Craft Brewing with Style – Part 4

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hello and welcome back again to what’s brewing with Augustine Oak your source for information on craft beer craft coffee in craft food and a look behind the curtain on the a craft beer industry and the trials and tribulations of your local craft brewer in this case my name is Augustine Iacopelli I am a co-owner of Augustine oh brewing which is opening up its first storefront in Wichita Kansas hopefully the first of many many to follow we have a desire to bring craft coffee in craft beer crossed the region across the country so hopefully you can come along for the ride and hopefully we can bring a Augustine oh near you so that you have the opportunity as well to drink smart anyway we are continuing our voyage into the Beer Judge certification program and the different beer styles that are brewed across the United States and across the world were taken on a side and gonna sneak in a little bit so for you about the kind of beer styles that were thinking about bring it Augustine oh brewing and hopefully you’re able to learn a little bit you can find this information [email protected] that said the Beer Judge certification program it’s one of the major and probably the most used at this point set of beer style guidelines that help guide us in terms of what we can to consider a beer style and its not as necessarily straightforward and is just putting things into boxes there a lot of beers that are made that are nothing like anything that we have in this set of style guidelines for example I was at the AI local homebrew club meeting where we were drinking a lot of Wichita beers made by local homebrew and we had Augustine oh brewing have a close affinity for the homebrewing community and so it was fun going there and tasting a lot of beer styles and and beers in general that are just amazingly well-made but they don’t necessarily fit into a style category which for someone who’s classically trained in beer styles is a a Beer Judge I sometimes have a tough time accepting beers that to do not really fit my mindset of how I should judge that beer in fact the beer that one last night was a Mounds Porter Mounds is in the chocolate now I myself am not a big fan of the utilizing coconut in a beer a lot of people are right now and I can’t even rule out that we wouldn’t have a coconut beer at some point on our Augustine them beer menu but it’s just not a flavor that I’ve enjoyed in recent years but it was a fantastic beer I’ve the thing of it -wise though that it was so much Mounds it was really literally like you were putting the candy bar in your mouth that you lost the base style and for me is a Beer Judge I look at that as a flawed because you’re really not able to detect in and get a feel for that underlying beer style because it’s all just a flavor of candy in this case but that was the beer that one the best to show for the evening which it is done basically on on people’s likes, best of show and that’s it that’s an interesting lesson for me so that aside put aside we briefly started talking about the overall background of the check logger category in our last episode and in this episode were gonna jump into the individual categories will probably only to get through the first one which is three a and that is our check pale logger now the check pale loggers could be the lightest of all of these I check loggers that were to talk about and it is in this case a lighter bodied rich refreshing hoppy bitter pale logger having a lot of the same flavors of the a stronger check premium pale logger which is a category 3B and that but it’s in a lower alcohol lighter body and less intense format it’s a really good beer to just sit around and just enjoy on a warm afternoon and you just drink this one all day and you’re probably to be just fine because it it’s actually fairly low ABV beer coming in at really between only about 3 to 4.1% which by today’s standards of beer is a very low gravity beer it is now if you go to your neighborhood brewpub in a whether it’s here in Wichita whether it is a brewery in your town I you can find most beers at your craft brewery are popping in at a really about 5% and above ABV so this coming in as a 3.1 to 4 point are 3 to 4.1% ABV is a very low gravity beer so very easy drinking beer in your gear to have a light body with the moderate carbonation with this beer you do have a prominent at in this is true across the check loggers you do have a prominent hop flavor and hop bitterness and that usually is coming across as a medium-high spicier available type of hop flavor but it’s it’s oftentimes a flavorful and refreshing kind of the beer which makes it really easy drinking as I mentioned last episode this is one of the rare styles that diacetyl is an okay flavor off refill labors that can come in are also okay in the styles but they have to be restrained now for those of you who may not know what diacetyl is diacetyl is the flavor that is added onto popcorn it’s the movie theater popcorn flavor so it’s it’s that butter read though, fake butter league buttery flavor that we love and popcorn but it’s not as good in beer and in really high amounts it goes from being can about a manufactured butter flavor to going over to being a almost a butterscotch you like flavoring and not oftentimes in a pleasant way in your beer so that is the a check pale logger category were gonna start on the check premium pale logger category as well it is as you can imagine and we alluded to a little bit it’s a little bit bigger than the check pale logger this one comes in relates to sort where the pale logger leaves off its it’s about 4.2 to 5.8% so it’s a lot closer to the range that we can of expect for for most beers whereas you with the check pale logger you might be will have about two of those 21 typical craft beer check premium pale loggers about where you would expect it has a lot of the same flavor profiles I you have a little bit more body on this one really more of a medium body is found and then you in terms of the history of this this is the style that you think of when you think Pilsner are Kwell which is just the classic version of the style and I have heard I’ve never been to Pilsner quote are Kwell to have the beer there in person but in person it is a an amazing beer from everything I’ve heard versus what we even get here in the United States and what day you can get with this is is actually a really nice refreshing beer at a little bit more flavor than your American pale loggers but it’s kind of got a soft clean finish on it as well so thanks for listening will be back picking up with the check Amber logger and moving on from there as we go through our Beer Judge certification styles thanks for listening and have a great day

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