Craft Brewing with Style – Part 3

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welcome to another episode of what’s brewing with Augustine and I am of the Augustine oh Augustine Iacopelli’s my given name and I am one of the cofounders of Augustine oh brewing a brewery that is opening in Wichita Kansas release that’s our first location and we will be a brewery and coffeehouse so on this so show what’s brewing with Augustine we bring you all things craft beer craft coffee and craft food and so today we continue our series of episodes, taking you on a ride through the different styles in the a BJCP guidelines one site don’t that I hadn’t brought up in previous episodes is that if you want to a player home game and follow along I you can pick up a full list in a full copy of the a Beer Judge certification program guidelines by going to that’s and you can find out all about the Wichita brewing styles here that we brew here in Wichita Kansas as well as those brewed a crossed the United States and across the world it is a great way to learn more about making craft beer and what to taste in craft beer and so we left off last time right before the a category to see international dark logger now a international dark logger that we’ve been going across the international logger categories and the the difference between an international logger named American logger generally is that they have more flavor is one of the weird differences between the US and internationally I that is different from most all other categories because most categories that are American-style have bigger bolder more flavors except when we talk about the logger categories often times and so because generally the thing that people think about American loggers is that their flavorless tasteless, beers that’s certainly not always the case and that is changing but that he is still the impression and it is true that if you go overseas your to get a logger that has a lot more flavor a lot more graininess Flora hop yes you a lot of what are called noble hops that the are oftentimes used in these type of logger so looking at the international dark water logger category the overall impression of this is that it is a darker somewhat sweeter kind of the version of an international pale logger with a little bit more body little bit more flavor but it’s also very restrained in terms of bitterness and this is one of things that really separates it from American-style’s where oftentimes we love to put in a lot of a lot of it hops and really make it a bitter beer flavorful and bitterness oftentimes but bitter nonetheless this type of beer is low to medium multi-sweetness and you know very little to may be modest caramel and roast malt flavors you want to which roasting is in this otherwise it takes it toward a you more of a logger version of a porter or stout style which could still be pleasant but it takes it out of being an international dark logger it to tends to have maybe a low to medium hot bitterness but it’s still not the defining characteristic of this type of the of a beer and these craft beers tend to have burned or moderately strong roasted malt flavors and it actually is a duel that’s that’s not good that would be a defect in those type of beers you know in terms of the mouth feel even though were talking little bit about sweeter and a little more body these are still very light beers overall in spite of the color in it really encompasses a broad range of international loggers us some are a lot darker some of her more medium in terms of darkness and so this is actually a really nice category I I’d like a lot of the beers that come out of this category actually in some of them are also brewed the style is brewed in the United States at the sum breweries history of these are that darker versions that were often created by the Essene large breweries meant to appeal to a broad audience so they wanted kind of a darker option but they still wanted it to be mass-produced and and very quotable it’s either a colored or sweetened adaptation of really a standard pale industrial logger and then it’s, more accessible version of of a more traditional dark logger in this you’ll find two or six I wrote barleycorn rice sometimes sugar as adjuncts some commercial and examples that you might be able to come up with his sink poly girl dark saying San Miguel dark and then the Dixie black and voodoo I can of ice it’s been a long time to have had that but that one that sticks out to me as is one that is a real nice one to try and so that is the international dark logger that takes us into a category that I can see us producing one or more versions of this are partnered a Geoff in a is a big fan of doing traditional check loggers and international loggers and so you may actually see more of these type of beers and Augustine oh brewing then you see from most of our competitors and we think that it’s good to be a real nice thing for everybody to check out in terms of a niche that’s the least locally underserved and I think actually be beyond locally it’s pretty underserved so with the check loggers one of the things that happens to check loggers is that there, divided up by their gravity or how alcoholic really they are and then also by their color within the pale whether the Amber or whether they are dark in nature check loggers are differentiated from our right German and in the Western that being the US kind of loggers in that the German loggers almost always fully attenuated will check loggers usually leave a little bit of unfermented extract remaining in the finished beer and that that provides a little bit of higher finishing gravity and the also gives it a little more of a fuller body and mouth feel it also can have candlelight and the barely noticeable amount of diacetyl which is sometimes looked at as a flawed but in this type of beer it’s not necessarily a flight all we will in our next episode on the leading get further into the different categories with in the check logger style so thanks for listening and hope to catch you in our next episode have a great day and through strong and come on by Augustine oh brewing when we open thanks

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