustine of brewing is at least initially planning to brew or thinking about brewing and for those of you who don’t know or are just stumbling upon us Augustine of brewing Company is a brewery opening in 2017 in Wichita Kansas we hopefully will have a lease to sign this week as I am recording this and the hopefully will have the attorneys a hash things out and everything works out and will be able to announce a location soon but in the meantime we are continuing or starting or getting the conversation going with the all of you we have some really exciting things coming down the pike for Augustine of brewing some things that have not been seen in the Wichita market and other things that may not have even been seen anywhere in the United States so were excited to be able to bring those items to you in the upcoming weeks and months so in the meantime we left off at the American wheat beer category if you’re playing our home game with the style guidelines in front of you the American we beer is category one D in the 2015 guidelines there are some of these American we beers that are made at Wichita brewing companies and we certainly will a dabble with this category if nothing else I’ve made some great American wheat beers in the past and when the nice things about American we beers is you can do a lot of fun things with it in terms of adjuncts and other flavorings of the fact that we do the coffee as well as the beer opens up a whole realm of the ways that we can mix and play around with the style and I expect that this will be a beer that the appears regularly on Wichita on our Wichita brewery list of beers and is so let’s said just quickly go through this the overall impression is a kind of a refreshing wheat beer and unlike some of the other wheat beers like to have invite sins and other categories like that American we beer tends to be very clean yeast profile you really get a lot more from the hops than you do the the yeast but it certainly has that that bread like character that you’re getting off of the offer that the wheat malt that’s being used another interesting thing that we’ve seen even with some of our local beers one of the newer breweries to open here in town which is Aero Plains brewing company I actually is used red wheat in one of their wheat beers and a red wheat does tend to impart very different characteristics from the away wheat is more commonly used in so if you’re a homebrewer if you’re craft brewer I it’s kind of cool to play around with those two different types of wheat to be honest I’ve only use the white weed myself but after having the beer at the one of our local up breweries here I yeah I’m more than happy and and actually, interested in trying a wheat beer that’s done with red wheat instead of white wheat so I did the aroma of the a week wheat beer is is one of the things that makes it fairly distinctive eyes got a low to moderate grainy but ready ready is the big thing and do we wheat character on it that’s that’s what really Kenna sets it apart from a lot of other styles there is generally not a whole on asters on it which is also why in order to get some of that fruit character that some of these wheat beers have on the nose it’s done through the use of adjuncts rather than the yeast character or any of the the greens in there itself in terms of how it looks almost are usually pale yellow to gold I have the brewed and we may see some beers at Augustine a bring that that wind up getting a little bit darker than the a traditional American wheat beer but still not dark enough to fall into a darker wheat beer color we can like to bias toward the darker side of things one real key about an American wheat beer is that the banana and clove characteristics are not okay with this style in terms of the mouth feel on it I it’s medium light to medium body it also has a fair amount of carbonation because it it’s just kind of taking that readiness, the thickness that can sometimes be perceived from utilizing the wheat malt off your palate so that’s really important I history wise it’s American now craft beer adaptation of the German vice beer style I utilizing cleaner yeast in more hops and it was widely popular popularized by the a brewery Widmer in the mid-1980s that’s the American wheat style will go until one more style category and I call it a day here the next category that we have are the international loggers this, a read reorganization from the 2008 style guidelines to give more of an international flair to the BJCP guidelines because the BJCP will it was created here in the United States it’s been really well adapted worldwide and so the latest guidelines is trying to reflect that international appeal and not just be focused on say for example Wichita Bruno breweries are Wichita brewing companies here or even breweries in the United States or in Kansas where were at it really is a global organization at this point so the first of the I categories category to a is the international pale logger a couple examples of this type of style is your Corona extra your Heine cans red stripe, falls into this area as well in its highly I attenuated tail logger without a whole other strong flavors is typically well-balanced and highly carbonated it’s another beer that you want to generally serve fairly cold because if it gets warm this beer style can I go south and doesn’t taste as pleasant it is not a fault to have a little bit the DMS dimethyl sulfite in it and it the floral presence if there’s anything there tends to be a lot more of fluoro in terms of hop presents are rather than anything else you know in terms of how we brew this beer it’s brewed with a alike to medium body on it and yell and comments on this is that the international loggers usually have fewer adjuncts than American loggers which we talked about in category one which oftentimes have corner rice in them international loggers tend to avoid most of that although sometimes our rices also utilize to help lighten the the body of it it to tends to have this style especially because of Corona and because of Heineken is thought to have a spunky character to the style but that’s actually a not true skunk Enis is due to light interacting with the hop molecules within the beer it creates said that it creates a chemical reaction actually in the beer itself that creates that skunk character and that’s not what you want in a beer and the that’s often times due to mishandling by the distributors or the retailers himself so that’s already to talk about today I got a get a little wordy on the front-end will pick up next time beginning to discuss the international Amber loggers which is a style I really Kenna light personally and I could see something like this appearing on our menu in the future so thanks a lot for tuning and for what’s brewing with Augustine of feel free to reach out to me at any time at Augustine AUG UST I and [email protected] and love to hear from you thanks a lot and will catch you next time

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