Craft Brewing with Style – Part 7

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welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine of your journey into craft beer craft coffee in craft food and a look behind the curtain occasionally at the exploits of Augustine oh brewing and our team and our attempts to open up a craft brewery and brewpub here in Wichita Kansas which should be opening later this year and we are in the middle of a fairly long series the longest series that we’ve done in our podcasts and that is to look into some of the Beer Judge certification styles and the kind of styles that are brewed at Wichita area breweries and probably in your neck of the woods and will dive a little deeper in this series into some of the styles that perhaps Augustine will bring they look at making we’ve got a fairly solid recipe book that that really dive into that we want to really mix it up and make a lot of different beer styles it makes sense and as our customers pallets can handle and want to handle so we left off right before Hellas Bok which in the beer Judge certification program style guidelines is 4C and the Hellas Spock is a it’s really a relatively pale strong multi-German lager beer with a nicely attenuated finish that enhances its strict drink ability basically what that means is it is just like our other German beers it’s very malt forward a lot less in the way of hop you hops and happiness to be expected from this beer it’s really nice craft beer style to both bake and rank and at attenuation for those of you who may not know and I know what that term meets means as it relates to beer attenuation means that it really has cut a fully fermented out as a beer it is now it doesn’t leave a whole lot left to ferment out in terms of the from animals and so as a result he drinks very very easily and doesn’t stay on the palate much in terms of the aroma of this beer I get it, carries through your you’re getting a moderate to strong kind of a multi-character multi-aroma on it you do get just like with some of the other styles of German beers a bit of a male yard quality to it a toasted quality to that nose and that is the result of some of the traditional German decoction is that though the word processes in terms of how the the conversion of the sugars happening in the different things that are done in the mashing process when making the spirit actually creates that’s what you caramelization that’s not quite the right characteristic for it the right word really is male yard but most people can’t wrap their heads around what that is it it Konica can come across to a lot of people is sort of a caramelization but it really is quite that unlike some of the other German styles you can have a little bit of DMS on a dime off the sulfite aroma with it that’s that’s us and ever so slight cooked corn and if it’s anything more than an ever so slight cooked corn it’s not right self, feel on this style it’s a medium bodied beer it’s got moderate to moderately high carbonation that’s part of what really enhances the drink ability factor on the Hellas Spock the carbonation level really helps clear the palate everything like that you with the Hellas Spock it’s really kind of a recent the development in comparison to some of the other members of the Bock family serving a Maibach is specifically associated with Springtime in the month of May however come along those lines the year of the Bock style is a style that encompasses certainly more than just the the Hellas box so it will come back in future episodes to some of the other Bock categories out one of things that people see in terms of comparing this style at its it can be thought of as sort of a uphill version of the ducal’s Bok or a Munich Hellas which we talked about before that, brewed up time box great so it is a multi-beer but it has a lot less dark and rich malt flavors and dries out a little bit more than your other Bock beers so I and in this one you find between about 6.3 and 7.4 ABV now went ahead into the pale bitter European lager category and this is these are some beers that have not been always represented quite the same way in the a beer Judge certification program this is really one of the areas where they wanted to make the BJCP are more of an international way of highlighting styles rather than just a reflection on American craft beers so this next category is category 5A which is the German late late beer spelled LDI ACH TBI ER and the overall impression is a pale highly attenuated Lightbody German logger with lower alcohol and calories than the normal beers I hence the light and it now we need not think about this quite in terms of the American version of light lager but the alcohol in it is quite low in ranges from as low as 2.4 ABV to 3.6 ABV so this is another one of styles literally if you had it you could just sit around and probably drink it just about like water all day long it’s a very low alcohol beer and do it it’s yelled done by craft brewers I haven’t had really too many craft beer style and craft beer versions of this here in the United States but this is a real good category to potentially introduce a new brewer to craft beers and and to understand that there is a very large world beyond bun Miller Coors a little history behind this style traditional versions of it existed as drinks for laborers in the factories and fields in Germany but modern versions are of tend to be influenced like a lot of beer styles these days there’s a lot of lot more American influence on this so if you’re to make this year go down the American path or you hang on to the traditional German which is going to be probably toward the lighter and the less intense end of the scale scale and also it’s going to probably have yes a little bit more hop character and an dryness that comes through which again makes this a fairly good intro beer if you’re trying to track somebody into making at making the transition transition to craft beer from bun Miller Coors styles and so I don’t know that were going to do this style but it’s a stylet that can work but you’ve got a really be careful as to how you’re making it otherwise you’re gonna miss this style because it’s very delicate so that’s off right now at what’s brewing with Augustine oh will be back starting off with category 5B which does have at least one local example here in the Wichita area the cold category thanks for listening

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